14 October 2015

Zionist Demonstration Outside Palestinian Mission - Vastly Outnumbered

Jews 4 Genocide Demonstrate with the Holocaust Denying English Defence League

Jews for Genocide aka the Zionist Federation called a demonstration yesterday alongside a few members of the English Defence League.  Below are some photographs of this pitiful lot.

Tony Greenstein

British Universities Palestine - Spearheading the Boycott

Fascists, racists, Zionists and holocaust deniers united

Jews 4 Genocide's Miserable Turnout

Jews 4 Justice for Palestinians

Strange that the racists don't quote e.g. Eli Dahan, Deputy Defence Minister as to how Arabs are 'animals' with a 'lesser soul than Jews, even homosexuals'

Jews 4 Genocide quote the hapless collaborator Abbas

Racists united

A confused  member of the master race

No Zionist demonstration these days is complete without a fascist banner

Praying to the god of vengeance

EDL and Zionists united

Bricup and Jews Against Zionism

Zionists demonstrating for the right to murder

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