12 April 2016

‘(It’s a) shame your family survived [the Holocaust] world can do without cunts line (sic) you'

The anti-Semitic Abuse of a Zionist Zealot

A good example of the Zionist mentality - replete with the customary sexism
Not for the first time and not for the last time either, a Zionist zealot has sent me a message wishing that my family and me had perished in the Holocaust.  It's not unusual because scratch a Zionist and you’ll find an anti-Semite.  The two go hand in hand.  When Zionists use the term 'anti-Semite' they invariably mean anti-Zionist or supporters of the Palestinians.
If the original tweet was bad enough another Zionist joins in to justify it
Barely a day goes by without another media manufactured story about ‘Labour anti-Semitism’.  No matter how far out our outlandish, the media will sniff out ‘anti-Semitism’.  Prime amongst the sniffer-outers is the paper wot supported Hitler, yes our old favourite the Daily ‘Hate’ Mail.
The collected tweets of a Zionist anti-Semite
This is a story I suspect they won’t be terribly interested in.  I responded to a one-word tweet entitled ‘racist’ from a Zionist with the suggestion that they should look in the mirror.  The next thing I knew was a response, which was posted at around 5 pm by one George Yousaf.
A Zionist intellectual is Yousaf
The tweet declared that it was a pity my family hadn’t perished in the holocaust and proceeded from racist anti-Semitism to sexism seamlessly.
Yousaf displays what other Zionists think - Jeremy Corbyn called Hitler and Hitler called Corbyn
It isn’t the first and it won’t be the last time that Zionists post similar anti-Semitic stuff.  Almost instantly another Zionist tweeted a justification for the above comment.  Spanner explained that ‘he’s thinking what we all are your family will be spinning.'  I have no doubt that Yousaf posted what other Zionists are thinking.  It goes with the territory or in the case of Zionists with other peoples' territory.

Because this is an example of Zionist anti-Semitism the chances are that it will be missed.  It is not the kind of story the Tory press or even the ‘liberal Guardian will be interested in.  It is not part of their agenda, which is to get Corbyn and the Labour Left.  Stories are only interesting if they are about Jeremy Corbyn and anyone he has ever met in the past 50 years. 
Yousaf's Twitter Home Page with picture of Corbyn as Hitler and a Zionist Federation poster
Zionists wishing that Jewish people died in the gas chambers is not quite the story that the media want at this moment.  It is not unique. I’ve received messages like this before.  Once I received 2 messages in one day.  One from a Zionist wished that Hitler had killed me and my family, the second from a fascist  told me that there hadn’t been a holocaust!
When I reported both messages to the Zionist Community Security Trust they logged the latter message as an anti-Semitic incident but not the first, because it had been sent by a Jew or more precisely a Zionist Jew.  When is an anti-semitic attack not anti-semitic? When it’s a Zionist who is beinganti-Jewish 

You don’t have to delve deep into the Zionist psyche for an explanation.  Zionism was founded on a hatred of the Jewish diaspora.  They deserved everything they got, including the gas chambers, for not having heeded the Zionists when they said that it was impossible to live in the diaspora.  Zionism was founded on contempt for most Jews.  It intended to make a new start.  Almost a new people.  Anti-Semitism could not be fought.  Only by running away, escaping and founding a state that mirrored the anti-Semitic states they had fled from would Jews be able to hold their heads up.  Those Jews who disregarded this advice deserved everything including anti-Semitism.  Zionism was creating what they called the 'new Jew'.  The racial Jew that Nazis like Baron von Mildenstein, head of the Jewish desk at the Gestapo so admired, when he visited Palestine for 6 months in 1933.  Mildenstein was the guest of the Labour Zionist movement and the Kibbutzim.  [see A Nazi Travels to Palestine]

This was best summed by Joachim Doron in his Classic zionism and modern anti-semitism: Parallels and influences (1883-1914) [Journal of Israeli History,4:2,169 — 204] who described how Pinhas Felix Rosenbliith, who later became Israel’s first Minister of Justice described Palestine "an institute for the fumigation of Jewish vermin."

Until WW2 Zionism was a minority movement in the Jewish diaspora.  Everywhere it was seen as a defeatist movement that accepted anti-Semitism.  It was seen as a form of Jewish anti-Semitism. 

Today that racism has been transferred to the Palestinians but the same mentality operates.   Which is why on the streets of Jerusalem when confronting Jewish   demonstrators supporting the Palestinians of Sheikh Jarrah against evictions chanted ‘Hitler was right’ 

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