24 January 2018

This is Israeli Democracy in Action

Israel's  Arab Parties Ejected from the Knesset when US Vice President Pence Speaks
 Welcome to Israeli democracy.  When the 13 Arab members of the Joint List held up posters and placards as Trumps Vice Presidence Pence spoke, they were unceremoniously ejected.  Thus 20% of Israel's  population were removed at one go.  This is Israeli democracy in action.

As Ha'aretz noted, not one member of the opposition - be they Israeli Labour Party or Meretz stood with them or to protest.  This is the shocking racism of Zionisn


Removal of Arab Lawmakers During Pence's Speech: A Sad Moment for Israeli Democracy

The brutal removal of Arab MKs to the applause from the remaining lawmakers symbolizes the removal of 20 percent of the population living here from the circle of citizens

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