15 July 2019

The BBC’s War on Corbyn – Panorama would have made Pravda Proud

Is Labour Anti-Semitic? was the title – but the answer was never in doubt

Another side of Ella Rose that Panorama did not show - more a thorn than a rose!
The Grid - How Special Effects Turned John Ware's enemies into aliens

As John Pilger has long argued, the BBC is the most refined propaganda service in the world.[1] Its reputation for independence is what has helped make it so effective.
The BBC was born in the womb of the British state. In 1926 Lord Reith, its first Director-General, banned the Archbishop of Canterbury from broadcasting an appeal for compromise in the General Strike.[2] The ruling class were determined to defeat the unions and they didn’t want any voices preaching compromise.
Despite Islamaphobia being four times as prevalent as anti-Semitism and anti-Roma racism being over six times as prevalent, the BBC displays no interest for anything other than 'antisemitism'
At Orgreave during the Miners’ Strike the BBC deliberately reversed its footage of miners throwing stones and police baton charging so as to make it appear that the Police were responding to the miners rather than the miners responding to Police brutality.[3]
Edited highlights of the programme

For 20 years, despite commissioning it, the BBC refused to show The War Game on the horrors of nuclear war.[4]  It ‘would undermine moral’ for people to see what would happen to them in a nuclear war.
The BBC used MI5 to vet members of staff.  Until the Daily Telegraph ferreted it out under the Freedom of Information Act it simply lied and denied that it was happening.[5]
It should not be a surprise that the BBC has joined in enthusiastically in the campaign to remove the only genuinely left-wing leader the Labour Party has ever had. That is the context for Panorama’s ‘Is Labour Anti-Semitic’. The answer to their question of course was never in doubt. It really was a rhetorical question.
The Guardian has gone to town on this fake programme

