18 November 2012

Ecostream closed down for the morning as campaign builds strength

March against Israel’s Attack Against Gaza and another demoralising day for the supporters of genocide

Unsurprisingly Israel’s murderous attack on civilians in Gaza and the increasing toll of children and infant casualties hasn’t made the Zionists very popular.  The Zionists were heavily outnumbered and less than the usual number of Christians for Genocide, including the mad Jill Young from the Church of Christ the King turned up.
Lest they forget - this was the coin the Nazis struck to commemorate the visit of the Head of the Gestapo's Jewish Desk, Baron von Mildenstein to Palestine.  Invited by Kurt Tuckler of the German Zionist Federation he spent 3 months there from March 1933 onwards and wrote a series of articles praising Zionism in Goebbel's Der Angriff in the summer/autumn of 1934.  This was the beginning of close collaboration between German Zionism and Hitler
Zionists on the left looking particularly dejected

a bearded Christian fundie waves a banner - hoping for a Revelations style immolation of Jews in Palestine
Jill Young - mad Christian Fundie - seems to have cut out her even madder photo of Tony G this week!
Jill Young holds a banner asking if we know what BDSM is - yes Madam but we bow to your expertise on the matter!
Simon Cobb (with peaked cap) - leader of the Zionists and alleged to have links with EDL

A demonstration, which unfortunately I missed, went from Victoria Gardens to Sodastream and the shop itself didn’t open till gone midday as an activist had locked himself on to the front handles of the shop, necessitating them having to remove the handle!  Well done, even if he was arrested.
Another activist was assaulted by the ‘peaceful’ leader of the Zionists, one Simon Cobb, who tried the same thing on on me a few weeks ago.  Cobb is rumoured to be friendly with the English Defence League which isn’t surprising.  He also shouts, I thought ironically at first, ‘Jews Out’ but it is clear that he actually means it.  He is of course following in a long line of Zionist anti-Semitism.

Historically if someone argued that Jews didn’t belong in the countries they lived but in Palestine/Israel, they were either anti-Semites or Zionists.  Not for nothing did Israel’s first Minister of ‘Justice’, Pinhas Rosen (Rosenbluth) exclaim that Palestine was ‘“an institute for the fumigation of Jewish vermin” [Joachim Doron, Classic Zionism and Modern Anti-Semitism: Parallels and Influences (1883-1914), Studies in Zionism (Journal of Israeli History, 8, Autumn 1983].  There are many similar quotations from Zionists which could have been taken straight from the mouth of anti-Semites and Simon Cobb therefore stands in a proud Zionist tradition.

I stationed myself, much to the annoyance of the Zionists on the same side as them and, with a couple of honourable exceptions (an old Irish Jew and a long-time sparring partner in the columns of the local Argus, Gerald Oberman) they tried to be their normal obnoxious selves.

Indeed it becomes boring when I’m accused of being a self-hater (standard response being ‘no I hate you!') or a ‘traitor’ (response – 'I never owed you or you racist scumbags any loyalty') or 'Jews like you are in a tiny minority' (response – so was Spinoza and Heinrich Heine and anyway more and more Jews are dissociating themselves from those who worship a state) or I am an outcast (response – 'read Hannah Arendt’s ‘Jew as a Pariah' -  Jews have always been outcasts!) or of course that I am an anti-Semite (yes they are very inventive.

