24 January 2018

LAW Lobby of Southside Rocks Labour’s NEC - Lansman Scuttles Inside!!

No to the Witchhunt, No to Expulsions, Lift the Suspensions, Implement Chakrabarti 

Having the JLM in charge of ‘anti-racist’ training is like having the Yorkshire Ripper running a Woman’s Refuge

Today was the first meeting of Labour’s NEC after the election of 3 Momentum candidates last week. Labour’s NEC now has a decisive pro-Corbyn majority for the first time.  It is this that has prompted the frantic efforts of perjurer-in-chief, Jeremy Newmark of the Jewish Labour Movement [JLM], which is the ‘sister party’ of the racist Israeli Labour Party [ILP],  to restart the witchhunt.

A large number of people, over 40, including 3 of those suspended – Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth and Tony Greenstein turned out to say no to a witchhunt which is a Sword of Damocles directed at the Corbyn leadership. 

People chanted End the Witchhunt, No Suspensions- Implement Chakrabarti and Disaffiliate the Racist JLM.  We also called for the sacking of Crooked McNicol, Labour’s General Secretary.
Marcus Dysch - the Jewish Chronicle's Political Editor describes the pressure exerted by the JLM to restart the witch hunt - the Left on the NEC would be stupid to accede
It is outrageous that the JLM – which is only open to racist Jews and supporters of Zionism and the ILP – should be lobbying for the witchhunt of Black and Jewish anti-racists.  Perhaps Labour’s General Secretary, Crooked McNicol would like to invite the British National Party and the EDL to provide him with lists of who to expel? 
The Zionist Poale Zion (JLM) is Desperate to Restart the 'Anti-semitism' Witchhunt - It is a weapon aimed at the Left and Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn - They have already started attacking the new NEC member Yasmin Dar 

Having supporters of the world’s only Apartheid state dictating who to expel is grotesque.

The ILP is today supporting the forcible deportation of African Asylum Seekers from Israel because they are not Jewish.  This Jewish supremacist racist party is effectively leading the witch hunt of socialists in the Labour Party via its British wing with the active support of the tabloid press.
The loudmouth racist MP for Bassetlaw, John Mann’s response to today’s picket was to accuse Jackie Walker of ‘fantasy’ over her claims that Israel is behind her suspension.  According to the Jewish ChronicleLabour’s John Mann accused Ms Walker of pushing “tropes” by suggesting she was the target of a campaign from the Jewish state.’  Everything Zionists don’t like these days is a ‘trope’.  Tropes for dopes!
Rent a mouth John Mann MP denies the reality of Israeli Embassy involvement in the witch-hunt - naturally he would say that wouldn't he?
Idiot MP John Mann continued:

“That’s fantasy conspiracies, and that’s part of the problem – some people look for alleged conspiracies when in fact they should be looking at themselves and their behaviour.  “Provide us with the evidence - that’s a very, very serious allegation to me.
Two more witches for McNicol
The evidence is there is the Al Jazeera programmes The Lobby which showed the Chair of Labour Friends of Israel, Joan Ryan literally manufacture a false allegation of anti-Semitism against Jean Fitzpatrick a Labour Party delegate.  It showed Jeremy Newmark sitting side by side with Israeli Ambassador, Mark Regev and the Israeli operative who was engaged in dirty tricks, Shai Masot.  It also showed Joan Ryan MP accept a donation of over £1m from the Israeli state.  Perhaps they should tell us what they spent this slush money on?

The very fact that the Jewish Labour Movement, which is an extension of the ILP is exerting pressure for Jackie’s expulsion is proof itself of the Israeli connection.  This is no fantasy or conspiracy – it is a fact that Mann cannot face up to. 
The only person to turn up to support Jeremy Newmark was Britain First's 'Intelligence' Officer Paul Besser - quite remarkably he is even more stupid than he looks - not understanding why we were there he professed to believe in freedom of speech (but not for anti-racists) - rumours of an application to join the JLM (he's a Jewish Nazi) are unfounded
Paul Besser playing 'follow my leader' with Jayda Fransen - Deputy Fuhrer of Britain First
And who should turn up to support the witchhunt but the former (?) ‘Intelligence’ Officer of the neo-Nazi Britain First group, Paul Besser.  Besser was last seen picketing the Palestine Expo 2017 in company with Jonathan Hoffman and other Zionists.

