18 April 2016

EXCLUSIVE - Lifting the Lid on the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

The Bogus Charity that Campaigns Against Corbyn, Muslims and Palestinians 

Campaign Against Anti-semitism's first rally - Demonstrators covered with Israeli flag

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism's racist and Islamaphobic infographic
The so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism has just published a racist attack on British  Muslims as its latest stunt to shock people.  Why?

Miriam Shaviv referred in the Jewish Chronicle of 8 January 2016 to the 'widespread dissatisfaction with the visibility of the Board during Operation Protective Edge in 2014 leading to the formation of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism'.   Protective Edge was the name given to the attack by Israel on the Palestinians in Gaza, during which over 2,200 Palestinians were killed, including 551 children.
The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism's page on a neo-Nazi demonstration puts more emphasis on Israel and anti-Zionism=anti-Semitism than on the Nazis who they allegedly opposed
In Britain there was a march of 150,000 people against Israel’s blitzkrieg.  Public opinion overwhelmingly supported the Palestinians.  The Board of Deputies of British Jews was accused by Zionist zealots of doing nothing.  For some time there had been a dispute between the more respectable, bourgeois elements in the Zionist firmament and the activists, as represented by one Jonathan Hoffman. Hoffman had originally been elected as Co-vice-chair of the Zionist Federation but he was eventually removed from his position when he began criticising mega capitalist and Chair of the Jewish  Leadership Council, Micky Davis.  Davis had sold up his mining company Xtrata just before it set out on the road to bankruptcy.  Davis didn’t take kindly to the upstart Hoffman criticising him for comments he made that were mildly critical of Israel.  Out went Hoffman with his tail between his legs.
CAA campaigns to confuse - ties in Boycott of Israel with anti-Semitism - Luke Akehurst of Progress and Labour First, a non-Jew who works for Zionist group makes the same nonsense allegations
The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism was born of frustration at the inability of the Board to mount even its normal demonstrations in favour of the mass murder of Palestinians.  Its demonstrations had been getting smaller and smaller and the last one, in Trafalgar Square at the time of Cast Lead, had been disrupted first by a Jewdas hoax and then a heckler.  Despite being billed as a ‘peace’ demonstration, the heckler was roughed up by the crowd.  The Police estimated that it was only 4,000 strong, a far cry from the 25,000 it had mobilised in previous years.  British Jews were becoming more and more unwilling to come out on the streets in favour of genocide in Palestine.


The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism was thus born from a desire to support Israel right or wrong, not a desire to combat anti-Semitism.  Its purpose was primarily to confuse people as to the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism and to portray anti-Zionism as anti-Semitic.  As the CAA said in its  Annual Anti-Semitism Barometer 2015 Full Report it was formed to tackle anti-Semitism of ‘both a classical ethno-religious nature and also a political nature related to Israel’.

As part of this process CAA has cynically used fear of anti-Semitism as a device to both instill fear into and mobilise British Jews, by suggesting that demonstrations against Israeli genocide and destruction were anti-Semitic and directed at British Jews as Jews. 
Jewish Chronicle leader when CAS was first formed
The CAA accepts that ‘in July 2014, when fighting between Israel and Hamas peaked, the Metropolitan Police Service recorded its worst ever month for hate crime in London, 95% of which was antisemitic hate crime directly related to fighting between Israel and Hamas.’ [Annual Antisemitism Barometer Published] https://antisemitism.uk/annual-antisemitism-barometer-published/

When Israel attacks the Palestinian population of Gaza, there is a knock-on effect in terms of attacks on Jews in Britain.  This is not surprising.  There is a direct correlation between Israel’s attacks on the Palestinians of Gaza and anti-Semitism in Britain.  The Israeli state calls itself a Jewish state, its actions are claimed on behalf of all Jews and a few people react badly by seeing that Jewish people are responsible for the carnage in Palestine.  The obvious conclusion is for Israel not  to claim that it is acting on behalf of Jews in the diaspora. 

