13 May 2016

Irony of Ironies – Jewish Labour Movement Publishes Anti-Semitic Post

British Branch of Israeli Labour Party Forced to Censor its own anti-Semitism!
Jeremy Newmark’s Jewish Labour Movement has become very agitated of late.  It's because of all the publicity that Jews who are not Zionist have been getting.  What's even worse is that people have started to cotton on to the fact that the Zionists have been using anti-Semitism as a weapon against their political opponents rather than out of any concern for genuine Jewish anti-racism.
Now you see it
Now you don't
It is very disconcerting, indeed upsetting, for the Zionist led campaign about ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party to have 88 Jews write to the Guardian saying that the whole affair is got up and bogus.  See Labour, antisemitism and where Jeremy Corbyn goes from here and Anti-Zionism does not equate to antisemitism 
An early example of Zionist anti-Semitism from Herzl's Jewish State.  It talks about 'honest' anti-Semites and how the anti-Semites will be of such a great help to Zionism
We have always said that there is no anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.  But it appears we were wrong, True to form the Zionist JLM publishes an anti-Semitic post which states that ‘It appears that some of those signatories only identify as Jews for purposes of taking such contrary positions.”  

One of the letters that the JLM took such exception to
Now if anything is anti-Semitic then it is someone who denies that Jewish people are Jewish.  Yet this is exactly what JLM have done.  Of course at the time of Hitler, no such distinction was made but our Zios seem to think that they are the arbiters of who is and is not Jewish.  You can only be Jewish if you are a racist and a supporter of the Israeli state.  How much more anti-Semitic can you be than that?

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