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When Settlers are Killed – Israel’s Military/Police State Goes on Offensive – When Palestinian Dawabshe family is burnt alive nothing is done

At the end of August settlers, who were seen running off in the direction of the nearest settlement in Duma, set alight to the house of the Dawabshe family in Duma village.  Out of the four family members, just one – an infant – is till alive.  The parents and another child are dead.  Fires were lit at the entrance to the building to make sure that the family couldn’t escape.

What has been the response of the Israeli authorities?  Despite promises to detain and arrest the culprits, absolutely nothing.  Indeed theonly raids they carried out were on other family members of the Dawabshe’s.  

Moshe Yalon has admitted that the Israeli police, Shin Bet, know who is responsible.  He told a group of young Likud activists that he was ‘protecting sources’ and thus they couldn’t be arrested. 

Contrast this with those who killed the 2 settlers.  Hundreds of troops are sent to smash up Palestinian villages, shoot, beat and arrest any and everyone.  Houses are demolished and the full panapoly of Israeli state terrorism is employed.  But when it came to the Dawabshe family none of this happened.  There were no raids on the settlements.  There were no house demolitions.  No searches, no nothing.  After all Palestinian life is cheap.

True Netanyahu visited a hospital and made a few PR speeches about how much they condemn the attack on the Dawabshe family.  And then?  Nothing.

This is the reality of the Apartheid state of Israel.  Because the West Bank is a part of Israel today.   There is no Green Line, on Israeli maps it doesn’t exist.  It only appears outside Israel to ward off accusations that Israel is ruling in perpetuity over nearly 4 million Palestinians who have no democratic rights whatsoever.

It should be added that Israel’s accomplice is the Palestinian Authority.  It acts as Israel’s security contractor.  It does the dirty work and is rewarded with American and European aid.  It perpetuates the idea of a 2 State solution when no such solution is possible today, not that it ever was.  Its complicity in ‘the peace process’ helps maintain the Zionist camouflage that the present situation is a temporary one whereas the obvious truth is that it is   permanent.

Tony Greenstein
Palestinian protesters stand amid blazes of fire during clashes in the West Bank village of Burin on October 3, 2015.AFP

Less than a day after deadly attack in Jerusalem's Old City, Israel Defense Forces carry out numerous arrest operations.
By Amira Hass | Oct. 4, 2015 | 2:11 PM

Violent clashes broke out Sunday morning across the West Bank between Palestinian youths and Israeli security forces.

Israel's military deployed hundreds of troops in the West Bank following a drive-by shooting that killed a Jewish settler couple [AP]
Palestinians report that since the terrorist attacks in Jerusalem's Old City, in which Nehemia Lavie and Aharon Benita were killed and two were wounded, in addition to a separate attack that left a 15-year-old teen wounded, more than 100 Palestinians were wounded by gunfire and teargas in clashes with the army. Palestinians also report attacks by settlers. Demonstrators are protesting the Israel Police ban on non-resident Palestinians from entering the Old City. 
Zionist settlers, illegal colonists coming from all over the world to steal and occupy Palestinian land, armed with a green light to shoot and kill ...
The confrontations broke out at the Atara checkpoint north of Bir Zeit, at the Bayt Furik checkpoint, at the Al-Arub refugee camp between Bethlehem and Hebron, the Jalazun refugee camp north of Ramallah, and Jerusalem's Old City and Isawiyya neighborhood. The police have blocked entrance into Isawiyya, the home of Fadi Alon, who was shot to death by the police after moderately wounding a 15-year-old in Jerusalem's Musrara neighborhood.

Palestinians cast doubts on the Israeli report that Alon tried to stab a Jew. Based on a video that was distributed, they report that a group of Jews attacked him and called on the police to shoot him without reason.

Israeli soldiers patrol a street during an Israeli army raid in the West Bank City of  Nablus on Saturday.
(Photo: Reuters)

Before dawn on Sunday, a large military force broke into the Jenin refugee camp and surrounded the home of Qays a-Sa'adi, a member of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades. It remains unknown whether he was in the home when it was hit by a LAW missile and destroyed.

At least 18 Palestinians were wounded, some seriously, in clashes that erupted between the army and youths. Three were arrested. A special army force entered the Arab hospital and arrested one of the patients, Karm al-Masri, 23, hospital officials told the Ma'an news agency.

The youth was hospitalized two days ago because of a broken hand, according to the hospital. While dragging Masri through the building stairwell toward the outside, the soldiers broke hospital surveillance cameras, the hospital director reported.

Around 2 A.M., army forces entered the village of Surda, north of Ramallah, in which lives the family of the terrorist from Saturday night's Old City attack, 19-year-old Mohannad Hallabi. The troops entered from different directions, accompanied by gunfire. According to the report, Palestinian youths spread out in the village streets late in the evening to protect the Hallabi home.

The soldiers dispersed them with teargas, stun grenades and live fire. According to the report, armed Palestinians also shot at the soldiers, who arrived by foot and in military vehicles. The force entered the home, conducted a search, interrogated the father and confiscated some of the terrorist's effects. The family removed all the home's contents, expecting the army to demolish it, although it had yet to receive a demolition order.

A group of Palestinian youths danced Saturday night next to the house, praising Hallabi and his deed, while his parents stood on the side, shocked and mute.

There were clashes between Palestinian youths and soldiers next to the Jalazun refugee camp, northeast of Surda. Soldiers shot and damaged and Palestinian ambulance, according to a Palestinian report. Two volunteers accompanying the medical crew were wounded.

There were also clashes in the Hebron area. Palestinians reported that a firebomb was thrown at a military jeep in Halhul, and a homemade explosive device was thrown an army position in Bayt Umar. Soldiers fired teargas and sponge bullets at Palestinian demonstrators both there and in other Palestinian communities in the Hebron area.

Three days have passed since the murder of the Henkin couple, and Palestinians in the West Bank know they have to drive cautiously on main arteries. Some reported hearing warnings from Palestinian security representatives. Official Palestinian sources have been reporting attacks and provocations by settlers in villages and in the areas of Nablus, Hebron and Ramallah. 

Immediately after the Saturday night terror attack in Jerusalem, Israelis attacked Burin, south of Nablus, setting village fields and groves on fire, according to Palestinian reports. The Israelis reportedly descended from the settlements of Yizhar and Bracha.

Palestinian media also reported on Israeli citizens, most likely settlers, attacking and wounding a 65-year-old security guard in Yatta's Sheikh Park. Another group of Israelis damaged the car of a Palestinian doctor at Reef Junction, south of Hebron. Others attacked the Dana family home in Hebron, next to Kiryat Arba, and broke into the A-Salayma neighborhood.

The army on Sunday morning set up temporary checkpoints on roads across the West Bank, causing long delays for Palestinian drivers and passengers. According to a Voice of Palestine report, the road between North Ramallah and Nablus was closed during the morning hours because of gatherings of settlers on the roadside and clashes between Palestinian youths and soldiers.  Nablus on Saturday.
(Photo: Reuters)

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