This is not however a conclusion that the CAS draws.  It has an entirely, different agenda, viz. to demonise the Palestinian solidarity groups and the BDS campaign by alleging anti-Semitism.  The CAS tries to redefine anti-Semitism.  It claims that ‘The globally-recognised EUMC definition of antisemitism clearly states that it is antisemitic to:

  • Deny(ing)  the Jewish people their right to self-determination (e.g. by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour).
  • Applying double standards by requiring of it a behaviour not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.
  • Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis.
  • Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.
  • Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.
The only problem with this is that the EUMC definition of anti-Semitism is not globally-recognised.   Indeed the European Union Monitoring Committee definition was only ever a ‘working definition’ and is recognised by no one, least of all the EUMC’s successor body, the Fundamental Rights Agency, which has erased it from its website. Blanca Tapia of the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency was quoted, in The Times of Israel as saying that the FRA had never viewed the document as a valid definition.’ Agency officials said the document had been pulled offline “together with other non-official documents.EU drops its ‘working definition’ of anti-Semitism 

Of course it is anti-Semitic to hold Jews collectively responsible for actions of the Israeli state.  Absolutely.  So why do Zionist organisations, not least the CAA, claim repeatedly that British Jews support Israeli terror attacks on Palestinians and the wars against Gaza?  Isn't that collectively holding them responsible?  Indeed worse, it is pinning responsibility on them.  By their own definition they are hoist!

This is not just a matter of ignorance, because the CAA lobbied the US special envoy on anti-Semitism to pressurise Europe to readopt the EUMC!   In an article,  'CampaignAgainst Antisemitism Meets United States Antisemitism Envoy’ we are told that on 29th January 2015, ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism Chairman Gideon Falter met with the United States’ Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, Ira Forman, The CAA asked the United States for help on four fronts.’  One of these fronts was ‘Pressuring the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency to formally adopt the “working definition” of antisemitism developed by the now-defunct EU Monitoring Centre on Xenophobia and Racism which has been adopted by the United States government.’  It is but one example of CAA’s political dishonesty.

Elsewhere CAA defines anti-Semitism in such a way as to mirror and distort the MacPherson definition of anti-Semitism.

Antisemitism is known as “the oldest hatred” and some aspects of antisemitism are only obvious to those who know something of Jewish history. In addition, antisemitism is the only form of racism that can be disguised as hatred for a state, Israel.’    

Only those who know something of Jewish history, i.e. the CAA and fellow Zionists, can know what anti-Semitism is.  CAA treats history as a fixed body of knowledge which only the politically approved of have access to.  Anti-Zionist Jews of course don’t fit into this category as they might reject the statement that ‘anti-Semitism is the only form of racism that can be disguised as hatred for a state, Israel.’  The problem is that both the South African whites and the Ulster Protestants made the same claim.  

What CAA and the Zionists are effectively saying is that there is no objective definition of anti-Semitism and therefore it depends on your political perspective.  A strange form of racism.

The Use of  Opinion Polls - A racist campaign against Muslims
CAA Chair Gideon Falter tries to defend misleading opinion poll suggesting most Jews want to leave Britain - which dovetails nicely with Zionist agenda
The so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism has managed to generate headlines and publicity through the skewed use of opinion polls.  In its 2015 Report it claimed, on the basis of false and distorted statistics, that an opinion poll showed that almost half (45%) of British adults believe at least one of the antisemitic statements shown to them to be true’. It asked questions such as ‘“Jews talk about the Holocaust too much in order to get sympathy.”  This is deemed anti-Semitism.  But it is a loaded question. 
Designed to stampede Jews to Israel

Zionists do use the Holocaust as a weapon in their propaganda war.  They also talk about it in a way that is seen to be politically manipulative and it is not surprising that many people perceive this as such.  Is it anti-Semitic?  Apparently 1 in 5 people believed that “Jews' loyalty to Israel makes them less loyal to Britain than other British people.”  Now where can they have got this idea?  Let me see.  How many times have I been called a Jewish ‘traitor’ for not supporting Israel?  If I had a pound for each occasion I’d be rich by now.  These opinion polls are testing the effectiveness of Zionist propaganda which says that Jews are loyal to Israel.

