Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Only Democracy in the Middle East? The Most Hateful State in the Middle East

Videos of Hate

Below is a selection of videos demonstrating just how democratic and peace loving Israel is the champion of racism and hate.  It is a world leader in racist hate mongering.  It is a side of Israel that the western press and politicians are keen to pretend doesn’t exist.  As I showed in my post When Nuremberg Came to Israel this racism isn’t merely a product of individual antagonisms but is sponsored at the highest levels of the state.

When the Education Ministry of a country can ban a book portraying a love affair between an Arab girl and a Jewish boy, then it is clear that it is the state which is responsible for the racism that is manifested in the thuggery that is in evidence on the streets of Jerusalem.  The opposition of the state to intermarriage and relationships between Arabs and Jews is the most primeval, biological form of race hatred.  It was expressed in the Nuremberg laws with their concept of Rassenchande (racial pollution) and the penalties of death for sexual relationships between a Jew man and a German woman.

It is always, whether in Nazi Germany or Zionist Israel the relationship between the woman of the herrenvolk (master race) that is criminalised.  In Germany Hitler forbade charging a Jewish  woman who had sex with a German man with the offence of  Rassenchande.  The whole concept involved in this racist supremacism is one of ownership of the woman by the man.  The slogan ‘Jewish girls for the Jewish people’ expresses this idea perfectly.  The role of the Jewish woman is to service the nation by producing pure Jewish children.  Arab blood is impure and defiles and poisons the purity of the race.

Tony Greenstein 

Kach Movement - Israeli Price Tagger

Knife Dance of the Hilltop Youth

Lehava׃ The Israeli Group Keeping Jewish⁄Arab Lovers Apart

Sex with Jewish girl costs Arab man 18 months in Israeli jail

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