18 April 2018

50 Years After Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood Speech’ Parliament Debates Fake ‘Anti-Semitism’ and Applauds Zionist MPs Luciana Berger and Ruth Smeeth

At a time when Blacks have been told to prove their Right to Stay, Labour's Right uses ‘Anti-Semitism’ to Attack Corbyn & Defend Israel

I have had a query about the Sun headline, which appeared for a few hours before they replaced it, and the cartoon beneath it.  The cartoon did not, as far as I know, appear in The Sun.  It is clearly an anti-Semitic cartoon which gives full meaning to the atmosphere that the Sun and other tabloids took
What is most striking about politics today is that the entirely artificial and fake anti-Semitism narrative that is peddled by every national newspaper – from the anti-racist Sun to the oh so liberal Guardian – as well as every television pundit, is simply not believed by either the general public or Labour Party members themselves. Huff Post reported that ‘Just 19% said it was a serious issue while 77% believe it is used to undermine the leader or stop criticism of Israel, a YouGov study for The Times found.’  Labour Members Think Anti-Semitism Claims Are Being Exaggerated To Damage Jeremy Corbyn.  In other words by a 4-1 margin Labour Party members simply refuse to accept that anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is a problem.
There is no evidence that the wider public and ordinary people are any more concerned about ‘anti-Semitism’ either.  It is a text-book example of how a media frenzy combined with powerful interest groups can create a non-story and an accepted narrative.  It is reminiscent of the powers of Orwell’s Big Brother.
There are no great anti-racist movements being formed to fight this ‘anti-Semitism’ such as Rock Against Anti-Semitism perhaps in order to fight this apparent upsurge of ‘anti-Semitism’.  This fight is entirely confined to the Westminster bubble and people like Jonathan Arkush, Zionist President of the Board of Deputies who accused the non-Zionist Jewdas group of being a ‘source of virulent anti-Semitism’.  At least Arkush was honest.  The ‘anti-Semitism’ he is talking about is Jewish in origin.
There have been strenuous attempts, through the manipulation of false statistics by the CST to frighten members of the Jewish community but I doubt if very many Jews are quaking in their boots at the prospect of the rise of anti-Semitism either.  See More Fake News – The Myth of Increasing Anti-semitism

At a time when the very real and serious issue of British state racism has reared its head once again, Parliament debates the complete non-issue of ‘anti-Semitism’. The debate in Parliament yesterday was a tribute to the vanity and ego of Zionist MPs Ruth Smeeth, Luciana Berger and John Mann – all of them supporters of the Israeli state.
Ken Livingstone - the target of Labour's Zionists for fake anti-semitism
In June 1948 the Empire Windrush docked in Tilbury with 492 passengers from the Carribean. Under the British Nationality Act 1948 they were entitled to citizenship of the UK and Colonies. Up to the 1962 Commonwealth Immigration Act anyone from a former colony was entitled to enter Britain and claim citizenship. Minister of Health Enoch Powell even toured the West Indies urging people to come to work in Britain.  The 1971 Immigration Act called a halt to primary immigration but gave existing immigrants indefinite leave to remain. 

It was David Cameron’s promise in 2010 to cut the number of immigrants to under 100,000 and Theresa May’s attempt to implement it that caused the problems.  The Immigration Act 2014 created quite deliberately a climate of hostility and suspicion. People had to prove that they had a right to stay in this country. If you didn’t have a passport or some other evidence of citizenship then you could be considered an illegal immigrant. Of course this only applied to Black people.  It was a thoroughly racist Act that Labour said nothing about. Thus Albert Thompson, who has been here over 50 years was denied cancer treatment because he had no documents to prove his status. Theresa May refuses to intervene over man's £54,000 NHS cancer bill
John Mann - the rent a mouth MP with an overweening sense of ego with the detestable Chair of Labour Friends of Israel, Joan Ryan, another honorary Jew, behind him
The Home Office under May destroyed all the landing cards of those who came thus destroying the obvious way to prove someone’s claim to citizenship.  All this was reflected in the  notorious ‘go home’ vans of the Home Office under Britain’s most racist Home Secretary.  The 2014 Act made doctors, landlords, teachers into immigration officials.

Yet what was the House of Commons debating yesterday?  Anti-Semitism.  No Jew in this country is in danger of being deported or deprived of cancer treatment because of their immigration status. The Go Home vans were directed at Black not White Jews. Anti-Semitism is the false anti-racism of the Right.  It is a debate which was proposed by the government for nakedly political reasons, i.e. to attack Corbyn knowing full well that traitorous Labour MPs would join in.

The Zionist MP for Liverpool Wavertree, Lucian Berger in her speech about ‘anti-Semitism’ called for the expulsion of Ken Livingstone, who more than any other single individual pioneered anti-racism in local government.  What is his crime?  To mention the fact that during the 1930’s the Zionist movement collaborated and worked with the Nazis. This is a verifiable historical fact as Zionist historians, from David Cesarani to Lucy Dawidowicz and Hannah Arendt testified. 
Anti-Semitism is hatred of Jews.  Livingstone has never uttered an anti-Semitic phrase in his life.  Livingstone is hated for his support of Palestine not because of anti-Semitism.