However it needs to be said that Corbyn and much of the Labour left have brought the ‘anti-Semitism’ problem on themselves. It was obvious from the start that this was a state directed campaign of destabilisation that had nothing to do with anti-Semitism. You only had to look at the main protagonists – the Daily Mail and the Tory tabloids – anti-racists none. The Al Jazeera programme The Lobby.[6] Anyone with any understanding of similar political destabilisation in South America must have known what the ruling class is capable of.
It was also obvious that the attempt to pervert the conclusions of the MacPherson Inquiry by suggesting that ‘victims’ of anti-Semitism would be the judge and jury in deciding the ‘guilt’ of their attackers could not but help open the way for false claims. Corbyn and Seamus Milne both knew that supporters of Israel have a long history of equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Yet despite this Corbyn unilaterally accepted the IHRA ‘definition’ of anti-Semitism. Truly Corbyn made a rod for his own back. Corbyn and Milne opened the doors to the excrescence of the ruling class like John Ware.
Once you concede your opponents arguments you are left arguing over the extent of the ‘problem’. Corbyn’s promise to do better is like a man running upstairs on a downward escalator. However hard you run you can never escape. This is a nightmare of Corbyn’s own making because it should have been obvious from the start that the only acceptable solution to the Zionists was Corbyn’s own resignation.
Panorama excelled itself last Wednesday with an unrelenting barrage of propaganda. Allegations were treated as fact however outlandish. There was no attempt to provide any background or context to those making the allegations nor was there any attempt by presenter John Ware to cross-examine those making the allegations.
It is no wonder that the BBC has sent a standard response to all the many complaints it has received refusing to answer any specific points. Indeed so awful and one-sided was it that only Tom Watson, Labour’s racist Deputy Leader could take any solace from it. You wouldn’t hang a cat on the ‘evidence’. The programme didn’t even bother to hide its intention to mislead and deceive viewers.
The BBC’s interest in ‘anti-Semitism’ is in contrast to its studied disinterest in other forms of racism. Windrush has barely featured in its schedules. There has been just one investigatory programme. There has been no attempt to discern what has happened and why, despite hundreds of Black British citizens having been deported, some left to die penniless in the West Indies.
There has been no witch-hunt of Theresa May, the Home Secretary who was responsible for the ‘hostile environment policy’ (which let us not forget New Labour under Alan Johnson inaugurated).[7] According to former head of the civil service, Sir Bob Kerslake, it was seen by some Tory Ministers as “almost reminiscent of Nazi Germany”.[8] 
Can you imagine Panorama doing a programme on Tory attitudes to migrants and asking whether or not people thought that Theresa May was a racist? Has it even asked this question of Boris Johnson given his well known remarks about Black people being ‘piccaninnies’ and having ‘water melon smiles’.[9] That was the question Ware repeatedly asked– ‘is Jeremy Corbyn anti-Semitic’? The only form of racism the BBC and the Labour Right is interested in is ‘anti-Semitism’.
The Left bears a great deal of responsibility for this. In a racist society people will have racist ideas in their heads. To believe that you will eliminate racism by monitoring social media posts is crass. Racism isn’t about the ideas in peoples’ heads but what happens in practice. That is why those on the Labour Right who endorsed the hostile environment policy and thus Windrush are the same people who are concerned about anti-Semitism.
British Jews live in a golden age. No British Jews have been deported or subject to Police violence nor had their encampments evicted by hundreds of Police thugs as happened at Dale Farm and happens continually to Travellers. Anti-Semitism has become the false anti-racism of the Right. That is why the BBC has fallen over itself to accommodate itself to an ‘anti-racism’ whose purpose is to uphold racism in Israel.
Given that Islamaphobia is four times as prevalent as anti-Semitism and anti-Gypsy feelings are over 6 times as common, the BBC’s concentration on anti-Semitism raises obvious questions.
The real problem Labour faces is not the attacks of the BBC and the Right but the Treachery of the so-called Left
At no time did Panorama even ask the question in the programme title, i.e. whether or not there was an anti-Semitism phenomenon in the Labour Party. This was taken as given.
I was braced for the bias that you come to expect from the BBC but the relentless exclusion by John Ware of any sliver of evidence that the case for Labour anti-Semitism might have been over egged was astonishing.  
Raed Salah
Just one example of Ware’s lies was when he described how
Corbyn campaigned to allow a notoriously anti-Semitic preacher Raed Salah into Britain who had called Jews the ‘germs of all time’ and blamed them for 9/11.’
This was a litany of lies. Salah was already here. Corbyn campaigned against his deportation. The allegations of anti-Semitism were shown in court proceedings to be untrue.
It was alleged that Salah had made a series of antisemitic statements in sermons and a poem.  The real reason was that Theresa May ‘was determined to find a reason to exclude Salah, before the evidence against him had been verified.’ [10] This was despite being warned that the case against Salah was very weak.
All 4 charges were thrown out by the Vice-President of the Upper Immigration Tribunal, Mr Justice Ockleton who ruled that Theresa May was misled as to the terms of the poem written by the appellant, a matter on which there is now no room for dispute.
May’s officials had relied on a version of Salah’s poem published in the Jerusalem Post in 2009 which the Zionist Community Security Trust produced. The words ‘You Jews’ had been inserted into it to make it appear anti-Semitic.
‘The principal source for the decision to ban him, according to witnesses who testified in court for the Home Office, was a report compiled by the CST.
This is the same CST whose Deputy Director, Dave Rich, was one of two expert witnesses. Raed Salah wrote.[11]
‘The evidence she [May] relied on (which included a poem of mine which had been doctored to make it appear anti-Jewish) was not, he [Justice Ockleton] concluded, a fair portrayal of my views. In reality, I reject any and every form of racism, including antisemitism.’
Salah went on to write, prophetically that:
‘I have no doubt that, despite this, Israel's cheerleaders in Britain will continue to smear my character. This is the price every Palestinian leader and campaigner is forced to pay.’
John Ware is one of those cheerleaders. Ware got his information from Wikipedia!
Jewish Labour Movement [JLM]
