17 November 2012

Brighton Demonstration Against Israel’s Attack on Gaza

The People of Brighton Condemn Israel's War Crimes - Thursday November 15th 2012

No sooner had word spread of Israel’s assassination of the Hamas’s Military Chief of Staff Ahmed al-Jabari and the attack by Israeli war planes against civilian targets, than hundreds of people took to the streets of Brighton to stage a demonstration.  To chants of ‘Free Free Palestine’ and ‘What do we want?  No War’  1, 2, 3, 4 We Don’t Want Your Bloody War, 5, 6, 7, 8 Stop the Killing Stop the Hate’ ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free’, ‘Stop the Killing, Stop the Crime, Israel Out of  Palestine’  the people of Brighton made clear what their feelings were about Israel’s latest blitzkrieg.  Just as Obama and William Hague and the world’s elites made their support for Israel’s latest war crimes crystal clear.

The demonstration started from Victoria Gardens, the scenes of triumphant demonstrations in April against Israel’s good friends, the fascist English Defence League, we marched to Ecostream  - the ‘green; ethnic cleansing store which has recently opened to regular demonstrations in Western Road.
Once we reached there, after about half an hour, I spoke for a few minutes before we marched back down past the clocktower.

Tomorrow (Saturday) there will be another demonstration and a picket of Eco/Sodastream, the Israeli company based in the settlement of Mishor Adumim on the Occupied West Bank.

Below are some pictures from the demonstration.
Police Protect Sodastream - Not a Shopper in Sight!

Police Protect 'Eco' Stream

Demonstration Makes its way through the throng of shoppers

Tony Greenstein speaking at the rally at 'Eco' Stream

Demonstration Makes its Way Down Western Road

'Eco'Stream - symbol of Zionist Barbarism


  1. Spouting your grandiose rubbish here, you were thoroughly outnumbered today, and the silent majority spoke louder than your racist anti Semitic rent a green student mob

  2. Yes they were certainly silent. I'll give you that. But then if you are outnumbered so heavily is it surprising.

    'rent a green student mob'? But I thought this was a 'green shop? People of Brighton have seen through u already, hence why u now identify greens as your enemy too.

    Since when is it 'anti-Semitic' to oppose blowing up children in Gaza and opposing Jewish only roads in the West Bank. Not all Jews are racist Mr Cobb.

    What was even more gratifying today was the no. of Jewish people who came up to us to say they dissociated themselves from the Zionist chauvinists.

    To say nothing of the number of Jewish people on the pro-Palestinian demonstration. It is sometimes hard convincing people that not all Jews are racists when the Zionists claim that being Jewish and a racist Zionist are one and the same.

    Your lot didn't like to be reminded by me of the time when the Zionists collaborated against the Nazis.

    As even Lucy Dawidowicz, a right-wing Zionist, admitted in her book 'War Against the Jews', Heydrich, the engineer of the final solution ordered that:

    'The activity of the Zionist orientated youth organisations are not to be treated with the strictness that it is necessary to apply to the members of the so-called German Jewish organisations (assimilationists)....

    The Zionists and proponents of emigration to Palestine were less badgered in their activities by the Police and the SD than the non-Zionists.' (p.118)

    As we often have to remind you, the Zionists were the Nazis favoured Jews, because they recognised fellow racists.

    Oh and is it true Simon Cobb that you are a member of the Jewish Division of the EDL holocaust deniers?

  3. Oh FYI 124 Israeli minors killed by Palestinians in the past ten years - B'TSELEM HR watch - children die on both sides....

  4. The death of any child in a conflict is regrettable and tragic. But when one party to a conflict DELIBERATELY targets children that is altogether different. That is what Israel did in the last attack on Gaza in 2008/9 when it used chemical weapons/white phosphorous against a UN school. http://azvsas.blogspot.co.uk/2009/03/israels-criminal-use-of-chemical.html

    And you prove my point since 400 children died in that one attack alone. So what you are saying is that 4 times as many Palestinian children died in one attack than the total of Israeli (you mean Israeli Jewish I assume) over a 10 year period.

    Case made I think.

  5. You are a very righteous person, not! Hamas (and prev the PLO) use children, citizens as cover and you must know that. They become collateral damage, not purposefully targeted, you love to quote facts that only support your warped minded view of the world.. Why not print my other comment, reply?

  6. Greens are an enemy when they forget their roots and align themselves with political minority groups to gain power

  7. Ah yes the hoary old story about using citizens as cover. Now I know that you Zionists are as bad as the holocaust deniers when it comes to rewriting history and/or forgetting it but:

    Didn't the Zionists, when they were fighting the British store weapons amongst civilians? Didn't they hid them, not only in the Kibbutzim and then complain about rough British treatment of those living on the Kibbutzim when the British raided them but they also stored weapons in synaagogues (u Zionists complain, without any proof whatsoever that Muslims do this in Mosques).

    Remember Hod Hasharon synagogue where stocks of old arms were found 3 years ago? No, let me remind you. Go to! Another hypocritical Zionist bites the dust


  8. Ah so now we have it. The 'green ethnic cleansing company and its supporters are the enemy. Just as I though!


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