The CAA also conducted a thoroughly unscientific poll of British Jews in order to find ‘proof’ for the Zionist wish that ‘anti-Semitism’  was that bad that most Jews were thinking about leaving Britain for Israel.  It found that:

·         58% of Jews believed that they had no future in Europe.
·         More than half of all British Jews feel that antisemitism now echoes the 1930s
·         1 in 4 British Jews has considered leaving the country in the past two years because of rising antisemitism. 
·         45% of Jews questioned feel their family is threatened by Islamist extremism.
·         77% of Jews questioned have witnessed antisemitism disguised as a political comment about Israel.
·         84% of Jews consider boycotts of businesses selling Israeli products to be intimidation and 82% say that media bias against Israel fuels persecution of Jews in Britain.

To say that these were loaded questions would be putting it mildly.  They were ideas put in the heads of people in order to gain an answer.  No attempt was made to put countervailing opinions to the audience.  For example it would have been equally possible to put a question such as ‘Is it legitimate to boycott settlement goods in order to pressurise Israel into a political settlement.’

Contrast this with a rigorously controlled, academic survey of the British Jewish community carried out by the Department of Sociology of City University (November 2015).  This found that nearly a quarter, 24%, of British Jews supported sanctions to bring about a peace settlement.  Indeed there is what it calls a ‘sizeable minority’ supporting sanctions (34%-41%) among the young, the highly qualified academically, and those who are not affiliated to a synagogue; with much lower support (i.e. strong opposition) among older respondents, non-graduates and members of Orthodox synagogues11 (11% - 18% support).

The City University survey found that more than twice as many people (26%) saw improving the position of Israel’s Arabs as important compared to 11% who saw combatting the boycott of Israel as their main priority.   Indeed 61% saw pursuing peace negotiations with the Palestinians as important and 46% saw halting the expansion of the settlements as important compared to only 32% who saw fighting attempts to undermine Israel’s legitimacy as a priority. 

Indeed an equal amount of Jews supported negotiations with Hamas as opposed it.  (42%)  It would seem that British Jews are far less hawkish than their community leaders.
Contrary to all the Zionist propaganda British Jews are becoming less Zionist - especially young Jews

And despite the hasbara one gets from Zionist leaders, 53% of Jews believed Israel was an occupying power in the West Bank compared to 29% who disagreed.  A whopping 68% agreed with the statement that they felt a sense of despair everytime Israel expanded its settlements as opposed to 18% who disagreed.  Even more amazingly whilst 59% identify as a Zionist nearly a third, 31% didn’t see themselves as a Zionist. 

In response to the question about the role of Israel in their Jewish identity, then 27% say either no role or some role, compared to 19% five years ago, and 73% say Israel has an important or central role compared to 82% five years ago.  Clearly Israel is losing its centrality in Jewish identity, especially amongst the young and those who are not affiliated to a synagogue.  None of this however is touched on in the propaganda surveys of the CAA.
Jewish Chronicle report contradicts CAA and shows nearly 9/10 British Jews have no intention of leaving Britain

Even the Jewish Chronicle in its next edition poured cold water on these ‘findings’ with its own Survation poll.  Some 88% of British Jews in this poll stated that they had no intention of emigrating.  Jewish Chronicle 14.1.15. JC poll reveals 88 per cent of British Jews have not considered leaving UK 

In short the CAA poll was junk but it had served to attract the headlines and make Jewish people feel more nervous about their position in this country, which is always a Zionist aim.  Zionism is nothing if it isn’t based around the idea of getting Jews to feel insecure in their own country in order that they consider emigrating to Israel.
The Jewish Establishment Turns on CAA over its Distorted Poll that said most Jews are thinking of leaving Britain
Letter from 33 Jewish people opposing abuse of anti-Semitism

The CAA had an agenda and conducted an opinion poll with the intention of getting people to say what CAA wanted to hear.  As the letter from 33 Jewish people in the Guardian 22.1.15. made clear The only meaningful response to antisemitism is openness.