The average viewer would assume that those making the allegations of anti-Semitism were ordinary members of the Labour Party with no connection with each other or grudge to bear bar the fact that they were Jewish. It would no doubt come as a surprise to people to learn that all those making complaints were not only members of the same Zionist group, the JLM which had been refounded in 2015 specifically to oust Corbyn but they were also officers of the JLM.[12] This is what is called a ‘put up job’. Those engaged in bank robberies and similar enterprises usually call it a frame up.
It is crystal clear that the BBC deliberately hid the fact that those who were interviewed were officers in the JLM, a pro-Israeli organisation which is affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation. The BBC therefore engaged in a carefully calculated act of deception. Equally the BBC made no approaches to any anti-Zionist Jews or Jewish Voice for Labour? [JVL]
Those making the allegations included the following: Stephane Savary and Joe Goldberg, Joint National Vice-Chairs; Izzy Lenga, International Officer; Alex Richardson, Membership Officer; Adam Langleben, Campaigns Officer; Ella Rose, Equalities Officer and  former National Director, Rebecca Filer, Political Education Officer; Joshua Garfield, Local Government Officer as well as Rachel Megan Barker and Phil Rosenberg also of the JLM. To call it a conspiracy would be an understatement.[13] 
Ella Rose of the JLM is in between former Chair Jeremy Newmark and the Israeli Ambassador
The JLM is quite open about its close connections with the Israeli Embassy.[14]
Opening the programme was Ella Rose quivering with emotion as she spoke of her horrendous, but completely vague and unsubstantiated allegations of anti-Semitism. The average viewer would not have dreamt that this fragrant innocent had featured in The Lobby where she was seen threatening violence against Jackie Walker and boasting that she could ‘take out’ Jackie using her martial arts skills. Nor was her work in the Israeli Embassy or her role as Director of the Jewish Labour Movement mentioned. 
Quite remarkably none of those making allegations of anti-Semitism were even captioned. Viewers would have had no idea who many of them were still less their background. Their heartfelt testimonies had been rehearsed many times to perfection in the BBC’s studios in order to inject the right amount of pathos.
Allegations were made by Izzy Lenga that Holocaust denial was a staple of her Labour Party meetings.  No detail was provided such as which CLP was this was taking place in. It is such an obvious lie. The idea that Labour meetings would debate whether the Holocaust had happened or declare that Hitler didn’t go far enough is pure fiction. In John Ware’s Panorama Zionists were given carte blanche to make up any allegation they saw fit without ever once being challenged.
Already the ‘evidence’ cited in the programme has begun to come apart at the seams. Ben Westerman, who was investigating complaints of anti-Semitism in Liverpool Riverside CLP, lied when he said that he had been asked during one of the six interviews he conducted if he came from Israel. He implied that this was antisemitic.
Unfortunately for Ben the interview in question was recorded.  He was asked which branch of the Labour Party he was from not whether he was from Israel!  Not that that would have been anti-Semitic.[15]
Jonathan Hoffman & Harry Saul Markham of Young Herut - two fascists the BBC showed at the Zionist 'anti-racist' demonstration
The programme began with footage of the Zionist ‘Enough is Enough’ demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament. The demonstration was called in the wake of the  mural affair’ which had remained dormant for 7 years before being pulled out a hat by Luciana Berger.[16] There was no mention of the JVL counter-demonstration or indeed the curious fact that Norman Tebbit of the ‘cricket test’ and Ian Paisley of the sectarian DUP were present. The BBC focussed on a group of Zionist Fascists such as Jonathan Hoffman and Harry Markham of the fascist Young Herut.[17]
They interviewed Kat Buckingham, the person who ‘investigated’ Brighton and Hove Labour Party when it was suspended in July 2016.  The Left had won all the positions on the Executive, by 2-1, at a 600 strong AGM of the party. The Right led by former leader Warren Morgan (now of the Funny Tinge Party) had made allegations of spitting as a pretext to have the vote annulled. 
When video evidence emerged demonstrating that the allegations were bogus Kat Buckingham simply refused to look at it because it might breach data protection laws! 
Alan Johnson
The second ‘expert witness’ was none other than Alan Johnson.[18] He is not Jewish and has no special expertise. He is though the Editor of Fathom,[19] the journal of BICOM – the main pro-Zionist propaganda organisation in Britain.[20] Curiously Ware didn’t see fit to mention this. Perhaps Johnson was the only academic Ware could find.
Sam Matthews
It was the sheer duplicity and dishonesty of the 8 staff members which attracted most attention. In particular Sam Matthews, Labour’s Witchfinder General.  Matthews was a good actor but that is all. Those who have had dealings with him know that he was an inveterate leaker, malicious and extremely hostile to anyone on the Left. Anti-Zionist to him was the equivalent of anti-Semitism.
The Story of Sam Matthews near 'suicide' contrasts with his spurning of Carl Sergeant who did commit suicide - we are expected to believe that Matthews contemplated suicide because he wasn't able to expel enough people!
In the Jewish Chronicle this week Matthews claimed that he was driven to the brink of suicide. I have no doubt that this is just another piece of acting designed to elicit sympathy. Tt was Sam Matthew’s treatment of Carl Sergeant, the Welsh Minister who was suspended and committed suicide, which has been mentioned as a contributory factor in what happened at the inquest.[21] Far from Matthews contemplating suicide it was his arrogant behaviour which drove people to the brink of self harm and worse.
Mike Creighton also figured prominently in the programme. He has been around for decades in the Labour Party though he has now retired. I have personal knowledge of just how incompetent he was through a legal action I brought against the Labour Party.
So useless was he that when I made a Subject Access Request in 2016 a bundle of documents arrived, albeit a few weeks late. However as no records were kept of his having sent off anything to me a further bundle was sent several months later!  What was worse they were sent to an address I hadn’t lived in for two decades.  The last time I lived there I was suspended as part of the poll tax rebellion! The excuse his lawyers gave for the confusion that resulted was Creighton’s incompetence. I believe them!
What the programme didn’t even hint at was that far from these conscientious staff members seeking to root out anti-Semitism, what actually took place was a witchhunt by Blairites at Labour’s HQ of members suspected of being Corbyn supporters. Thousands were suspended and barred from voting.
My own experiences are an example. In March 2016 I was informed by letter that I had been suspended ‘for remarks you are alleged to have made.’ No further detail was provided and despite repeated emails to the Compliance Unit no details were forthcoming.
Daily Telegraph correction