Only a few weeks ago Luciana Berger, a former Director of Labour Friends of Israel and today Presidednt of the Jewish Labour Movement, revealed a six year Facebook post about an old mural, long erased.  Her only purpose was to attack Corbyn and help the Tories in the local elections. The sooner she is deselected the better.
This is the real racism - Home Office vans sent into Black areas of Britain with the message you're not wanted
Berger has a history of making false allegations of anti-Semitism from her student days.  She is a seasoned Zionist operative who makes herself out to be a martyr.

Equally as appalling was Ruth Smeeth MP who staged a tantrum at the Chakrabarti Press Conference when she falsely accused Black anti-racist Marc Wadsworth of anti-Semitism.  If you want to know about real racism, then you should have tuned into tonight’s programme on BBC1 about the death of Stephen Lawrence 25 years ago.  Stephen was an innocent Black teenager waiting for a bus who was cruelly murdered by White racists.  Marc Wadworth was interviewed about the police racism which allowed the murderers who killed this 18 year old Black teenager to go free. Marc is facing expulsion next week by a racist Labour Party which prefers US Intelligence Asset Ruth Smeeth over a Black anti-racist activist.

Ruth Smeeth, who got a standing ovation from the Tories and Labour’s Red Tories told the House of 10 messages she received.  I  publish them below.  Of  the 10 just one, the last, was explicitly anti-Semitic.  Of the other 9, possibly 2, numbers 5 and 9 are implicitly anti-Semitic.  No. 4 was sexist.  The others might be termed abusive but they are not anti-Semitic.  No doubt they have been chosen with care.  Telling Smeeth she is ‘cancer of humanity’ or that she  is a Zionist is not anti-Semitic.  They may be unpleasant but Smeeth, a defender of Israel’s shooting of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators and Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children is also unpleasant.
Albert Thompson - denied treatment for cancer of the prostate because of Britain's racist immigration laws
It’s about time we said it loud and clear.  There is no evidence that anti-Semitism is on the increase in this country.  No one has died from a social media post or tweet.  There are no Jewish Stephen Lawrences.  There are no Jewish Windrush members who are facing deportation.  This ‘anti-Semitism’ is an entirely bogus and fake exercise.

It isn’t just the Labour Right who go in for this nonsense.  Eleanor Penny, in the ever worthy but infinitely boring Red Pepper tells us thatMany people are genuinely worried about the rising tide of antisemitism in this country – and rightly so’ and that ‘We need to confront the growing problem of antisemitism across the political spectrum.Jewdas, Corbyn and the policing of Jewishness

I realise that people on the left, from the breathless Penny to the SWP need to pay homage to the idea that anti-Semitism is on the increase but there are no signs of it.  Anti-Semitism is not a form of state racism.  The state spends millions of pounds protecting Jewish schools from a non-existent threat whilst patently failing to defend mosques from fascist attacks.

I feel like the boy who declared that the Emperor had no clothes. There is no doubt that Israel’s best friends in Eastern Europe – the governments of Poland and Hungary – are anti-Semitic. Poland’s Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz asserted that the Czarist forgery, which Hitler swore by, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is true. Hungary’s newly elected far-Right Prime Minister Viktor Orban has promised to rehabilitate Admiral Horthy, the pro-Nazi ruler who presided over the deportation of half a million Jews.  Orban however is best friends with Netanyahu, both of whom hate that archetypal Jewish financier who pulls the strings, one George Soros.  But the British press who are so opposed to ‘anti-Semitism’ have also attacked Soros, the ‘puppet master’, in anti-Semitic terms.

There is also no doubt that Trump and his entourage use anti-Semitic dog whistles when the occasion arises.  As Dana Milbank said in the Washington Post, Anti-Semitism is no longer an undertone of Trump’s campaign. It’s the melody.

However this kind of anti-Semitism, the kind that hates Jews, is not up for debate in Parliament.  What Luciana Berger, Ruth Smeeth and John Mann are most concerned about is the type of ‘anti-Semitism’ that involves hatred of Israel’s murderous system of Apartheid.

Tony Greenstein

Ruth Smeeths 10 ‘Anti-Semitic’ Message

1.             Hang yourself you vile treacherous Zionist Tory filth you are a cancer of humanity
2.             Ruth Smeeth is a Zionist she has no shame and she trades on the murder of Jews by Hitler who the Zionists betrayed
3.             Ruth Smeeth must surely be travelling first to Tel Aviv with all that slush after all she’s complicit in trying to bring Corbyn down
4.             First job for Jeremy Corbyn tomorrow expel the Zionist Bicom Smear Hag Bitch Ruth Smeeth from the Party
5.             This Ruth Smeeth is Britanaphobic we need to cleanse our nation of these types #JC4PM
6.             Deselect Ruth Smeeth asp Poke the Pig get all the Zionist child killer scum out of Labour
7.             You are a spy You are evil, satanic, leave #Labour #Corbyn
8.             Ruth, you are a Zionist plant, I’m ashamed you are in Labour, better suited to the murderous Knesset, #IsupportKen
9.             Your fellow traitor Tony Blair abolished hanging for treason.  Your kind need to leave before we bring it back #Smeethisfilth
10.         The gallows would be a fine and fitting  place for this dyke piece of Yid shit to swing from
 (those in bold are anti-Semitic or likely to be)

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