20 August 2018

The sad, sick racism of Zionism - Brighton’s Anti-War Memorial is defaced

Sussex Friends of Israel ‘prove’ that ‘there is no such thing as Palestine’ by chemically removing all mention of it!
It is unbelievable the lengths to which the racists of the Zionist movement will go to rewrite history - they even use powerful chemicals to help them!!
I have had a number of queries about my allegation that Sussex Friends of Israel are responsible for this outrage.  Let me explain.

i.  SFI is the main organisational vehicle of extreme racist Zionism in Brighton & Hove.  They have been mistaken in the past for supporters of the EDL.

ii.  They bear direct political responsibility and in my view organisational responsibility for what has happened.

iii.  I can remember arguing with many of their leading supporters, e.g. a bearded Christian fundamentalist called James who screamed at me that there were no Palestinians, just Arabs.  His argument was that there has never been a Palestinian state, it's all a fiction.  It doesn't take much of a leap from this kind of genocidal talk to erasing mention of Palestine from a war memorial.

iv.  There are no other culprits and if this were Israel then mere suspicion or even an algorithmic likelihood would  be enough for a Palestinian to be detained.

Tony Greenstein

One of the main characteristics of any settler-colonial society is the desire to destroy any trace of previous indigenous civilisations or societies.  When Zimbabwe was still called Rhodesia, the white colonists decried all mention of the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. When the Whites colonised South Africa they created the myth that the land had been empty before they arrived.  It was their presence which attracted Black people.  Likewise in Australia the settlers used the term ‘terra nullis’ (empty land).  Palestine was no different.  The ‘socialist’ Zionist settlers believed that Palestine was a ‘land without a people for a people without a land.’

Zionists hate the very name ‘Palestine’. The indigenous population are ‘Arabs’ not Palestinians. For Zionist supporters there is no such thing as Palestine.  One of the most oft-repeated questions they ask is ‘When was there a Palestinian state’?  Palestine is a recent invention they argue.
Of course this is very difficult to sustain given the name Palestine was in existence from Roman times.  Indeed the term goes back even further. Use of the term ‘Palestine’ dates from the 5th century BC.  Anyone who doubts this should read the article Timeline of the name "Palestine".
Sussex Friends of Israel supporters have no sense of respect for the soldiers who died in the Great War as it was called.  All that matters to their racist mentality is to erase all mention of the Palestinian presence.  That of course was the Nazi attitude to Jewish history - to destroy all traces of it
Brighton and Hove’s Zionists, congregated around Sussex Friends of Israel are a particularly racist neanderthal lot.  Containing as they do a large number of Christian fundamentalists they vehemently deny that there is any such things as the Palestinians.  In their time they even invited to address them one Mordechai Kedar, an ‘academic’ from Bar Ilan University and a Professor who advocated the use of rape as a weapon of war.  Because rape was so shaming in Palestinian society the mere threat of it would deter ‘terrorism’.  Kedar spoke at the local Jewish community hall, Ralli Hall.  Although the trustees of Ralli Hall were happy to have an advocate of rape address them they banned the Labour Party for 'antisemitism'.
It would however seem that in order to ‘prove’ that there is no such thing as Palestine one or more Zionist vandals took to using a chemical to erase the words Palestine on the local war memorial to the dead in World War One in Brighton's Old Steine. In 1917 in the First World War Britain captured, under General Allenby, the area known as Palestine.  For 30 years the British ran the Mandate of Palestine (not the Mandate of Israel!). There was even a Palestinian citizenship and many Zionists such as Shimon Peres became citizens of Palestine before they became citizens of Israel.  Even the Zionist paper, the Jerusalem Post, in the days before it became a right-wing rag under Conrad Black, was named Palestine Post.
If the Zionist vandal had consulted the programmatic pamphlet The Jewish State of Theodor Herzl, who was the founder of the Zionist movement, t s/he would have learnt that when he argued for a Jewish state Herzl was torn between forming  state in Argentina or Palestine.  The latter eventually won out.
You can see how old this statue is because it refers to Mesopotamia, present day Iraq.   But the Zionist vandals from Sussex Friends of Israel have no regard to history or facts - history is what they rewrite
However the act of vandalism is an important sign of the mentality of today’s Zionists.  They seriously believe that they can rewrite history by eradicating evidence that there always was a Palestine.  Pathetic as it is it is an important and useful demonstration of the mindset of Zionism, which in its determination to erase Palestinian existence is a genocidal movement as per the United Nations definition.

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