Times correction

Original Times article as leaked by Sam Matthews

On April 2nd I found out that I had been suspended as part of the fake anti-Semitism witchhunt when the Telegraph and The Times printed stories detailing my crimes.[22] I had compared Israel’s marriage laws to the Nazi Nuremburg Laws and said that Israel was waiting for the Holocaust victims to die so that it could save money! If I was anti-Semitic then so was Hannah Arendt, a refugee from Nazi Germany. Likewise Ha’aretz which published Israel Is Waiting for Its Holocaust Survivors to Die was also anti-Semitic! [23]
John Ware - the Islamaphobe that the BBC chose to present their hatchet job on Labour 'antisemitism'
John Ware – using a racist to report on racism
If ever there was a reporter unfit to present a documentary on racism then it is John Ware. Ware is an Islamaphobe and an all round reactionary.
Arzu Merali’s documents how Ware's 2005 "A Question of Leadership" attracted over 600 complaints in just its first week after being broadcast protesting about its hostile and one-sided nature.[24]
One senior ex-Panorama journalist described the programme as "the most disgusting Panorama that I have ever seen. The presenter was acting like a prosecuting attorney, not a journalist." The Guardian's Madeleine Bunting called the documentary, which dubbed all Muslims as ‘extremist’, "McCarthyite".[25]
Ware doesn’t so much investigate as substitute his own prejudices for what is normally called reporting. Ken Livingstone’s description of Hitler having supported Zionism was termed a ‘cranky’ version of history. Since when is it a presenter’s job to pass judgement on a particular view of history.
One wonders what John Ware would call the memo that the German Zionist Federation sent unsolicited, on 21st June 1933, to Hitler.  It can be found in Lucy Dawidowicz’s Holocaust Reader:
On the foundation of the new state, which has established the principle of race... fruitful activity for the fatherland is possible. Our acknowledgement of Jewish nationality provides for a clear and sincere relationship to the German people and its national and racial realities....’ 