The Institute of Jewish Policy Research article ‘Researching antisemitism’ [14 Jan 2015]  was damning in its criticisms of the CAA’s findings concerning Jewish attitudes.  It said:

‘unfortunately, the organisation’s survey about antisemitism is littered with flaws,… its work may even be rather irresponsible.’  It was ‘based on an open web survey that had very limited capacity to assess whether respondents were in any way representative of the British Jewish population. So the percentages quoted are of survey respondents, not of Jews in the UK. The findings might be representative of the Jewish community in some way, but it is at least equally likely that they are not. Unfortunately, due to quite basic methodological flaws and weaknesses, there is absolutely no way the researchers or any readers of the report can really know.

Because of this, the IJPR stated that the claim in the report that “more than half of all British Jews feel that antisemitism now echoes the 1930s” verges into irresponsible territory – it is an incendiary finding, and there is simply no way to ascertain whether or not it is accurate.’  It conclusions were damning:  ‘Professional social researchers build credible surveys and analyse the data with an open mind; the CAA survey falls short both in terms of its methodology and its analysis.’  Ouch!

Regarding the Yougov survey into the attitudes of British people, which the CAS tried to spin the JPR said this:

‘A far more accurate and honest read of the YouGov data would highlight the fact that between 75% and 90% of people in Britain either do not hold antisemitic views or have no particular view of Jews either way, and only about 4% to 5% of people can be characterised as clearly antisemitic when looking at individual measures of antisemitism.’

Somewhat different to the CAA claim that nearly half of British people were anti-Semitic.

The CAS's racist attack on Muslims - particular target for this Islamaphobic Zionist outfit
The CAA’s latest attack on British Muslims has plumbed new depths.  The CAA has gone to town on a Channel 4 survey of Muslim attitudes in Britain C4 survey anddocumentary reveals What British Muslims Really Think   The poll is highly dubious [see What do Muslims really think? This skewed poll certainly won’t tell us Miqdaad Versi
The CST was none too pleased when the so-called Campaign Against anti-Semitism promised to set up a hot line to report anti-Semitic incidents.  When rumbled the CAS  blamed the BBC
Even the ultra-Zionist Community Security Trust has raised doubts about the validity of the poll.  In an unusually sophisticated article (at least for the CST) What antisemites really think  they wrote:
Dave Rich refusing to say  whether he endorses CAA's racist pamphlet
‘This latest poll showed something else that is interesting, and is not specific to Muslims: that people who believe antisemitic things about Jews rarely think of themselves as antisemitic….

All unpleasant stuff. Put it together and you have somewhere around a third of British Muslims who believe conspiratorial ideas about Jews that are drawn directly from classical antisemitism, and (on the surface at least) have little to do with anger over the Israel/Palestine conflict.

What is perhaps curious, though, is that this is not reflected in a more basic question that was asked in the same poll about how favourable or unfavourable Muslims feel towards Jewish people as a religious group. When this was asked, Muslims averaged out as having favourable feelings towards Jews: on a sliding scale from 0-100, where 0 is the least favourable and 100 the most, British Muslims scored 57.1 in their feelings towards Jews.

This was lower than they scored in their feelings towards Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and people of no religion, but still, there is a gap between how the Muslim respondents in the poll feel towards Jews, and what they believe about them.’
The Jewish Chronicle expresses the Establishment view that the CAS 'has tried to use this communal success as an opportunity both to discredit those efforts by the existing communal bodies and to give itself entirely false credit for the ban (on fascists).'  Difficult to disagree, albeit for different reasons
Now of course the CST has genuine reasons to dislike the CAS.  For one they are trespassing on their territory.  The CST considers itself the professionals when it comes to anti-Semitism.  The CAS are loud-mouthed propagandists.  The Jewish Establishment whilst not openly criticising them do not like their brashness.  In a perceptive analysis Tony Lerman told of how ‘the key Jewish establishment organizations--the Community Security Trust, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies--are, behind the scenes, furious that the CAA have snatched control of the communal narrative on antisemitism from them.’ [email 18.1.15.]
CST has 2 references to EDL, neither of which in fact mention EDL
The CAA however has a clear agenda, which is to demonise Muslims in this country.  It is an agenda that Netanyahu and Israeli propaganda faithfully follow and this is one of the reasons that the EDL and British National Party so love Israel. The CAA has endeavoured to draw every ounce of racism from the survey, as has Channel 4.

