3 November 2012

Sodastream Zionists Become Violent as Frustration Shows

Christian Bigot Objected to the Police when I called her a Christian Bigot!

After a frustrated Zionist became violent

Apparently this photo of Zionist women putting on handcuffs is libellous!
Another Successful Mobilisation Against    'Eco' Stream
Once again Brighton PSC and others demonstrated outside Sodastream in Brighton, or Ecostream as it calls itself (!), to express their opposition to the sale of stolen goods from stolen land.  Apart from an incident at the end when a Zionist launched an attack on me, clearly the frustration is showing, the event was remarkably uneventful.  A big thank you to Michael and friend, ex of the Ahava demonstration, for coming down from London.

Oh and one hysterical Zionist woman who accosted me saying that I had libelled her by printing her photo on last week’s report.  Quite how a photograph can be libellous I couldn’t work out unless she believes it paints her as even more unattractive than she is in person!  So I shall reprint it again!

The main theme of the Christian Fundamentalist woman in blue was that the Occupation provides Palestinians with jobs!  I seem to recall that this was the favourite argument of Margaret Thatcher and apologists for Apartheid (South African version).  Apartheid provided jobs and boycotts hurt the Black so, ipso facto, one must oppose Boycott and thereby support Apartheid.  The racism seeps out of the pores of these people.
Tony Greenstein

For more information on Sodastream see codepink, Palestine Chronicle and Jewish Voices 4 Peace


  1. It is a great shame that you are so filled with hate and anger that all you want to do is spread lies and personal attacks as oppose to suggesting how you can improve the situation or do anything positive. I did not say the photo was libellous I said you misrepresented it with your caption, which you have chosen to do again. You know I was not putting on handcuffs or pretending to do so. You know that because you took the photo. If you really want to help the Palestinians you would look at doing positive things to improve relations to try and find commonality as oppose to spreading more hatred. But that clearly is not your style. Shame

  2. Madam, I have many suggestions as to improve the situation. How about equality for a starter? No more 'Jewish' land, no more demolition of 'unrecognised' Arab villages, no more talk of the 'demographic threat', no more refusal to admit Arab infants to Jewish kindergartens, no more privileges if you are Jewish. And no right of 'return' to people like myself who happen to be Jewish when Palestinians who were born there have no such right.

    Is this what you mean?

    And no more placing of Palestinian children as young as 12 in leg irons and shackles and putting them in administrative detention or the firing of live ammunition at their peaceful demonstrations (has never happened to Jewish demonstrations). No more 'death to the Arabs chants' - do I need to go on.

    It is you who chose to demonstrate your support for a company that bases itself on the West Bank, in an area from which the Bedouin have been ethnically cleansed.

    You did say the photo was libellous and you even threatened to sue! But I forgive your memory lapse. Given the nature of the counter-demonstration, the suggestion that you were demonstrating the putting on of handcuffs was quite reasonable, because a minority of Israelis only rule over the Palestinians with the aid of force, torture, arbitrary detention. So the shame is all yours.

    Even the more moderate Zionists prefer not to associate with those who support a Greater Israel. So the shame is all yours.

  3. Greenslime got smacked (very hard) in the mouth by a 6' 3" transsexual called Chelsea!!

    Excellent news.

  4. I think the comment above demonstrates exactly who are the violent ones on the demonstration. There was an attempt to suggest that we were harassing people and being violent but it's nice to see that the Zionists admit to revelling in violence, albeit under cover of anonymity.

    People will be pleased to hear that I am none the worse for wear and I expect the police to do their duty, as happened when another Zionist ended up with over £3,000 costs when he unwisely decided to defend a civil action.

    It wouldn't surprise me if this 'anonymous' message comes from Simon Cobb, leader of the Zionist counter-demonstrators.

  5. "Greenslime got smacked (very hard) in the mouth by a 6' 3" transsexual called Chelsea!!
    Excellent news."

    A new low in pink-washing for the Zionists.

  6. It's also wishful thinking by Zionist low life. I got hit but suffered no damage apart from a minor cut on the lip.

    However we know Zionists glory in violence and his particular fool in particular! I only let it slip through because they had previously been whining that we were the violent ones.

  7. Good catch, poor Cobbs is not too bright, he used the same word "Greenslime" in the Argus comments, where he posts as DabThirtyfive.


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