Zionist historian, David Cesarani, wrote in The Final Solution (p.96);
The efforts of the Gestapo are oriented to promoting Zionism as much as possible and lending support to its efforts to promote emigration.’
Maybe Cesarani was also a ‘crank’. Or perhaps the crank is Ware? Ware is a relic of the days of Empire and the belief that we have to civilise the natives. He wrote of his
horror... that some migrants to this country had brought with them a lot more than just their possessions’. They didn’t understand democracy and dissent.[26]
One can only wonder at where they may have got it from! Britain’s former colonies were not a model of democracy.
Racism oozes out of everything Ware writes. He describes Islam as an ‘ideology’ which is the argument of Tommy Robinson and the far-Right. Since we are told by the Chief Rabbi that Judaism and Zionism are intertwined does not the same apply to Judaism?[27]
Ware writes of Western civilisation being ‘based on Christianity, which enshrines individualism and freedom.’ One can only wonder whether the victims of Torquemada would have agreed. Perhaps Martin Luther’s fulmination that ‘the Jews are our misfortune’ is part of Ware’s civilisation? [28]  Julius Streicher, emblazoned it on the masthead of the Nazi paper Der Sturmer.
Ware is of the opinion that the alternative to British values is a diffuse mush with nothing particularly special to defend at all.’ Islamaphobia is just ‘powerful ammunition’ for discrediting Prevent. But it is in the final paragraph that we understand the Ware’s motivation when he lambasts the Tory party who
‘risk(s) letting in a Labour leader whose entire political career has been stimulated by disdain for the West, appeasement of extremism, and who would barely understand what fighting for the revival of British values is really all about.’
This is the man who the BBC believed was the most suitable person to present a programme on ‘Labour anti-Semitism’. The Muslim Council of Britain got it right when they described Ware as ‘an agenda-driven pro-Israeli polemicist.[29]
Writing in the Jewish Chronicle Ware demonstrated that not only is he an expert on Islam but he is also well briefed on Zionism. He opined that any suggestion that ethnic cleansing was a principle war aim by the Jews in 1948 ... is highly contested. The Jews had accepted the UN partition plan. The Arabs had not.’ After all ‘The Arabs’ war aim was the destruction of the Jews’ emergent state fuelled by a religious Jihad. Survival was the Jews’ war aim.’ [30]
You will note that Ware is incapable of making any distinction between Zionists, Israelis and Jews. Ware is clearly unaware of the New Israeli Historians such as Benny Morris or Ilan Pape otherwise he would not have written such junk.
In the same article Ware makes his own views crystal clear.
So deeply into Labour’s Left has anti-Zionism morphed into antisemitism (sic) — itself a Corbyn legacy — that Jewish Labour members are avoiding meetings. 
When Ware embarked on the Panorama programme his mind had long been made up. Even New Labour’s David Blunkett castigated Panorama’s The Asylum Game and Ware, for having ‘repeated unchallenged the claims of "the rightwing anti-immigration pressure group, Migration Watch". [31]
In another article for the Jewish Chronicle Ware defends the notorious Islamaphobe Douglas Murray, Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society[32] and on the board of the far-Right Gatestone Institute. Gaby Hinsliffe in a Review of Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe described how ‘The rightwing journalist and commentator cites Enoch Powell and wants to protect white Christian Europe from ‘outsiders.[33]
Murray wrote that he considered the term “Islamophobia” to be ‘a meaningless idea – a crock.” Ware also explained the difference between anti-Semitism and what he termed ‘(authentic) Islamophobia’. ‘The former is entirely irrational, the latter reactive.’ Ware blames Muslim radicals ‘who have brought it on their fellow Muslims — by their promotion of Islam as a political ideology’.
What is surprising is that if the BBC and Panorama were seriously interested in racism in British political parties, and the same goes for the Equalities and Human Rights Council, then there is plenty of scope for a programme about the Tory Party. More than half of Conservative members questioned for a new poll believe Islam is a threat to British life.[34]
Socialist Worker give as an example of how, in 1987, Ware tried to discredit former army intelligence officer Colin Wallace on Panorama. Wallace had exposed a “dirty tricks” campaign against Labour prime minister Howard Wilson. He was part of a Black Propaganda, Psy Ops unit in Northern Ireland.[35]
‘Ware claimed Wallace was a fantasist. But as investigative journalist Paul Foot wrote, Ware’s own report was riddled with obvious errors.’ [36]
In 2015 Ware produced a precursor to the present Panorama on Corbyn’s first leadership campaign that claimed that ‘a Corbyn victory would lead to left wing “thuggery and intimidation”.
Ware produced a number of films attacking Muslims and Palestinians. One suggested that Palestinian charity Interpal funded terrorism. Others have targeted the Muslim Council of Britain and Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend). Interpal has recently successfully sued the Daily Mail and recovered £120,000 for alleging it funds terrorism.[37] Ware’s recent attacks on Mend accuse it of antisemitism due to its members’ criticisms of Israel.
As Robin Ramsay of The Lobster explained Colin Wallace, who was framed for the murder of a man in Arundel (and later cleared) was subject to a concerted attempt at discrediting him. He was portrayed as a fantasist. But for Paul Foot’s investigation this would have stuck.
Special Effects