Apparently 35% of Muslims think Jews have too much power in Britain compared to just 9% of non-Muslim British people.  Even if this is true, and that is a big if, where do British Muslims get such a view?  Perhaps it’s a reflection of the powerlessness of their own community and a reaction to the attacks on Muslims by Zionist groups such as the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.

Strangely enough the spin that the CAA put on anti-Semitism in its survey of British attitudes generally Annual Anti-Semitism Barometer Report for 2015  was that 45% of Britons agreed with one or more anti-Semitic statement put before them.   In 2015 it was alleging that 45% of British people were anti-Semitic.  The CAA has a vested interest in talking up anti-Semitism and thus frightening its donors into coughing up the cash.
CAA's racist coverage of anti-Muslim poll by Channel 4
The CAA analysis of the Channel 4 poll is that Muslims are more anti-Semitic than ordinary Britons.  But some of the figures don’t correlate.  For example in the 2015 Report 17% of British people believe that Jews have too much power in the media but this drops to 10% in the Channel 4 programme.  A drop of 41% in a year is simply not credible. These polls are the equivalent of sticking ones finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing.

Opinion polls tell you what you want to hear, especially when you ask loaded questions.  For example the Channel 4 programme says that 42% of British Muslims think that Jewish people are more loyal to Israel than Britain, compared to 24% of all Britons.  But even the latter figure represents one-quarter of the country.  Where on earth would people get such an opinion? 

Here’s a clue.  Could it be from the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu?   If Netanyahu speaks for all Jews presumably all Jews owe the Israeli state their loyalty?  Hence why such large numbers believe that Jews have a dual loyalty, which of course is an anti-Semitic idea.  What is the evidence?

In a speech to a rally of French Jews after the Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket killing of 4 French Jews, Netanyahu said he spokenot just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people.”    Jerusalem Post 16.2.15. see also Ha’aretz 12.2.15.  Netanyahu Speaks for All Jews Whether They Like It or Not which quotes him as saying:

“I went to Paris not just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people.”  This is a prime example of Zionist anti-Semitism because of course Jews outside Israel owe the Israeli state no loyalty whatsoever.

The figure for this same question in 2015 was 20% for British people, which would suggest that the amount of anti-Semitism among British people has increased by 20% in a year.  It would seem that everyone is getting more anti-Semitic! 

Another comparable question was whether Jews thought they were better than other people.  In 2015 some 17% thought this was true, but in the Channel 4 poll this drops to 11% compared to 30% of Muslims.  Has there really been a drop of 35% in British people thinking that Jews think of themselves as better than others?  So on some questions the British are becoming more anti-Semitic and on others less! 

What is most shocking is the production by CAA of a racist infographic entitled ‘Profile of a British Muslim Anti-Semitism’ which is as vicious a stereotype as anything to be found in Julius Streicher’s Nazi paper, Der Sturmer.  It is nothing less than a racist exercise in racial profiling that is similar to the way Jews were portrayed by the Nazis.  All this under the guise of an opinion poll.  The reality is that it’s not Muslims who are racist but Zionist Jews and groups like the so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.

From the CAA there pours the most vile anti-Muslim bigotry.  If the graphic was entitled ‘Profile of British Jewish Islamaphobia and coupled typical anti-Semitic caricature of a Jew it would be condemned as an example of vile anti-Semitism. Strangely enough no one has done an opinion poll of Jewish attitudes to Muslims.  It might be most revealing!

The use of opinion polls to portray British people as anti-Semitic did not originate with the CAS.  According to Jennifer Lipman, in the Jewish Chronicle of April 17, 2012 Third of Britons: Dislike of Jews 'understandable' because of Israel no less than 35% of British people believe dislike of Jews is understandable given the actions of Israel.  More than a fifth of those polled claimed that Jews "try to take advantage of having been victims during the Nazi era". 

