25 November 2012

Owen Jones Breaks the Establishment Consensus Over Gaza

For Once Question Time Allows in a Little Light

I didn’t watch Question Time but for once the establishment consensus was broken on Gaza as Owen Jones, the young journalist from the Independent, shattered the myth that Israel was ‘retaliating’ to Hamas rockets.

Charles Kennedy, the ex-Lib Dem leader who was forced to resign for being an alcoholic, was left scowling throughout and the ‘quiet man’ Ian Duncan Smith’s fury was only matched by his inability to say something – hence his nick name!

Charles Kennedy - the 'radical' anti-war ex-Lib Dem leader looks on glum

Kennedy looking stupified as Owen Jones has something to say other than the usual platitudes

What said it for me was the wild and enthusiastic reaction of the audience who don’t buy the lies of the establishment when the truth is so obvious to see.
Tony Greenstein
IDS - the most detestable main in Britain sits in silent fury

Crosspost from Mick Hall’s Outrage

It is not often I watch BBC TV Question Time, but on Thursday last I did, it was the normal list of guests, mainstream politicians the odd business person, all of whom sing from the same neo liberal song sheet. But this week it also included a young socialist Owen Jones, who writes a column for the independent newspaper. He spoke extremely well, it is not often one hears the likes of what he had to say about Israel on the mainstream media, let alone the BBC.
the usual panel of establishment worthies
But for me it was not so much what Owen said about Israel's latest murderous exploits in Gaza, which were spot on, but how the other members of the panel reacted when he was saying it. In the clip below he surgically cuts through the lies that have enabled Israel to conduct it's latest attack on Gaza, the likes of which we were spoon fed by the mainstream media over the last two weeks.
Owen Jones leaves Iain Duncan Smith smarting in his seat, unable to believe what he was hearing.
It was a joy to watch the most odious man in the UK, Iain Duncan Smith, smarting in his seat with silent rage, unable to quite believe what he was hearing. Charles Kennedy was little better, spluttering to himself in disbelief. He must have been thinking if only I had the balls to speak my mind, instead of defending a coalition government which is implimenting policies I have spent much of my political life opposing. As to the pathetic establishment toady David Dimbleby, all he could come up with was to act as if he were referring an argument amongst friends in a pub which had got out of hand, "Alright Owen, you’ve made your point," If he said it once, he must of said it three times.

Yet despite there obvious disquiet, on this issue, not one of these 'gentlemen' challenged a single point Owen made. Never mind all three had vigorously followed the line first initiated by Barak Obama, that Hamas were responsible for the bloodshed by first firing rockets into Israel, something which Owen had ridden a coach and horses through. When a chair was needed to ask them why they failed to challenge Jones facts, Dimbleby was struck dum, perhaps he was deep in thought, wondering who invited Owen Jones on to 'his show.' After all the whole point of Question Time is to imply it's a democratic forum, whilst ensuring it is not, by selecting guests who differ not a fig on the 'big issues' of the day.

Mick Hall.


  1. http://www.thejc.com/blogs/jonathan-hoffman/question-time-the-right-response-owen-jones-assault-israel

    Would that be the Owen Jones who can't tell the difference between Income and Wealth?


  2. Owen Jones, along with most of the anti-Zionist armchair experts, would have made good gun slingers in the Wild West, fire first and talk later! Owen, convincingly presents his misinformation with facts taken out of context and panders to the bigotry of the usual Left Wing Question Time audience.

    So, "basic needs" are prevented in getting through the "Seige" of Gaza, what a load of tosh. Owen and his friends should visit the booming shopping malls of Gaza or listen to the Humanitarian Aid groups that say there is food aplenty. Israel provides much of Gaza's electricity, fuel, water, and allows in everything except the stuff for blowing up Israeli kids, who Owen simply ignores. Where's Owen's recognition of the free medical treatment, etc, that Israel supplies to needy Gazans?

    Israel has been trying to make peace in the MIddle East for more than sixty years and the Arabs have continued to say "No". No mention by Owen of five Arab wars, two Intafadas, countless suicide bombings, etc, etc. Yet this chap is surprised a few Israelis are talking like Hamas operatives. Perhaps, if Owen were to read the Hamas Charter he would get it.

    There is no Occupation of Gaza, indeed the Israelis moved 8000 settlers only to be rewarded by 12000 rockets aimed at their families. And the same thing with the West Bank there are no "illegal settlements", if Owen were to read the historical facts, the West Bank is now "disputed territory" and excuse me for saying so, when Palestinians set out to annihilate their neighbours they must be prepared for the consequences!

    Any decent human being wants to see peace in the MIddle East, however, those ignorant souls posing as wise know it alls should consider the teachings of Islam and note that a culture were a mother can be beat her small child to death for not memorising enough Koran, is uninterested in compromise.

    I'll be interested to see if Mr Greenstein moderates this critique of his blog!!

  3. Since you don't have the honesty to even give your name or contact, then your interest is of no concern to me.

    It is merely more propaganda dressed up as sophistry.

    If Gaza is not occupied then why does Israel shoot at fisherman who go beyond a 3 mile limit? Or infringe its airspace with its fighters or seal of its borders. Any half-wit knows that when Hamas was elected in 2005 Israel and the US embarked on a campaign, culminating in an attempted coup, to install Fatah/PA there. Gaza is an open prison or concentration camp, period.

    Like any common and garden racist you use the example of a mad woman who beat her child to death for not learning the Quoran as a stereotypical example of a religion.

    Have no Orthodox Jews beaten their children for similar things? Or more to the point, as in Stamford Hill and elsewhere, covered up child-abuse? Your generalisations from one horrific incident to a whole group of people shows that Zionism has indeed learn the lessons Hitler taught it.

    Yes of course Israel has been trying to make peace for 60 years. Perhaps that explains the Suez invasion carried out in complicity with British & French imperialism? Or the expulsion of 3/4 Palestinians in 1948 and the further expulsions in 1950 and beyond of Bedouin and others Arabs. Or the settlement of the West Bank.

    Your ritual propaganda shows that you cannot think beyond the tradition lines of an imperialist culture where it is right to treat the native as you want and then when s/he refuses your kind offers of a fraction of what you've stolen they are refusing peace. Perhaps you should have been employed by that other apartheid state called South Africa.

    Instead you are just another unoriginal apologist for settler-colonialism in Israel. Even Benny Morris has the honesty to document the actual massacres, killings, expulsions, even if he wished the task of making Israel Arabrein had been completed. You are just a mouthpiece for the Israeli ministry of information.


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