Saturday, 20 August 2016

Palestine Flag Flies Over Celtic Game Last Night

Racist UEFA Threaten  Punishment for Flying ‘illicit banner’

It was a wonderful display of solidarity by Celtic fans last night when hundreds of Palestinian flags were flown by fans in defiance of warnings by the Police and Club management.  They were displaying their anger that Celtic was playing the racist Hapoel Beer Sheva side from Israel.  Beer Sheva is in Israel’s Negev Desert where Bedouin villages are at this very moment being demolished to make way for Israeli towns.  Al Arakhib has been demolished over 100 times as it is an ‘unrecognised’ village.  Only Arab villages are ever unrecognised.

Support for the Palestinians by Zionists is seen as support for the Nazis - a classic form of self-projection - and then they tell us that it is 'anti-Semitic' to associate their crimes with the Nazis!
Celtic is a club where a large number of the followers are Irish Catholics and Republicans.  Just as the Loyalists in Northern Ireland identify with the Israelis, since Loyalism is based on Protestant Supremacy, so Republicans identify with the oppressed Palestinians.

The so-called Jewish Human Rights Watch (many Zionist groups use the term ‘watch’ i.e. SPY in their name), superimposed Swastikas on the photos and claimed that this is really what was intended for the ‘Jewish players; in the team and what they saw.  Of course JHRW has nothing to do with human rights, other than that they oppose them for anyone who isn’t Jewish.
This is the racist projection of Jewish neo-Nazis or, as the distinguished Israeli Jewish philosopher , chemist and religious scholar, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, called them Judeo-Nazis.  Just as Hitler demonised the Jews and consigned them to concentration camps, so the Jewish neo-Nazis of JHRW and similar groups wish to see the elimination of the Palestinians, physically and politically.  They thus characterise them as the equivalent of the  Nazis, thus providing a justification for whatever calamity befalls them.

Notice how the JHRW tweet states that ‘this is what you meant to say’ – which is aa form of self-projection.  Most Zionists see any form of Palestinian identity as a swastika.  Palestinians are not merely the reincarnation of the Nazis but they are seen by many Zionists, not least Prime Minister Netanyahu as the reincarnation of the Nazis.  [see Rewriting the Holocaust]
Note also how a protest against an Israeli team is portrayed as an attack on a Jewish team.  Israelis are assumed to be  Jewish  since Palestinian Israelis are confined to the margins of the self-declared Jewish State.  Israel’s football association tolerates a situation where clubs like Jerusalem’s Beitar have an explicit policy of not employing Arab Israeli players.  Again in another example of self-projection, racist Zionists have convinced themselves that everyone else divides the world up into races – them and us.
Enjoy the Zionists discomfiture at the expression of Palestinian identity – because one of the  key aspects of settler colonialism is the attempt to eradicate and destroy the identity of those they colonise.

Tony Greenstein

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