21 October 2023

Israeli Lies About the Bombing of Al Ahli Hospital Unravelling as Al Jazeera and Channel 4 Investigations Expose Israeli Propaganda as Lies

 The Conversation Between 2 Hamas Members that Israel Posted are Fake & Digitally Manipulated – the Missile Came From the East not West

Al Jazeera Investigation in Israel's Bombing of the Al Ahli Hospital

Was the Gaza hospital attack caused by a failed rocket launch? | Bird’s Eye View

Channel 4 News tonight broadcast the first scientific analysis by Forensic Architecture based at London University that Israel’s ‘evidence’ that Islamic Jihad carried out the horrific bombing the Al-Ahli hospital is as genuine as a 9 bob note.

Israel's Crude Forgery of a Conversation Between 2 Hamas Operatives

Firstly the missile came from the opposite direction to that which Israel alleged – East not South West. Secondly that the ‘conversation’ between two Hamas operatives had been digitally manipulated and consisted of two separate conversations, clearly by two Israeli actors.

Now why should Israel do this if its conscience is clean? If in fact it was a misfiring by Islamic Jihad that caused the explosion that killed 500 people what possible reason is there to employ actors to narrate a fictional conversation?

The Missile that destroyed the Al Ahli Hospital came from the East not the South-West as Israel alleged

Of course the Americans and the BBC are eager to accept the Israeli denial that it deliberately targeted a hospital because they wish to portray the Israeli attack on Gaza as what they say it is, highly selective rather than it being an indiscriminate attack on the civilian population of Gaza. 

Why should Israel behave in this way? Because it has ordered Palestinians to vacate northern Gaza and therefore wanted all hospitals to close and not to shelter Palestinian civilians. This is genocide pure and simple.

Channel 4 Investigation of Attack on Al Hilwa Hospital

In a press conference, the Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem, Hosam Naoum, said the al-Ahli al-Arabi Baptist Hospital in Gaza was warned on Saturday, Sunday and Monday by the Israeli army to evacuate. It was then bombed on Tuesday. Clearly the Israelis were becoming impatient with the hospital still functioning and decided to take it out.

Three days before the fatal missile strike the hospital had already been hit. However it is understandable that Israel wants to reassure its gullible Zionist supporters abroad that it was not the culprit and sure enough the BBC and Sky News go to town on Israel’s lies, endorsed by the senile American President Biden and his puppet Sunak.

If there was any doubt about whether Israel has lied then the Al Jazeera investigation tonight lays that doubt to rest. There was only one rocket launched from Gaza that night and it was intercepted. The only party who could have launched the missile on the hospital was Israel and of course they know that.

It comes hot on the heels of Israel’s attack on the Greek Orthodox Church of St Porphyrius, the oldest church in Gaza, some 1600 years old. Once again Palestinian civilians were sheltering in the church assuming that although Israel bombs mosques without qualms it would draw the line at Christian churches.

The reality is that Israel has no red lines when it comes to attacking civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza – be it hospitals, schools, churches or mosques. These are multiple war crimes yet Biden, Sunak, Starmer et al. have no hesitation in backing Israel. We are led by war criminals.

Hotoveli – all Palestinians are Nazis and we should kill 600,000 of them

The cat however was let out of the bag by Israel’s far-right religious nut and Ambassador Tzipi Hotoveli who described all Palestinians as Nazis and compared what Israel was doing now to the British bombing of Dresden and Hamburg. She alleged that 600,000 were killed in those bombings and then used them to justify murdering a similar number of Palestinians.

Of course if we were to call the Zionists and Israelis Nazis that would be anti-Semitic but if the Zionists call Palestinians ‘Nazis’ then that is fine because the Holocaust narrative is Israeli property, to twist and distort as they will. Instead of being an object in why racism and fascism is a wrong, the Zionists use the Holocaust as a justification for whatever evils they perpetrate.

According to Hotoveli there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and in any case Palestinians are Nazis so who cares. There is no acknowledgment of the starvation siege of Gaza for 17 years or any admission of any culpability whatsoever.

Adam Keller, a veteran Israeli peace activist in an article on the Gush Shalom site, The Most Horrifying of Times - And What Can We Still Do? writes about how genocide is now an appropriate term to use about Israel’s actions. Keller describes how the word ‘extermination’ with all its resonance of Auschwitz has now entered the language of Israeli politics in the so-called liberal oasis of Tel Aviv.

