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If Iain McNicol was running a local authority election he’d have been arrested for Corrupt Electoral Practices

Trades Unionists are barred from voting but Lord Sainsbury who donated £2m to the Lib-Dems is welcome

Corbyn needs to call for the removal of Iain McNicol and all attempts to rig the LP election
Crooked Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party, has to go
Crooked McNicol tries to avoid responsibility for purge - his officials and staff are putting up names of people to compliant NEC members

Corbyn Must Now Call For the Removal of Iain McNicol
It was less than a week ago that I wrote, based on an article in The Telegraph that ‘Thousands to be expelled for anti-Semitism  We are now in the midst of a concerted witch hunt in the Labour Party, the likes we have never seen before.

Dianne Abbot condemns purge
Another suspended member of the Labour Party
Emergency Resolution from Bakers Union
Labour Party General Secretary, Iain McNicol, has taken upon himself the mantle, in conjunction with Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, to purge as many suspected Corbyn supporters as possible in an attempt to rig the leadership election.  Whether it succeeds is doubtful, what is not in doubt is that the Right are making strenuous efforts to bar anyone who they believe is a Corbyn supporter.
If McNicol was responsible for running a Parliamentary or Local election then he would be guilty of corrupt electoral practices and be liable to a prison sentence.  We should bombard the Electoral Reform Services with messages or ring 020 8365 8909  to complain about how what is happening is tantamount to fraud.
John McTernan, Political Adviser to Blair & Brown and lately adviser to Jim Murphy, who lost Labour 50 seats in Scotland, has not been suspended despite threatening opponent with physical violence
We have a unique situation where those who are holding the election are actively seeking to debar people from voting if they support one particular candidate.  McNicol’s Compliance Unit is actively seeking out social media posts and tweets and then banning people because they have mentioned or used words like ‘scum’ or ‘Blairite’. 
Active trade unions like Ron Draper, leader of the Bakers Union, have been debarred from voting.  John Dunne, an ex-Miner and Secretary of the Justice for Mineworkers Union has been suspended.  Hundreds of people up and down the country have been suspended or debarred as part of this witch hunt.  It is illustrative of the Right that the only way they think they can win is by stopping people vote.  That is the pathetic nature of Progress and people like Luke Akehurst.
Good trade unionists are now being purged to enable scum like arms salesman and Israel advocate Luke Akehurst to reclaim the Labour Party
Unfortunately a group of people on the National Executive Council, and it must be presumed that this includes Anne Black, the so-called grassroots left candidate, are actively collaborating in this witch hunt.
What is particular outrageous about the suspensions and purge is that the Right can get away with any amount of abuse without any action being taken against them.  Michael Foster, the Zionist millionaire who tried to stop Corbyn even being on the ballot paper, wrote an article in the former Hitler supporting Daily Mail accusing Corbyn and his followers are being SS Stormtroopers.  Despite such Holocaust comparisons apparently being outlawed following the Chakrabarti Inquiry no action has been taken against Foster.
Imagine an election where you are contacted by the town hall staff and asked why you want to vote
And despite anyone who ever supported another party being disbarred from voting, Lord Sainsbury, who donated £2m to the Lib Dems last year is being allowed to vote.  Strange that, but then again not very strange because non-socialists are always welcomed by Progress and their supporters.

It is welcome that John McDonell has condemend what is happening.  Following the suspension of Ronnie Draper he made a statement via Twitter suggesting a rigged purge of Corbyn’s supporters was under way:
A racist New Labour member not suspended

“The decision by Labour Party officials to suspend the Bakers’ Union leader Ronnie Draper from the party and deny him a vote in Labour’s leadership election over unidentified media posts is shocking, and appears to be part of a clear pattern of double standards.
Ron Draper General Secretary of  Bakers Union
“While Ronnie, a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, has been denied his say in Labour’s election no action is being taken over the Labour peer Lord Sainsbury, who has given more than £2m to support the Liberal Democrats.

“And no action has been taken against Michael Foster, the Labour Party member who abused Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters and staff as Nazi stormtroopers in the Daily Mail.

“Both will, as things stand, be able to vote in this election. Meanwhile thousands of other members and registered supporters are reported to have been denied a vote without being given an explanation or opportunity to challenge the decision or process.

“Labour Party members will not accept what appears to be a rigged purge of Jeremy Corbyn supporters. The conduct of this election must be fair and even-handed.

“I am writing to Labour’s General Secretary Iain McNicol to demand that members and supporters who are suspended or lose their voting rights are given clear information about why action has been taken and a timely opportunity to challenge the decision.

“In particular the specification of particular terms of abuse to exclude Labour Party members from voting should not be applied retrospectively.”
Ron Draper of the Bakers Union Suspended without any reason
Jeremy Corbyn has also expressed concern in what was a weak statement which said he was writing to Iain McNicol.   Corbyn spoke to Sky News and claimed to be very concerned that some people have been removed from the ability to vote in this election. That is not good enough.  Writing to McNicol is useless.  The NEC should be recalled and a proposal made to put an end to this nonsense and to suspend McNicol pending an investigation.
In the meantime don’t help the witch hunters.  Billy Casper has produced Purge-Proofing for Labour Supporters: A Handy Guide, do read it.

see also here where the Police were sent round by LP HQ to try and harrass a party member

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