5 May 2016

Who is Driving the ‘anti-Semitism Witch Hunt in the Labour Party?

The Jewish Labour Movement – British Branch of the Racist Israeli Labor PARTY
The Jewish Labour movement, led by serial liar Jeremy Newmark, is the British branch of the Israeli Labour Party.  The ILP has a racist track record second to none.  They were the government of Israel for the first 30 years.  In that time Israel’s Palestinian population spent the first 18 years under military rule.  All the institutions of apartheid, such as Jewish National Fund, were integrated into Israeli society as para state organisations in that period. 
Isaac Herzog - Racist leader of Israeli Labour Party
The Nakba, the expulsion of ¾ million Arabs in 1947/8, the massacre of thousands and the confiscation of most Arab land was carried out by Labour terror militias primarily – Hagannah and Palmach (shock troops) in particular.

The left Zionist  Mapam (now Meretz) party was no better.  The infamous massacre at Dawayima was carried out by these ‘Marxist’ Zionists:  “Their socialism did not extend to their non-Jewish fellow men.” Wrote David Hirst in his book ‘The Gun and the Olive Branch’ (p.25)
Jeremy Newmark - racist liar
In November 1948, Eliezer Peri, the editor of Mapam’s newspaper Al Hamishmar, received a letter describing a massacre at al-Dawayima.  Benny Morris estimates that there were ‘hundreds’ of dead. [Survival of the Fittest, Ha'aretz 8.1.04. http://www.haaretz.com/survival-of-the-fittest-1.61345 see also Welcome To al-Dawayima, District of Hebron]  Agriculture Minister, Aharon Cisling referred to a letter he had received about the atrocities from Eliezer Kaplan declaring: ‘I couldn’t sleep all night . . . This is something that determines the character of the nation . . . Jews too have committed Nazi acts.’ [The Birth of the Palestine Refugee Problem Revisited, p.488., Benny Morris, Cambridge University Press, 2004]  Cisling agreed that publicIy Israel must admit nothing; but the matter must be thoroughly investigated.  ‘The children they killed by breaking their heads with sticks.  There was not a house without dead’, wrote Kaplan, the Jewish Agency [JA] Treasurer and later Minister of Finance [Morris, p.470]
The Judgment of the Employment Tribunal in Fraser v University College Union re Newmark
The Political Committee was briefed on 11 November 1948 by the recently ousted Chief of Staff of the Haganah, Yisrael Galili, about the killing of civilians during Operations Yoav and Hiram. Aharon Cohen led a call for an independent inquiry. [Falsifying the Record: A Fresh Look at Zionist Documentation of 1948, Benny Morris Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 24, No. 3. (Spring, 1995), pp. 44-62]. The problem was that the commanders of these operations were senior Mapam members, Yitzhak Sadeh and Moshe Carmel.  Ben-Gurion however was opposed to any investigations of atrocities committed by the Israeli military. 

There is nothing that Likud has done that Labour didn’t do before them, nor have they changed.  Israeli Labour’s election campaigns have focussed on scaring Jewish voters that Netanyahu’s policies, of not allowing even the tiniest little Palestinian Bantustan will result in Israel becoming an Arab state (god forbid). 

Last week Isaac Herzog, Labour’s leader said that the ILP mustn’t be identified as an ‘Arab lovers’ party.  The term ‘Arab lover’ is a racist taunt flung by the Right.  Herzog is saying that he doesn’t want the ILP to be considered in such terms.  In Britain during the fight against fascist from the National Front and British National Party we were accused of being ‘nigger lovers’ and a previous generation were ‘Jew lovers’. 

The irony today is that the racists of the Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friends of Israel are driving the witch  hunt of Black and Asian members of the Party in particular.  Anyone who stands out against Zionism and Israeli Apartheid is liable for the chop.

It is a myth that the ILP bears any resemblance even to the pale pink European social democratic parties.  As Zeev Sternhell shows in his book The Founding Myths of Israel, the ILP or Mapai as it was, was always an anti-socialist party.  Mapai was formed in 1930 as a result of the merger of Hapoel Hatzair, an avowedly anti-socialist party whose creed was the  labour of the land and Poalei Zion, under David Ben-Gurion.  Although nominally socialist, it had in fact junked socialism years ago when it committed itself to Jewish Labour i.e. a boycott of Arab labour.  It levied a special sum from all of its members in order that a campaign was waged to picket out Arab labourers from Jewish employers.  The ‘union’ Histadrut which the Labour Zionist parties formed in 1920, saw class struggle in national terms.  In other words it was the Arabs, not Jewish employers, who were the class enemy.  Hence Histadrut was a Jewish only ‘union’.

Today the ILP is a shadow of its former self.  Apart from 2 governments, under Rabin and Barak and a shared administration of Peres and Shamir, the ILP has been out of power for 40 years.  Whereas in 1949 and subsequent elections, the Labour Zionist parties secured a majority of seats in the Knesset today they can muster less than a quarter.

But though diminished in size, their racism is stronger than ever.

Tony Greenstein

Opposition leader tells party activists that Yair Lapid is taking Labor's votes in opinion polls and Labor must prove they can change the status quo without abandoning security.

Opposition head MK Isaac Herzog said Tuesday in Ashkelon that in order to attract more voters there is a need to shake the feeling that Labor Party members are “Arab-lovers.

Herzog, the Labor Party chairman, was speaking at a toast for party activists in Ashkelon, where he discussed the changes in Israeli society and the need for the party to change in order to attract voters.

“It’s true – Lapid is taking votes from us today in the opinion polls,” Herzog said, referring to Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid. “Among other things, he is moving to the right of us in the national consciousness and that requires a discussion of what that says. After all, we won’t be right-wing, but what does it say? Where do we enter the hearts of the public, so they’ll believe that we have not only experience but the ability to change the situation in the country without abandoning security?”

Herzog said he finds a feeling “in endless encounters with the Israeli public that we are always Arab lovers. It’s complicated, but that’s part of the issue, that’s part of the challenge. We are a party that always knew how to be a ruling party.”

Herzog said one of the reasons that he had “put out feelers to see if it was possible to link Israel’s two large national movements into a political turnover” stemmed from the need for “a large Israeli center.” Herzog said that in his opinion the gap between him and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon is relatively small.

Herzog verbally attacked members of his party, saying that they do not appreciate the achievement of the party under his leadership in the last elections. “Since 1992 we haven’t had such great political power, 24 Knesset seats are a lot…So what do we get? Whining. Whining in the party and in the movement and MKs who hand us out grades all day long. Instead of saying ‘look what wonderful work our faction is doing’…”

As for the criminal investigation against him, Herzog said: “These are not easy days. I am completely calm. And I know that I have to go through this like any other citizen.” Herzog added, however, that the difference between him and an ordinary citizen is “that a citizen doesn’t get headlines, and when I go through it, it serves all kinds of factors and interests.”

Herzog leveled veiled criticism at Zionist Union members saying: “That is why a party should stand behind the leader, without blinking."

Herzog’s bureau responded: “We are not afraid to deal with problems that we discover about the public’s attitude toward the Labor Party and Zionist Union. One of the problems is the mistaken and dangerous feeling that they are trying to label us with that we take the needs of the Palestinians into consideration before those of the State of Israel and its citizens. This is clearly a mistaken feeling, but it increases in magnitude among groups that did not know us in the last elections and it’s important for us to reach them in the process of a deep and broad campaign that we are doing with our ‘expanding circles’ plan, the length and breadth of the State of Israel and the communities that live here.” 

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