Thursday, 18 August 2016

Zionist Sadism from the Most Moral Occupation in the World

Israeli soldiers attack sitting Palestinian youths with sound bomb

An Israeli land rover pulls up besides 4 Palestinians sitting quietly in the evening and out of the back is thrown a stun grenade.  Gratuitous violence that would be called ‘terrorism’ if it was committed by a Palestinian.  As it was videoed, quite accidentally, the Israeli army has promised an investigation.

I am willing to take bets that:

i.                    There will be  no  conviction, assuming there is even a prosecution

ii.                  No soldier will serve gaol time.  Excuses include the grenade accidentally rolling out of the back of the jeep.

Bear in mind that the explanation for why, in Operation Protective Edge in Gaza in summer 2014, four little children playing hide and seek were mowed down was that they were playing in a  Hamas naval station.  Hamas doesn’t have a navy station or a navy for that matter.  It was however, despite the state of the art optical equipment that Israeli pilots have, a ‘tragic accident’.  Tragic it certainly was, an  accident it certainly wasn’t. 

When the publicity dies down so will the desire to do anything at all.

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