12 October 2015

Zionist Rantings When Confronted in Debate Cover their Nakedness

The Zionist Inability to Do More than Shout ‘anti-Semitism’

Maybe it’s masochism.  However when the Zionists decided to hold a picket of the Palestinian Mission in London on Tuesday at 5 pm and set up a Facebook Events page I and a few others thought we’d join in.  Many are the accusations of ‘self-hater’ a thoroughly racist term which the Nazis used against anti-fascist Germans, which assumes that anyone Jewish must be a Zionist and a racist.  When I point this out to them they don’t respond but often repeat the same term.

For those interested the 'debate' is here (if they haven't taken it down!).
When I responded to their accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ with a short explanation of how Zionism has always collaborated with anti-Semitism they are stuck for a reply, so they do abuse instead.  They don't do it well, but that's all they've got.  
When accused of being anti-Semitic, a Nazi and much else, I just pointed to their own record during the Holocaust.  Their response?  They don't have one because not only are they ignorant of their own history but they can't find any explanation.  Hence the abuse.
Israel attempted to portray the above cartoon of Netanyahu, in the Sunday Times, by cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, as anti-Semitic.  It is difficult to understand what is anti-Semitic.  The truth?
It demonstrates just how difficult Zionists find it to defend what they do when pressed to move beyond their ritual cliches.   One thing one does get in surplus is the claim of the 2 or is 3,000 year right of Western Jews to Palestine.  And what is the basis?  The bible of course.  Living in a world of their own they believe that a distorted interpretation of a book of fables, because there is no archeological or scientific evidence that anything in the Bible actually happened, gives them the right to dispossess the indigenous Palestinian population.
And in that they share the same characteristics as their old White South African friends.  Which is why, when Apartheid ruled the roost, Israel and South Africa were the best of friends.
Below are some of the exchanges and an insight into the Zionist mentality.  Enjoy!

Tony Greenstein 
Zionists suggest that the above is anti-Semitic, however there were no objections when Nazi Germany itself struck a coin with the star of david on one side and the swastika on the other!

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