1 November 2012

Eritrean refugees protest in front of ministry of defense, Tel aviv

Israel – the ‘Light unto the Nations’ Treats Refugees as ‘Infiltrators’ and Terrorists

 Date: 18 October 2012 20:50:29 BST

Eritrean refugees living in Israel take part in a protest outside Ministry of Defense on October 18, 2012 in Tel Aviv,

The protesters were calling for the ousting of the dictatorship regime in Eritrea, and the release of all political prisoners. they wore demanding as well recognition as refuges and stooping the jailing policy of the Israeli government

Israel's government and its racist Minister Eli Yishai of Shas, refuses to recognise refugees as legitimate.  Zionism, with its demand for a pure Jewish state means that non-Jews shouldn't be admitted (unless they are rich and American/European)

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