Nearly 23 per cent supported the view that Jews "in general do not care about anything or anyone but their own kind".  More than two out of five Britons asked agreed that Israel was "conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians", and nearly 36 per cent said that considering Israel's policy, they could "understand why people do not like Jews".  One thing is crystal clear – it is the actions of Israel which is causing anti-Semitic attitudes and the attempts of the Board of Deputies to associate British Jews with Israel’s actions is a direct cause of anti-Semitic attitudes.

Arab/Palestinian Anti-Semitism

The CAA sends out most days an Anti-Semitism Report and it covers any incidence of perceived anti-Semitism in the Arab world.  E.g. on the 24th January it covered a story Egyptian sex therapist declares that Jews “have had the highest rate of sexual perversions in history” and tells us that on 16th January, Egyptian Al-Hayat TV broadcast an interview with, Heba Kotb, a consultant on Islamic medicine and marital life. Kobt claimed that “strict rules” in Judaism create a “psychological imbalance” and that Jews “have had the highest rate of sexual perversions in history.” It source is the Zionist fabrication unit, MEMRI.
an eye for all anti-semitism bar Zionist anti-Semitism
Nothing escapes the eagle eye of CAA.  For example another report on the 25th January told of the Youth branch of the Swiss Socialist Democrat party publishes antisemitic cartoon.  The CAA focused on reports of an antisemitic cartoon published by the Young Socialists of Switzerland, which it alleged was a ‘stereotypical Shylock character’.  Nothing, not even a cartoon, especially if it can be associated with the Left, will escape the CAA’s notice.  Well not quite.

However there is one country in the world where racism is not reported.  No guessing which country – Israel of course.   Of course there are no reports of anti-Arab hatred or racism in Israel because Israel is by definition, a country where there is no racism according to the CAA.  ‘Death to the Arabs’ marches simply don’t happen.  Beating up Arabs in Jerusalem by Lehava don’t happen.  The lynching of an Eritrean refugee in Beersheva or the deportation of African asylum seekers into the tender care of Isis don’t happen.  Jewish racism is taboo for the CAA.  
Netanyahu's former adviser Bushinsky called the US Ambassador 'a little Jew boy' - the CAS expressed no disagreement with this vile anti-Semitic slur 
Ah I hear you say, but CAA only deals with anti-Semitism.  True, but in that case you might think that even the CAA would have reported Aviv Bushinsky, an ex-aide to Netanyahu, who responded to mild criticisms by the US Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro who criticised Israel’s two sets of legal systems in the Occupied Territories with a pithy little comment.  Bushinsky described Shapiro as ‘a little Jew boy’.  Former Netanyahu aide lambasts US ambassador in heated spat 

It is difficult to think of a more derogatory or anti-Semitic phrase than ‘Jew boy’ yet our intrepid so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism which can spot anti-Semitism in a Swiss cartoon or in an Egyptian doctor was strangely unable to detect anti-Semitism when it came to Israel.   Likewise neo-Nazis in the ‘Jewish state’ are off limits. 
 I felt certain CAA would wish to publicise highly anti-Semitic tweet sent to me - apparently not!
Asking why an anti-Semitic tweet sent by a Zionist, wishing I'd been murdered with my family in the holocaust, was not covered in the 'Everday anti-Semitism' posting
You might think that an anti-Semitic tweet, which was sent to me on 11th April which expressed the wish that I and my family had perished in an extermination camp would qualify as anti-Semitism.  But no.  I sent this to the so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism on 14th April and yet nothing appeared in their daily reports.  Clearly anti-Semitism from a Zionist does not count as anti-Semitism.

 ‘the CAA was set up last summer, not to fight antisemitism but to counter rising criticism of Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza. Its first big success was bullying the Tricycle Theatre into withdrawing its objection to Israeli embassy funding of the UK Jewish Film Festival. The CAA and the home secretary conflate anti-Israeli and antisemitic views,… Accusing critics of Israel and Zionism of antisemitism merely devalues the currency, while claiming the right for Jews to censor what others say about Israel is hardly the way to combat prejudice against them…. we see far greater racist threats to other minorities in this country, in particular the beleaguered Muslim community.’

