14 January 2018

A Comedy of Errors from the Jewish Chronicle – Marcus Dysch in Another Fine Mess

Jewish Chronicle Report of Labour Against the Witch-hunt takes Fake News to Trump Levels

Dysch is a Zionist clown who confuses Moshe Machover with me - but at least he got Jackie Walker right!  
The Jewish Chronicle under Stephen Pollard, a former editor of the Daily Express, has been the main vehicle spearheading the fake anti-semitism witch-hunt.  Pollard is a member of the cold-war Henry Jackson society.  He is a far-Right Zionist whose concern over anti-semitism is entirely cynical.  Pollard has no hesitation in supporting anti-Semites like the Polish MEP Michal Kaminski on the condition that they are supportive of the Israeli state.

Debate between Pollard and Freedland in which Pollard supports a far-Right anti-Semitic Polish MEP Michal Kaminski on the grounds that he is an ardent supporter of Israel - today over 90% of fascist and anti-Semitic parties support Zionism and hate Jews
Marcus Dysch is the Jewish Chronicle’s Political Editor and a devoted Zionist.  Dysch seems to have chosen the wrong career.  He would have been much better suited to creative writing and fiction than news, which requires at least a modicum of truth.  His latest effort is an article ‘Labour activists to picket party’s Jew-hate hearings.’ 

What I wondered was a ‘Jew-hate’ hearing.  Is it something Jackie Walker and me are expected to go to where members of Labour’s National Constitutional Committee can tell us how much they hate us?  Hardly seems worthwhile going to let alone picketing.  Maybe our placards should say ‘Jew haters out of the Compliance Unit, McNicol out of Southside’ (Labour Party HQ).
Dysch and Pollard
Laurel and Hardy
Compared to Dysch, the previous Political Editor of the JC, Martin Bright, was a paragon of virtue.  In line with editor Stephen Pollard’s determination to take the JC down market and at the same time reduce its readership to the bare minimum, Dysch has decided that he will take to inventing the news.

The two photographs accompanying his piece are headed ‘Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker’.  However the photographs themselves are those of Moshe Machover and Jackie Walker.  I guess having got one of them right Dysch will be perfectly happy .  After all 50% is better than nothing!
Or perhaps Dysch was subconsciously trying to pay me a compliment by confusing me with Professor Machover. 

Dysch alleges we are fighting charges of ‘Jew hatred.’  Not true we are challenging fake allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’ as defined by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance i.e. hatred of Zionism and Israel’s racist state.  Dysch however can’t even get the IHRA right.  He describes it as the International Holocaust Memorial Alliance. 
Marcus Dysch - not one of the great intellects in the Zionist firmament
The nice thing about the Jewish Chronicle is that it doesn’t pretend to be neutral.  The idea that there might be a Chinese wall between comment and news is quite a quaint concept at the JC.  Fact and fiction are mixed up with commentary with gay abandon.

Thus Dysch writes that Marc Wadsworth ‘was suspended from the party in July 2016 after verbally abusing Ruth Smeeth, a Jewish MP.’  No Mr Dysch, this is an allegation.  It is not yet proven.  Indeed film of the incident proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there was no abuse.  In most areas of the world you are innocent until proven guilty but at the house journal of Britain’s Zionists it is the opposite way round.  Dysch probably thought he was on the West Bank when he wrote the article and thought this was the same as Israeli style military justice where there is a 99.74% chance of being convicted.

But what is one lie amongst many?

Dysch also manages to get the date of my proposed hearing wrong, it was supposed to be the 26th not the 25th.  It is also untrue that I was suspended ‘for writing offensive blogs about Louise Ellman, another Jewish MP.’  The blog in question, Time to Deselect Louise Ellman MP for Liverpool Riverside and Tel Aviv North – Apologist for Israel's Occupation Forces was written on 20th June 2016 whereas I was suspended on March 18th 2016.  Predicting the future is not one of the things that Crooked McNicol’s Compliance Unit is best known for.
Join Labour Against the Witchhunt and help organise a meeting in your CLP against McNicol's attack on supporters of Palestine
It is also untrue that we debated whether saying the United States is ‘servile’ to Israel is anti-Semitic.  It was accepted by virtually everyone at the meeting bar Gerry Downing, who came up with the phrase and Ian Donovan that of course it was anti-Semitic and also ludicrous.

