8 August 2018

Guardian Prints Jewish Anti-Zionist Letter - Those Behind the False Anti-Semitism Campaign SUPPORTED the 2014 Immigration Act that led to the Windrush Scandal

Jews are NOT an oppressed minority – Jews do not fear being deported

The printed version

The Internet version

Pete Willsman - dumped on by Lansman - Once again Momentum's dictator is allowed to get away with scabbing attacks on socialists
A letter from 15 Jewish people to the Guardian was printed today.  The Internet version was uncut whereas the printed version omitted the part relating to Tom Watson and the support of the Labour Right for the Tories racist 2014 Immigration Act.  An Act which led directly to the Windrush scandal.  The Internet Version also contained all 15 names whereas the printed version had only 11 names.
It is noticeable that those who are so concerned about ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party were the same racist scum – Chuka Ummuna, Wes Streeting, John Mann, Louise Ellman et al. – who supported the 2014 Immigration Act which introduced the ‘hostile environment policy’ which led to the Windrush Scandal wherein at least 70 Black citizens of this country were deported.
The Zionist dictator who heads up Momentum
Jews are WHITE and PRIVILEGED in this society. They do not experience anything other than a marginal prejudice despite the attempts of the Zionist Community Security Trust to talk up anti-Semitic attacks.
The letter is a welcome antidote to the nonsense that we hear everyday about the false anti-Semitism narrative.  When they go on about ‘fake news’ has there ever been a better example of it than the media’s Orwellian lie of Labour anti-Semitism?   The tragedy is that Corbyn, at the behest of his malevolent familiar, Jon Lansman, has bought into this nonsense.
I also understand, speaking of Zionist scum that Lansman only managed to remove Pete Willsman from the JC9 slate by a vote of 4-3 of the Momentum officer’s group.  The rest of Lansman’s National Co-ordinating Group weren’t even consulted!  That is where the democracy of Momentum has ended up.  The majority of the JC9 candidates however continue to support Willsman.
Tony Greenstein

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