The CAA goes out of its way to ‘prove’ that Palestinians are anti-Semitic in a continuation of a theme that Benjamin Netanyahu pioneered with his claim that a reluctant Hitler was pushed into carrying out the holocaust by the Palestinian Grand Mufti Haj al-amin Husseini.  [see Netanyahu: 'Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time. He wanted to expel the Jews' Netanyahu blames Jerusalem mufti for Holocaust, is accused of ‘absolving Hitler’, Times of Israel, 21.10.15.  

For example in a post on the Paris massacre, CAA claims that ‘the official Palestinian line’ is that Israel carried out the Paris attacks.  We are not told who in the PA has blamed Israel or indeed what is the name of the ‘official Palestinian Authority daily.

The CAA never misses an opportunity to attack the Palestinians whilst steadfastly ignoring all instances of Israeli racism.  Segregation of maternity wards in Israel, segregation of dormitories in Israeli Universities?  Forget it.  That is not anti-Semitism.  But right on cue after the Paris terrorist attack CAA was mirroring Israeli propaganda.  In its story

Official Palestinian line on Paris terrorist attacks: Israel was behind it

CAS quote the racist Zionist & Israeli government front organisation Palestinian Media Watch at face value
The CAA quoted the Zionist Propaganda Outfit,  Palestinian Media Watch (which is a front for the Israeli government’s Ministry of Information) uncritically: ‘Using classic antisemitic conspiracy theories, the Palestinian Authority has blamed Israel for the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday.’
A crude attempt by CAS to link Palestinians with ISIS terror attack in Paris
They might be right and they might be wrong but this has nothing to do with ‘classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories’.  Apparently the official Facebook page of the Fatah party (the party of Mahmoud Abbas warned:  As a people who suffer daily aggressions by Israel we understand the suffering of the injured and the families of those who were killed in a cold blood…It is time to end the brutal Israeli occupation which breeds violence in the entire world.’
Quite why this is ‘anti-Semitic’ is difficult to understand.  But ‘These two extracts are only two of an avalanche of accusation from official Palestinian channels over the weekend.’ Source: Palestinian Media Watch http://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=16247
CAA vehemently attack all other Zionist organisations because they work with 'Hope not Hate' who have received money from UNISON which supports BDS - guilt by association McCarthy style since HnH has no position on BDS
The Islamaphobic CAA attack Hope not Hate's Counter Jihad Pamphlet - 
Such is the CAA’s Islamaphobia and bigotry against Muslims they even attack the well respected ‘Hope not Hate’ anti-fascist group.  Hope not Hate have, as far as I’m aware, avoided all comment on the Middle East (in contrast to the pro-Zionist Searchlight magazine under Gerry Gable).  Hope not Hate took the lead in trying to persuade the Bradford left-wing festival Raise Your Banners uninvite the anti-Semitic Gilad Atzmon from playing, yet in an article Hope Not Hate condemns those who fight Islamist extremism   18th December 2015  CAS attack HnH for its report on “The Counter-Jihad Movement: Anti-Muslim hatred from the margins to the mainstream”.  
racist Islamaphobe Melanie Phillips is Campaign Against Anti-semitism's poster girl

It said that ‘A report by the left-wing anti-racism campaigning organisation Hope Not Hate has caused consternation for listing prominent critics of Islamic extremism and decrying them as anti-Muslim.’  Apparently ‘some of those included in the report are not “anti-Muslim” at all, but are in fact simply critics of Islamic extremism. For example, Melanie Phillips’.   The Daily Mail’s Mel P as she used to be known in her punk days, had ‘apparently been listed due to her continued calls for a firmer stance against Islamists.’  Well that’s one way of describing the most bigoted columnist that even the Daily Mail can find.   Someone who described Independent Jewish Voices, when it was set up in 2007 as ‘Jews for Genocide’. 

