Thursday, 21 April 2016

National Union of Students Elects Malia Bouattia, a Black Woman and Moslem Refugee as its President

Zionist students and the right-wing press screams abuse as students vote to defy them
An inspiring hustings speech from NUS’s new President Malia Bouattia.  As Ben White shows below the lies about Malia supporting Isis, ‘terrorism’ etc. are just more drivel from those who hate to see anyone challenging this lousy capitalist political system we live in.

Students from Oxford University and the Zionist Union of Jewish Students squealed and howled at the defiance of the racist right-wing.  How dare she support Palestinian resistance, when she should be supporting British arms sales to that beacon of modernity, the Saudi Arabian regime.
The right-wing press is besides itself
The paper that supported Adolf Hitler, our old friend the Daily ‘Hate’ Mail was particularly anguished at the thought that someone who was herself a victim of racism and terrorism should be elected to become President of NUS.

Well done Malia and let’s look forward to your re-election.

Tony Greenstein

Five Facts about new NUS President @MaliaBouattia  …

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