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Marina Hyde’s Attack on Chris Williamson is an Example of the Guardian’s Slow Witted Viciousness

The Guardian Reserves its Venom for an anti-racist MP but has nothing to say about a Labour MP to whom the BNP once sent a bunch of flowers
Just what is the purpose of a journalistic permafilla like Marina Hyde?
There was a time when people would argue as to who was the best journalist on the Guardian – Jonathan Steele, John Palmer or perhaps David Hirst. Even its right-wing journalists such as Hugo Young were serious intellectuals.

Today you have abusive lightweights such as Marina Hyde who not only lack the ability to write a coherent article but seem to think that their puerile and remarkably unfunny ‘jokes’ are an example of their talent
Even Boris Johnson of 'piccaninies' with 'water melon smiles' is concerned about 'antisemitism'
It’s not just Marina Hyde.  There’s Suzanna Moore, Gaby Hinscliffe, the pretentious Rafael Behr’s and that’s just for starters. Even Jonathan Freedland’s trademark is a studied exercise in journalistic dishonesty and duplicity.  Someday someone will write a  on the decline of a once great British newspaper.
Marina Hyde’s latest effort is a piece of heavy laboured humour. ‘Of all the hills to die on why on earth has Labour chosen Chris Williamson.’ Of course Chris Williamson isn’t a hill  and Marina Hyde is not a valley or even a plateau.  If this military metaphor was intended to be humorous then like most of what passes for her journalism, it fell at the first hurdle.
Unfortunately Marina Hyde has no trace of Dr Jekyll about her
The real question is why, of all the MPs in the Labour Party or indeed Parliament, the female counterpart of Dr Jekyll’s Mr Hyde chose to attack one of the few consistently anti-racist MPs.
Hyde could have chosen Margaret Hodge, who once advocated a policy of only housing White families in Barking. So pleased were the BNP that she had adopted their policies that they sent her a bunch of flowers!
Margaret Hodge is the former leader of Islington Council who covered up child abuse at the Council’s children’s homes. When challenged she points to her relatives who died in the Holocaust, as if she is somehow unique amongst Jews in this respect.

Or she could have targeted Tom Watson, the barrel of lard who confessed to losing sleep over ‘poor Phil’ the racist Labour MP who was removed by the High Court for various electoral offences such as lying about his Lib Dem opponents.
In a blatantly Islamaphobic campaign ‘poor Phil’ stated that his opponents supported Islamic terrorism.  An email from his agent was uncovered which talked about ‘making the white folks angry’.
Watson himself is no slouch when it comes to dog whistle politics.  Watson was campaign chair for Labour in the Birmingham Hodge Hill by-election in July 2004. The campaign drew criticism for its dirty tactics, particularly a Labour leaflet proclaiming "Labour is on your side – the Lib Dems are on the side of failed asylum seekers",
Travellers are listed, alongside Rubbish and Alcohol as a  potential menace
Or then again Mr Hyde could have used her hobnail boots to good effect against John Mann who issued the Bassetlaw Anti-social Behaviour Handbook which described Gypsies and Travellers as examples of anti-social behaviour, alongside fireworks, alcohol, rubbish and neighbours from hell. A whole ethnic group was listed as an example of anti-social behaviour which is what the Nazis did with Gypsies. 
After complaints Mann was interviewed by Police but the Guardian’s Mr Hyde ignored the very real racism of the Labour Right in favour of fake ‘anti-Semitism’.  Far better to put the boot into Chris Williamson than into a genuine racist.
This journalistic trollope could have deployed her bile and venom against Louise Ellman who used two parliamentary debates on Palestinian children, on 6th January 2016 and 7th February 2018, to defend Israel’s treatment of children, Palestinian of course, not Jewish. Jewish children are subject to Israeli civil not military law.
Minor matters such as kidnapping children as young as 12 in the early hours of the morning, dragging them from their beds, blindfolding them, beating them, holding them in cold cells without access to clean water, toilets or food, refusing them access to their parents or lawyers, told to sign confessions in a language they don’t even understand. All of this passes unnoticed by the Guardian’s pet pirhana of a ‘journalist’.

The concern of the Right for 'antisemitism' is in strange contrast to their attitude to other forms of racism
Being a gormless slow witted thug masquerading as a ‘journalist’ Marina Hyde chose to emulate her namesake rather than Dr Jekyll.  Instead of attacking a Zionist MP who defends the indefensible she chose instead to attack one of the few consistently anti-racist and anti-Zionist MPs.
Marina Hyde is herself a walking, talking metaphor for the Guardian.  A bully in print, a savant without an ounce of wit using a pen dripping with bile.  She prefers butchery to surgery and the result can be seen in an indigestible article full of animus and in humour.
Below is a letter which I sent to the Guardian.  It was not, of course, published.  Guardian Letters, which used to be one of the few areas of free speech left on the Guardian has succumbed to Freedland’s baleful influence.
Tony Greenstein

Letters Editor
Kings Place,
90 York Way
London N1 9GU 

Dear Sir/Madam,
The cynicism and slow-witted viciousness of Marina Hyde’s attack on Chris Williamson is nothing more than would expect these days. In her normally snide asides Hyde asks ‘“HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO DEFEND CHRIS WILLIAMSON?” [Of all the hills to die on, why on earth has Labour chosen Chris Williamson? Guardian 28th June]
Can I suggest that most Labour Party members, including its Jewish members, would go quite a long way? The fact that 118 Labour MP’s and peers chose to sign a letter demanding Williamson’s resuspension was all the more reason to resist the very political interference in the disciplinary process that they purported to deplore.
Contrary to the assumption in her remarkably unfunny column Chris Williamson is one of the few consistent supporters of the Palestinians and anti-racists  in the Parliamentary Labour Party. 
The letter was headed by Deputy Leader Tom Watson. The same Tom Watson who, in 2011 defended Phil Woolas who was removed as a Labour MP by the High Court  for lying about his opponent, in the course of a campaign based around ‘making the white folk angry.’  Tom Watson is on record as having said that he had lost sleep thinking about ‘poor Phil’
The idea that Tom Watson or any of the other  signatories were motivated by anti-racism or opposition to anti-Semitism is risible.  The real agenda was getting rid of Jeremy Corbyn and once again Corbyn has demonstrated his weakness when standing up to these bullies.
Yours etc.,

Tony Greenstein

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