26 April 2018

The Crucifixion of Marc Wadsworth - Nailed by the Lies of Ruth Smeeth

Black anti-racism activist is on Trial for Antiracism

Channel 4 News - Cyril Chilson and Tony Greenstein interviewed

A lively and well attended lobby
To George Osborne and the Tory press we were a 'mob'
If there was any justice in the Labour Party the person facing a two day disciplinary hearing would not be Marc Wadsworth but Ruth Smeeth.  The filmed evidence of her departure in ‘tears’ (can you see them?) from the Chakrabarti Report press conference demonstrates without a shadow of a doubt that there was nothing said that was at all anti-Semitic.  Marc called out Smeeth’s relations with The Telegraph and complained at the lack of Black voices at the press conference.

Yet Wes Streeting MP could claim today that ‘ I’m afraid it does say something about the culture that we’re up against that a Jewish MP going to give evidence against someone who has abused her is greeted by a protest outside’.   Streeting is a good example of the whole of the false anti-Semitism crewe.  He assumed that Marc is guilty as charged, yet the whole purpose of a hearing – even before the rigged jury of Maggi Cousins and the National Kangaroo Committee – is to inquire into whether the allegations are proven or not. 
Liar-in-chief Smeeth accompanied by Lord Dubbs

The fact that Smeeth is Jewish is irrelevant. The fact is that compared to Marc she is highly privileged.

Labour Against the Witchhunt held a lobby of the hearing at Church House, Westminster today  from 9.30 onwards.  About 20 MPs including the usual anti-Corbyn suspects – Streeting, Frank Field, Margaret Hodge, Jesse Philips and Peter Kyle escorted Smeeth to the venue.  There they were met with over 70 demonstrators.

It was no doubt something of a surprise to see that Marc had so many friends.  Streeting looked most unhappy.  What Streeting didn’t appreciate is that Marc is an anti-racist of longstanding. Marc was heavily involved in the Stephen Lawrence Defence Campaign and was interviewed as part of the BBC 3 part documentary shown last week on the Stephen Lawrence murder.  Smeeth on the other hand has had no involvement in anti-racist work being a former employee of BICOM, the main propaganda arm for Israel, the world’s only apartheid state, in Britain. 

Smeeth is a also former Israel lobby spin doctor who, after entering the UK’s parliament in 2015, continued to be funded by two leading figures from her former employer, BICOM – the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre. 
The latest official register of financial interests for members of Parliament shows that Smeeth continues to be funded by the Israel lobby.
Last year, as Asa Winstanley observed, she registered an in-kind donation worth more than $7,000 from Trevor Chinn, a member of BICOM’s executive committee.

2009 diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks revealed that Smeeth was a source the US embassy considered it should “strictly protect.” [See Asa Winstanley, Labour Israel lobbyist deletes anti-Semitic “conspiracy” claims]

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph in 2011, Smeeth admitted to being at a meeting with the US embassy but said: “I have no recollection of saying what has been attributed to me. I would not consider myself to be a source for the US government.”

Smeeth gave evidence today at Marc’s hearing.  By all accounts she is not a very good liar.  She claimed that she was wearing a Star of David around her neck, though Marc would not have been able to see it, if it was there, because of his own poor sight.
David Collier - a worried Zionist and friend of fascists

Jeremy Corbyn’s office in a typical act of cowardice contacted Marc to ask that the demonstration outside the hearing be called off.  Presumably they wanted Marc to walk in alone whilst the Right mobilised.  Jeremy has known Marc for at least 20 years and knows full well that he is not an anti-Semite.  It is shameful how Jeremy has thrown Marc and others to the wolves in order to appease the Labour Right not realizing that the target of the anti-Semitism campaign is not Jackie, Marc or myself but Corbyn himself.
The original lies of Ruth Smeeth which she later deleted from her web site

This whole fake ‘anti-Semitism’ campaign has been manufactured over the past few weeks with one purpose in mind – to damage Labour’s chances in the local elections.  That was why Luciana Berger dug up a 6 year old Facebook comment by Corbyn concerning a long erased Mural.  Unfortunately some on the Left who should know better, like Jon Lansman and Richard Seymour, have falled for the Rights decoy tactics as these ex-leftists pronounce that there must be something in the bogus anti-Semitism claims.

We are faced with an incremental campaign to get rid of Corbyn. It was strange watching the Channel 4 footage above and seeing right-wing Tory, Jonathan Arkush, of the Board of Deputies proclaiming that Labour should not tolerate Ken Livingstone.  The same man who welcomed Trump and his anti-Semitic entourage without any murmur or protest.

Smeeth accompanied by right wing loudmouth Jess Phillips and millionairess Margaret Hodge
Our lobby lasted from 9.30-1.00.  It was lively and good humoured and just after 1,00 Marc came out to meet a media scrum.  Labour Against the Witchhunt is the only organisation to consistently oppose a witch hunt whose principla aim is to remove Corbyn’s leadership.

Tony Greenstein

See Asa Winstanley’s
Frank Field amongst other Labour right-wingers

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