Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Defend Ezra Nawi – an Israeli pacifist and Campaigner for Palestinian Rights

Palestinians in Bi’ilin march in support of

 a Jewish comrade

Ezra Nawi at Susiya village which the army intended to demolish
It comes to something when Palestinians take to the streets to demonstrate in favour of an Israeli Jew, but that is what has happened in the West Bank village of Bi’ilin.  But it demolishes the Zionist lie that Palestinian opposition to Israel is motivated by anti-Semitism rather than the conditions they live in.  Of course we and the less stupid Zionists know that already but it’s good to see such a convincing demonstration of this obvious truth.
Ezra Nawi outside court before being gaoled for resisting the demolition of a Palestinian village
Ezra Nawi who has already been gaoled on a trumped up charge of assaulting the Israeli military, has now been secretly arrested.  Israeli newspapers aren’t allowed under a ‘gag order’ (another nice democratic touch in the only democracy in the Middle East) to even mention his name.  He has been refused access to a lawyer which means that he is being subject to the tortures that Israel usually reserves for Palestinians.  It is claimed that he gave the names of Palestinians who secretly sold land to settlers to the Palestinian Preventive Security Police.  Even were this true then the answer is so what?  It is a crime to sell land to Israeli settlers.  It enables the settlement and dispossession of more Palestinians.  It was similar behaviour that allowed the Zionist colonisatory process to take root. 
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Tony Greenstein

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