Sunday, 10 January 2016

Arabs and Jews protest ‘book ban’ with a kiss

Video of Palestinians and Jews Kissing in Defiance of Ban on Borderlife in Schools
Borderlife - The book that Israel's Education Ministry banned
As I recently blogged in When Nuremberg came to Israel Israel’s Ministry of Education, under arch-racist Naftali Bennett, banned a book, Borderlife by Dorit Rabinyan,  about a romance between Jewish and Arab teenagers.  Because Israel is a state founded on the same principles of Nazi Germany, as epitomised in the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 which banned sexual relations between Jews and ‘Aryans’, it was felt necessary by  the Education Ministry to ban a book which might be seen to endorse romantic relationships across racial borders.  Over half of Israel’s Jewish population see intermarriage and sexual relations between Jews and Arabs as ‘national treason’.  Note that they see it in terms of loyalty to the state not as something that is religiously forbidden.
Dorit Rabinyan

Of course the publicity this has gathered is embarrassing to the Israeli state.  How do you explain in normal Western society that something that is taken for granted here is forbidden on racial grounds in Israel?  Imagine  banning a book depicting a romance between Black and White teenagers in Britain.  Only the British National Party and National Front would object.  But to those who have some knowledge of Israel, it is a well known fact that in Israel you can’t have a marriage between a Jew and an Arab, because there is  no civil marriage.  Civil marriage, which is the norm in all western society, is forbidden in Israel precisely in order to protect the Jewish gene pool.  When decisions like this are made then the nature of Israel as a racist state is revealed to the whole world, hence why it is reported that Arabs and Jews protest ‘book ban’ with a kiss that the decision is being looked at by the Attorney General.
The forbidden kiss

However a group of people have got together to make a video of kissing across racial lines.  No doubt Goebbels would have disapproved almost as strongly as Netanyahu.

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