The Guardian’s Ed Husein described how Phillips said that President Barack Obama "adopts the agenda of the Islamists" and is "firmly in the Islamists' camp".  She also addressed the following remarks to him the previous December [The personal jihad of Melanie Phillips], after he suggested that Palestinians had been victims of much injustice.  Her comments on Palestine are off the wall, which is why the CAA loves her so much:

"To repeat for the nth time: Israel was never the Palestinians' 'homeland'. It was never taken from them 'by force'. On the contrary, they tried to take the Jews' homeland from them by force – and are still trying. It was the Jews alone for whom historically 'Palestine' was ever their national homeland."

The CAA fails to appreciate that the main ‘extremists’ in this country are those who whitewash Israel’s war crimes under the cover of false allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’.  But then it’s difficult to point the finger at oneself.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Left

The CAA has gone to town over Jeremy Corbyn. Before he was elected as leader, on the 17th August 2015, CAA complained [Critics of Jeremy Corbyn dismissed as “extreme Zionists”, Labour Party to “investigate”] that critics of Jeremy Corbyn ‘are being smeared as extremists who are trying to stifle criticism of Israel. Mainstream Jewry’s concerns are neither “extreme” nor anything to do with Israel. As we have written before, we are concerned both by Corbyn’s associations and his many supporters’ apparent indifference to them.’ 

There followed a tedious list of lies.  For example it describes Corbyn as a friend of Hamas and Hezbollah both of whom have apparently called for a ‘worldwide genocide of Jews’

It is a lie that either Hamas or Hezbollah are committed to a world wide genocide against Jews.  Both organisations have always welcomed Jews who are not Zionists to talk and meet with.  They are Islamic organisations and politically, like all religious parties, are backward.  They may well give lip-service to anti-Semitic documents without in the least understanding them.  Arab organisations sometimes do quote from West European anti-Semitic documents such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  It is regrettable but it is cocking a snook - like a mouse taunting a cat.  There is a massive power imbalance between Hamas in particular and Israel.  It is the relationship of the weak to the strong. 

The remarks of holocaust survivors re the Nazis was not politically correct either.  They too blamed the Germans rather than the Nazis but such remarks were understandable in the circumstances.

What Hamas and Hezbollah do is to rhetorically imitate anti-Semitic organisations without understanding them.  Both organisations have met with Jewish people like Norman Finkelstein and Jews, for example Amira Hass of Ha’aretz have lived in Gaza.  It is understandable that when the Israeli army comes to kill people, and they do it in the name of ‘the Jews’ that people see ‘the Jews’ as their enemy.  

What is more pertinent is that Israel virtually created Hamas as a counter-weight to Palestinian secular organisations.  See How Israel Helped to Spawn Hama, Wall Street Journal, 24.1.09. 

A Charity?

The main anti-Semites for CAA aren't the BNP/National Front/EDL but anti-racist MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Gerald Kaufman
14 references to Corbyn on CAS website 
The so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism is a Zionist political organisation which has nothing to do with charitable endeavours.  It almost completely ignores fascist anti-Semitism and holocaust denial organisations and concentrates its attention on people like on Gerald Kaufman, the Jewish MP and Father of the House of Commons and Jeremy Corbyn, whose record on anti-racism is second to none.
The number of references to Gerald Kaufman on the CAS site
If you do a search on the CAA website you will find 14 references to Jeremy Corbyn and 12 references to Gerald Kaufman and nothing at all on anti-Semitic holocaust denial organisations the British National Party & English Defence League.  Fascist anti-Semitism is of no concern to CAA because fascist organisations are mostly pro-Israel.
The only reference to the BNP on CAS site is to an 'ex BNP thug'
Despite the CAA being an overtly political organisation, formed to combat anti-Zionism, the Charity Commission nonetheless decided to register the organisation.  Now it is possible that they failed to stop a fraudulent application for charity status or equally likely under William Shawcross, the far-Right Chair of the Charity Commission and a former director of the cold war Henry Jackson Society, and an Islamaphobe, that they  decided that a Zionist organisation was perfectly acceptable.  

The Charity Commission have also registered as a charity the ethnic cleansers of the Jewish National Fund, despite them openly admitting they that they buy and maintain land only for the use of Jews, i.e. they are a thoroughly racist organisation.  If it were honest the so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism should be renamed the Campaign Against Palestinian Rights.

Tony Greenstein 

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