My response, given I've written a history of the fight against fascism in Brighton and on the South Coast, having been an anti-fascist activist for over 30 years, so far is to ask if they recall the Kasztner Trial in Israel where it was held by the Jerusalem District Court that the leader of Hungarian Zionism, the representative of the Jewish Agency in Hungary, had in exchange for a train of the Zionist elite (1684 persons in total) kept news of Auschwitz secret [2 Jewish escapees, Vrba and Wetzler, had disclosed in minute detail, that Auschwitz/Birkenau was the largest killing centre of all] and actually misinformed Jews that they were going to be ‘resettled’ in a nice place called Kenyermeze.  Or if I’m feeling particularly vicious then I recall the welcoming memorandum of the Zionist Federation of Germany to Hitler when the Nazis were put in power.
‘an answer to the Jewish Question truly satisfying to the national state can be brought about only with the collaboration of the Jewish move-ment that aims at a social, cultural and moral renewal of Jewry... Precisely because we do not wish to falsify these fundamentals, because we too, are against mixed marriages and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group.’  
 The complete memo can be found in Lucy Dawidowicz’s A Holocaust Reader.  Dawidowicz was a right-wing Zionist historian.  To say nothing of the welcome that the Zionists gave to the Nuremburg Laws of 1935.  Or if I'm feeling particularly cruel, then I remind them that it was the Zionists who welcomed the Nuremburg Laws:
‘If the Jews had a state of their own in which the bulk of their people were at home, the Jewish Question could already be considered solved today, even for the Jews themselves. The ardent Zionists of all people have objected least of all to the basic ideas of the Nuremburg Laws because they know that these laws are the only correct solution for the Jewish people too.’ 
It can be found in Machover/Offenberg’s ‘Zionism and its Scarecrows, Khamsin 6 and a slightly slightly different version in Francis Nicosia’s ‘The Third Reich and the Palestine Question’.
Indeed when I pointed out the sympathy of Himmler to one particularly thick Zionist woman she asked whether he was Jewish!  ‘no madam, he was the head of the SS'.

Don't you just love them!!  But what was gratifying was that a number of passers-by who expressed support for the Palestinians (and nearly everyone does) were themselves Jewish.

Tony Greenstein


  1. I have to say I was extremely sceptical about whether the individual you mention was associated with the EDL and thought you might well be mistaken even taking into account the Zionists' well documented association with the EDL at Ahava. But yesterday a passing sympathiser said that he'd seen him at the yearly march in London against Deaths in Police Custody with an EDL counter-demo! Of course it's hearsay and could possibly be mistaken identity but it does make your suggestion all the more credible.

  2. Why do you continue to invent what 'actually' went on, on Saturday? I was there albeit briefly and observed only those showing 'solidarity' with those living in Gaza making/using verbally threatening language! One being given a 'leave the area now' warning from a TA officer! Mr Cobb if thats who he is was animated but at no point made threats against a person! Desist with your scandalous and slanderous comments you are only preaching to the already converted. You are allowed comment but when such becomes a lie and libellous you lose credibility. Have you thought one thing though mr greenstein, if the staff lose their employ at Ecostream, who is going to feed, house, look after them and their family's needs? Will you advise them in your capacity of advisor at Brighton unemployed family centre?

  3. I have had myself a continuing stream of invective along the line of 'traitors' and yesterday 'it's a pity you didn't die in Auschwitz' along with the Black uncle tom telling me that it was a pity that Hitler didn't annihilate me.

    Zionists seem to relish the idea that anti-Zionist Jews 'deserved' to be exterminated, which is probably why - since 90% of Polish Jewry supported the anti-Zionists - they too deserved it. Could that be an explanation for why the Yishuv's leaders - Ben Gurion - saw the holocaust as a 'beneficial opportunity' - not my words but those of Ben Gurion's official biographer, Shabtai Teveth?

    I have personally had to resist attempts to push me by Cobb and there are witnesses and I've spoken to the person concerned who said the same about yesterday that he was attacked from the back by this cowardly EDL supporter.

    And as even you can't deny Cobb regularly chants, being the sick character he is 'Jews Out'. Like most anti-Semites he finds it funny.

    And yes the old apartheid argument. Sanctions put people out of work. Well it's the Palestinians who are calling for BDS because they know that whatever temporary employment they get now, the long-term and not so long term scenario is that they will be expelled, also without work.

    But nice of u to think of your victims!! Or is it just those in Britain u were referring to?

  4. Seems someone is very sensitive about being associated with the EDL. As I clearly say it was hearsay and could be mistaken identity. Rather than sending me nuisance emails and vague threats to get me to remove a blog post that doesn't belong to me he would be better advised to simply state here that he was not at said march in London and that the person I spoke to was mistaken. Although the person I spoke to insisted he was right it is quite possible he was mistaken. Something I readily admit in my comment.


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