What Dysch goes to great lengths to avoid telling his readers though is that the first half of the meeting was devoted to telling a small anti-Semitic group, Socialist Fight, that they were unwelcome in Labour Against the Witchhunt.  The reason being that they confuse the number of rich Jews in America with the reasons for American foreign policy namely its support for Israel.  Socialist Fight aren’t ‘Jew haters’ but their politics are without doubt anti-Semitic.

Looking on the bright side however, it is true that Dysch not only got the day of the meeting right but also the fact that Jackie and myself chaired the meeting!  He also correctly reported that Moshe Machover had been elected as Honorary President of LAW.  In the circumstances Dysch should be given a medal for at least getting some things right!  I therefore thought it only right that I write a letter congratulating him on these things.

Tony Greenstein 
Marcus Dysch,
Political and Creative Writing Editor,
The Jewish Chronicle,
28 St. Albans Lane
London NW11 7QE

Dear Marcus,

Please allow me to congratulate you on your most recent article for the Jewish Chronicle, ‘Labour activists to picket party’s Jew-hate hearings.’  (12.1.18.).  It was, for you, a model of accuracy and perspicacity.

Not only did you get the date of the meeting of Labour Against the Witch-hunt correct but you also accurately reported the fact that Jackie Walker and myself chaired the meeting.  Indeed, you even managed to get right the fact that Moshe Machover was elected as Honorary President of LAW.
Unfortunately, from there on in it was all downhill. The caption to the photographs accompanying the article said ‘Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker’.  Unfortunately the photograph that was supposed to be me was in fact Moshe Machover.  I realise that compared to some of your howlers this was small beer but I thought I’d mention it all the same.

Similarly the Zionist IHRA definition of ‘anti-Semitism’ stands for International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (not International Holocaust Memorial Alliance). 

I know that you will think me churlish and pedantic but I was not suspended for ‘writing offensive blogs’ about Louise Ellman MP, the despicable supporter of the Israeli military’s child abuse. My blog Time to Deselect Louise Ellman MP for Liverpool Riverside and Tel Aviv North – Apologist for Israel's Occupation Forces was written on 20th June 2016 whereas I was suspended on March 18th 2016.  To the best of my recollection, June usually comes after March in the calendar year unless there is a new Zionist calendar. I am also told that she is the MP for Tel Aviv South not North (as well as the part-time MP for Liverpool Riverside).

I realise that you made your mind up long ago that we were all guilty but Marc Wadsworth was not suspended from the Labour Party ‘after verbally abusing’ the detestable Ruth Smeeth MP.  This was an allegation that Marc denies so any journalist worth his salt would have put the words ‘alleged’ before your phrase.  I realise that in Israel’s military courts you are guilty until proven innocent (and just 0.26% of the accused are found not guilty) but in Britain the burden of proof is still on the prosecution to prove guilt.

I also note your curious header ‘(Labour) party’s Jew-hate hearings.’ Does this mean that when Jackie and I attend our hearings people are going to tell us how much they hate us because we are Jewish? I realise that you find the concept of journalistic ethics somewhat alien but could I remind you that the allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’ against us are denied?

You also got the date of my hearing and that of Marc Wadsworth wrong, but what is one mistake amongst so many?

Gerry Downing was not excluded because his website carried ‘anti-Zionist conspiracy theories ‘.  He and Socialist Fight were excluded because they were anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.  Anti-Semitism, White Supremacy and White Zionism aka Richard Spencer we leave to you and your Zionist bedfellows.

Can I also remind you that Jackie Walker was not suspended for comments about Jews being the chief financiers of the slave trade?  I realise, following the teachings of a certain Mr Goebbels that the more often you repeat a lie the easier it is to believe it, but the fact that Jackie did not include one word in what was a private conversation does not mean she subscribes to the view that Jews were the main  financial sponsors of slavery. Jews, being White, played a significant part but they were by no means the only people involved in this deathly trade.  Jackie was suspended for being a Black Jewish anti-Zionist.

Apart from these minor errors of fact your article was a model of accuracy.  You were also right to say that Professor Moshe Machover was reinstated to the Party but wrong to say there were any ‘concerns’ about the article he wrote.  It was a model of historical accuracy.

I never thought the day would come when I would begin to miss your predecessor as Political Editor, Martin Bright.  I hope you won’t take offence at my suggestion but have you ever considered writing fiction?  Creative writing can, I am told, be very fulfilling, personally and career wise.  I suspect with your imagination you would be a best seller.

With kind regards

Tony Greenstein

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