One of the most curious aspects of Panorama was how anyone on Corbyn’s side, the enemy, appeared not as themselves, but with vertical lines or a grid effect superimposed on them. The effect was to make Corbyn and others appear as aliens, disembodied, not really human. This wasn’t done with members of the JLM or members of staff, just people like Ken Livingstone or Jackie Walker. This kind of cheap and tawdry special effects is symptomatic. The aim was clearly to introduce the subliminal message that they are the enemy.
John Ware and the Edited Email.
In my view, Corbyn should have interfered far more often with the work of the witchhunters. It is the right of Corbyn to interfere with the attempts of Labour’s Blairite staff to use ‘anti-Semitism’ as a means of suspending or expelling socialists.
However given that Corbyn denies having done any such thing, one can only marvel at how Panorama and Ware edited one such email to give a completely erroneous impression.[38] According to Ware an email from Seamus Milne to Labour staff read:
something’s going wrong, and we’re muddling up political disputes with racism… I think going forward we need to review where and how we’re drawing the line.
In fact Milne was responding to a request from a former Labour staff member for a view on a complaint. Milne wrote, having identified the subject of the complaint, Glyn Secker, as a “Jewish activist, the son of Holocaust survivor
if we’re more than very occasionally using disciplinary action against Jewish members for anti-Semitism, something’s going wrong and we’re muddling up political disputes with racism.
The sheer level of Ware’s dishonesty is staggering. The BBC is responding to the sheer volume of complaints with a standard response. It is important that people do not accept this and continue.
A lot has also been written by other people on Panorama:

With Panorama's hatchet job on Labour antisemitism, BBC has become pro-Tory media, Jonathan Cook Middle East Eye 11.7.19.

1. Last night, the BBC edited a Labour email and broadcast the hit job to millions, James Wright, The Canary, 11 July 2019
On the doctoring of a Labour email to show Seamus Milne and Labour in a bad light.
Someone has it in for Corbyn and is given free range to express his hatred on MSM.
“The most interesting thing about the program was that despite the resources that had clearly been poured into its production, not a single concrete example of the egregious and ubiquitous antisemitism it alleges was actually  produced and examined.”
5. Sticky Fingers: JLM’s Panorama Playbook?, Jay Blackwood, Jewish Dissident, 12 July 2019
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Investigator Ben Westerman claimed he had been asked  if he came from Israel and implied  this was antisemitic. He hadn’t – he was asked what Labour party branch he came from…

Who is John Ware? See various articles in The Lobster over the years from the nineties onwards.

Jeremy Corbyn is Attacked Because He is Anti-Capitalist, not Anti-Semitic, Tommy Sheridan

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