Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Over 1,500 at Brighton Rally for Jeremy Corbyn

Labour's Crooked Civil Service Does Its Best to Fix the Result of Leadership Contest
Iain McNicol - Fixer-in-chief

Labour’s Civil Service under Crooked Iain McNicol Goes All Out to Prevent People Voting

Brighton meeting for Corbyn

Last year when Jeremy Corbyn stood about 200 people gathered in the Jury’s Inn Hotel by Brighton Station to listen to him speak.  This time a gigantic hall in the Metropole Hotel, which held up to 1,200 people heard him speak.  And another 500 gathered outside.  It was a truly amazing rally the likes of which hasn’t been seen in Brighton for decades.  There is no doubting the welling in support not only in the Labour movement but amongst many ordinary people for Jeremy Corbyn.  It follows on the amazing scenes in Liverpool the previous day when so many people came to hear Corbyn, up to 10,000, that the Police were forced to close roads in the Liverpool city centre.   
Labour's crooked fixer-in-chief General Secretary Iain McNicol
There were a number of warm up speakers in the main meeting in Brighton whilst Corbyn addressed a 500 strong crowd in nearby Regency Square who couldn’t get in.  Corbyn addressed the crowd from an FBU engine.  A local commuter, a Labour candidate in the local elections, Poppy Birt – a single mum in Momentum all spoke.  The meeting was Chaired by Sara Pickett, a UNISON activist in the local Trades Council and also Momentum.  Local councillor Kevin Allen, who is the sole Corbyn supporter in a New Labour Council.
Whilst Corbyn is speaking to monster meetings, Owen Smith is addressing one man and his dog
I bumped into Corbyn before the meeting and we exchanged a few words.  He said he knew about my suspension but I didn’t press him about it!  What is clear from today’s article in Huffington Post is that one of the most pressing tasks is to get a grip on the Labour bureaucracy after he wins.
According to the article [Up To 50,000 ‘Registered Supporter’ Applicants In Labour Leadership Election Set To Be Rejected] the Labour bureaucracy is working overtime to reduce the number of registered supporters entitled to vote.  Working from an out of date electoral register they are looking to exclude people for any excuse they can find - because they are not on the electoral register or they have supported or stood for parties standing against Labour in previous elections or their cheques have bounced. 
This is outrageous.  New Labour actively welcomed Tories coming over to Labour.  It welcomed people from the SDP who had stabbed Labour in the back in the 1980’s.  It has welcomed people from UKIP but it seeks to purge anyone who has supported a party or group to the left of Labour.
It is incumbent on Corbyn and the narrow left majority on the National Executive Committee to stop McNicol in his tracks and to order him not to try and gerrymander the result.  If Ann Black, who single handedly suspended Brighton Labour Party on the basis of false and lying accusations, doesn’t vote to reign in the bureaucracy it must be the last time the Left ever supports her. 
Corbyn address an overflow meeting of 500 in nearby Regency Square
Corbyn addresses large overflow crowd
Once again there may be a need for more crowd funding for a legal action to stop McNicol in his tracks.  And the first thing Corbyn should do when he wins is to send McNicol packing along with Stollard and the rest of the ‘Compliance’ Unit.

Tony Greenstein 

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