After confronting him and telling him where to go he did indeed depart with his tail between his legs.  But the fact that a neo-Nazi turned up to support the JLM’s witch hunt of socialists and anti-racists is proof enough of how rotten is the attempt to expel Black and Jewish anti-racists from the Labour Party.

And to cap it all, despite the recommendations of the Chakrabarti Report against anti-racism training who is today conducting ‘training’ on anti-Semitism?  Why the Jewish Labour Movement!  It is like having Nick Griffin of the British National Party giving a lecture on multi-culturalism or the Yorkshire Ripper put in charge of a woman’s refuge.
Jackie Walker, Chair of LAW and Debbie from Grassroots Black Left
The lobby/picket of the NEC was extremely lively and lasted for two hours.  This will be the first of a regular series of pickets of the NEC.

Most members of the NEC slunk in.  Jon Lansman in particular made a quick dash for the door.  The cowardice even of most of the ‘left’ NEC members is shameful.  With one or two exceptions, they did not feel able to discuss the reasons why we were there shows that they cannot justify their turning a blind eye whilst the racist JLM dictates the agenda.
The holy trinity - all the 3 witches - from left Marc Wadsworth, Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker
When I was suspended in 1982-3 from the Labour Party we had enormous support from the Left on the NEC.  The Left then, under Kinnock took a principled stance against the suspension of Brighton Labour Party (as happened again last year).  They leaked to us all the Reports and information of the then witch finder in chief, one Baroness Joyce Gould. 

The Left then on the NEC – Tony Benn, Joan Maynard, Dennis Skinner, Norman Atkinson – were giants compared to the pygmies of today.  Even though Corbyn has a left majority on the NEC politically it is weak.  It consists of people like Rhea Wolfson of the JLM, another of those who scuttled in and who has supported the witch hunting of Jackie Walker.
We will not allow the representatives of the world’s only Apartheid State to dictate who is and who is not a member of the Labour Party.  It would be like supporters of Apartheid 30 years ago dictating to the Labour Party.

The JLM is not a Jewish section of the Labour Party.  It is a representative of the most backward and racist Jewish members of the Labour Party.  The affiliation of the JLM is a relic of the days when the Labour Party supported the British Empire and believed that economic development of the Empire not decolonisation was the way forward.  The JLM or more accurately Poale Zion was affiliated to the Labour Party in 1920 when the Labour Party supported the arch-racist and anti-Semite Arthur J Balfour in his desire to see a ‘Jewish’ state established in Palestine.  Not until 1954 did the programme of the Movement for Colonial Freedom under Fenner Brockway become Labour Party policy. 

These were the days when the Labour Party believed that the economic development of the Empire was the best way to proceed rather than trusting their own inhabitants.  It reached the heights of exploitation under the Attlee government.

Jeremy Corbyn needs to develop a backbone and stand up to the racists and Zionists.  For 30 years Jeremy supported the Palestinians and called out Zionism.  The Zionists detest Corbyn and will do anything to remove him.  Appeasing  the Zionists and JLM is making a rod for his own back.  We have to help Jeremy Corbyn get rid of the racists in our midst. 
Stan Keable, LAW Secretary, who was auto-excluded from the Labour Party
It is no accident that the Sun, the Mail and the Express so wholeheartedly support the ‘anti-Semitism’ witch hunt.  If the racist Tory tabloids support the ‘anti-Semitism’ witch hunt then that in itself is a good reason why it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism.

Tony Greenstein

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