10 October 2015

The Board of Deputies Invites Anti-Semitic Attacks on British Jews

The Board of Deputies of British Jews    told Jews to Stay Indoors when Sir Oswald Moseley's Fascists Marched - but it demonstrates in support of the Mass Killing of Palestinians

The Board of Deputies Attitude to Settler and Zionist Attacks on Palestinians
In Palestine, after a wave of settler attacks on Palestinians  from settlers and the army, and the violent invasion of the Al Aqsa mosque by settlers and soldiers, Palestinians have fought back with stones and knives. 
Jews demonstrating outside the Board of Deputies
The burning to death of 3 out of 4 members of the Dawabshe family in August, when settlers threw molotov cocktails inside the building and at all exits, to prevent any escape, triggered off what is now the largest uprising for years.
My contribution to the BOD page - for some reason it disappeared!  Zionists don't believe in free speech
In Gaza Israeli troops opened fire on Palestinians on the other side of the security fence killing 6 Palestinians.  The truth is that Palestinian lives are cheap to the Zionist warmongers.
The Board of Deputies of British Jews has decided to hold a demonstration next Tuesday 13th October at 5 Galena Road, W6 0LT London, United Kingdom.  .  They are asking British people to believe that Jews in Britain support the far-Right genocidal Israeli  government of Benjamin Netanyahu.  If this were true then Jews in Britain would indeed be legitimate targets for attack because they would be culpable and responsible for what is happening in Palestine.  Of course they are not responsible nor is there anything approaching unanimity in the Jewish community regarding Israeli violence against the Palestinians.
When the fascists marched in the Jewish East End the Board of Deputies told them to say at home
What the Board of Deputies are really doing is to invite anti-Semitic attacks on Jews which they can then blame on the Palestinians.  If there are such attacks then the primary responsibility is that of the Board of Deputies.

A number of Jewish groups will therefore be holding a counter-demonstration at the Palestinian mission in London and it may well be that other people  may wish to attend.

The Board is posting an events page at and it would be good if those with the rellevant technical abilities were to bombard the site with a denial of  service attack.

The Board of Deputies eagerness to support Israel’s genocidal attacks on Palestinians contrasts with its historic attitude to the British Union of Fascists when they told Jews, at the Battle of Cable Street in October 1936 to stay home and keep their heads down.  [see Bericht über die Schlachtin der Cable Street]  It is to be hoped that they will again be ignored.

I posted my own contribution to the Board’s Face Book page.  Suffice to say it was taken down, presumably there are some Jews that the Board don’t represent.  I kept a copy again and it’s now back up again – for the moment anyway!

Tony Greenstein 

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