This week Roy Sharon, a "respectable" radio and TV commentator on the main Israeli broadcasting corporation, spoke very explicitly of his desire to see “a million dead bodies in Gaza”.

And the streets of Tel Aviv are flooded with red stickers reading "Exterminate Gaza!". Not "Destroy!", not "Flatten!" – but clearly and explicitly "Exterminate Gaza!". "Le-Ha-Sh-Mid!" - "Exterminate!" Every Jewish Israeli knows from a young age exactly what this word means. ….

the idea of Genocide has now entered the public agenda in the State of Israel, and there is every justification to use this terrible word and to beat all the drums and raise all the possible alarms. ….

An invasion in which the army would invade and crush Gaza with all its might would most likely lead to the killing of the Israeli abductees, among all the many others who would be killed. This was expressed with characteristic bluntness and ruthlessness by the extreme right Minister Smotritz: "We need to be cruel, not to think too much of the captives". Negotiating with Hamas for a prisoner exchange deal is not compatible with a total war whose goal is to completely destroy Hamas. This was explicitly stated by Tzachi Hanegbi, head of Israel's National Security Council. The State of Israel has a choice between two courses that in practice rule out each other - either an effort to bring back the captives and abductees from Gaza, or a ground invasion that will multiply the killing and destruction already caused in the week of bombings.

None of this is broadcast by fake media outlets like the BBC and Sky. They are instead happy to buy into Israel’s lies, the BBC especially, because they are funded by the British government through the TV license.

Meanwhile in ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ there has been a crackdown on Arab citizens who express any sympathy with the people of Gaza.

NBC’s reported from Ashdod in Israel that one student is facing suspension for posting a picture on social media celebrating her sister’s engagement. Others have been targeted for expressing solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. All are suffering from what some schools and the Adalah egal advocacy group is calling an Israeli crackdown on free speech.

Police, schools and employers are targeting people for seemingly innocuous social media posts including quotes from the Quran according to Adi Mansour, a lawyer with Adalah — The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, told NBC News on Wednesday.

Mansour said Adalah has received at least 80 reports from students at colleges and universities of being suspended, expelled or even arrested for their online musings.

Some social media users threatened “to kill them, to rape them, threats to go to their house,” Mansour said. Others had been doxxed, meaning their personal information was posted online.

In a strongly worded letter to Israeli Education Minister Yoav Kisch on Wednesday, nine schools complained that they were coming under pressure to investigate their students and report their handling of the cases to The Council for Higher Education in Israel, which they said risked “creating an atmosphere of McCarthyism and mutual informing on every campus.”

Honestly, it’s terrifying what’s happening,” Mansour said.

Doxxing and disciplinary action

All of the students targeted identified themselves as being Palestinian or Arab. One student at Tel Aviv University, who asked not to be named because of security fears, said the addresses and pictures of homes of Arab students had been published on social media.

As I write Israel is continuing its bombing of Gaza with one aim. To ethnically cleanse Gaza of its Palestinians in order that Israeli Jews can ‘return’ and fulfil their messianic destiny. The least people can do is to attend the demonstration in London tomorrow, assemble 12 .00 at Marble Arch. Then go on to picket and lobby every MP until pressure is put on Israel to desist and for Britain not to supply weapons of murder to Israel’s killers.

ALSO:  Google censors have deleted my previous post Israel’s Denial That It Bombed Al Ahli Hospital Is As Credible As Its Denial That It Murdered Shireen Abu Akleh 

In an article How Google and Amazon help Israel sustain its apartheid Ramzy Baround describes how the words, “We are anonymous because we fear retaliation,” were part of a letter signed by 500 Google employees in October 2020, when they decried their company’s direct support for the Israeli government and military. In their letter, the signatories protested a $1.2 billion contract between Google, Amazon Web Services and Tel Aviv that provides cloud services for the Israeli military and government that allow

“for further surveillance of and unlawful data collection on Palestinians, and facilitates expansion of Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian land.”

Google gave no explanation for its decision other than that it breached its 'community guidelines' as if Google Censors have a community. However it has firmed up by decision to go on Substack where anonymous censors don't interfere with free expression.

However you can still access my article on my shadow blog, see

Israel’s Denial That It Bombed Al Ahli Hospital Is As Credible As Its Denial That It Murdered Shireen Abu Akleh

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