9 February 2018

Jeremy Newmark accused of Theft and Embezzlement - Is this just more anti-Semitism?

From Perjury to Corruption – Newmark was an Ideal Representative of Zionism & the Jewish Labour Movement

According to the 'logic' employed by the Jewish Labour Movement in its hunt for anti-Semitism, since the Jew as a swindler or fraudster is an anti-Semitic stereotype (or trope as the Zionists love to say!) then since Jeremy Newmark is Jewish and the allegations are of fraud, he must be the victim of anti-Semitism!  It doesn't matter that they are true!

Well it couldn't have happened to a nicer man! The Audit Report the Jewish Chronicle obtained has shown, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Jeremy Newmark, Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement is as corrupt financially as he is politically. Back in March 2013 an Employment Tribunal Fraser v University College Union, when finding  that the UCU was not anti-Semitic when it adopted support for BDS, called Jeremy Newmark a liar, which in legal terms means a perjurer. The decision of the Employment Tribunal and Employment Judge Snelson was that:

‘we have rejected as untrue the evidence of Ms Ashworth and Mr Newmark concerning the incident at the 2008 Congress... Evidence given to us about booing, jeering and harassing of Jewish speakers at Congress debates was also false, as truthful witnesses on the Claimant’s side accepted. One painfully ill-judged example of playing to the gallery was Mr Newmark’s preposterous claim, in answer to the suggestion in cross-examination that he had attempted to push his way into the 2008 meeting, that a ‘pushy Jew’ stereotype was being applied to him.’ 
We got an inkling of today’s story in May last year when the Jewish Chronicle ran the story Jeremy Newmark in row over £3,000 taxi fares over taxi bills which Newmark ran up in Israel totalling £3000 which Newmark had tried to avoid, dating from 2013-14 .

Notwithstanding this, for the past two years, the Labour Party has treated Newmark as if he was God’s Vicar on Earth.  Only two weeks ago, in reaction to the victory of the Left in the National Executive elections and the replacement of Anne Black by Christian Shawcroft as Chair of Labour's Disputes Committee, Corbyn’s office met with Newmark to reassure him that those slated for expulsion as part of the anti-Semitism witch-hunt – Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth Ken Livingsone and myself – would be expelled.  
The internal audit 
It was a naked attempt to influence the outcome of pending disciplinary hearings.  Yet instead of sending this corrupt representative of the Israeli Labour Party away with a flea in his ear, Jeremy Corbyn quite disgracefully granted him an audience in order to put pressure on Labour's already prejudiced and grossly unfair disciplinary process.  This is despite the fact that the JLM has been unremittingly hostile to Corbyn, voting 92-4% in favour of Owen Smith in the 2016 leadership elections.  Unfortunately Corbyn felt he has to appease this creature.

The Jewish Chronicle scoop makes grim reading.  He was the antithesis of a socialist.  Newmark booked himself into VIP lounges at airports, drove a £46,000 hire car with his own personal number plate [CRO0K1] all at the expense of the Jewish Leadership Council whom he defrauded of thousands of pounds.  Despite this Seamus Milne advised that Corbyn lay down the red carpet.

The JLC under Newmark as CEO was a body consisting of the wealthiest members of the Jewish community in Britain – capitalists like Stanley Kalms, Micky Davies and Gerald Ronson.  It was also completely unaccountable and a pro-Israel 'charity'.
Newmark and his supporters at the General Election

Newmark is leader of the Labour group on Hertsmere Council.  As Labour candidate at the General Election he was only narrowly defeated in the Finchley and Golders Green constituency thanks to Jeremy Corbyn, despite his contempt for everything Corbyn stands for.  We were nearly landed with Jeremy Newmark MP.  The evidence against Newmark is damning: An internal audit showed that between 2006 and 203 Newmark defrauded the JLC of thousands of pounds.  Newmark:

* Billed thousands of pounds of “inappropriate” personal expenses to the JLC — including holidays in Israel and VIP transport for himself, his wife and their children

* Withdrew thousands of pounds of unaccounted for cash on JLC credit and debit cards while failing to provide receipts to justify this expenditure

* Leased a new BMW car worth £46,000, paid for by the JLC, to which he fixed his own personal number plate — and then attempted to have his wife insured on the vehicle

* Employed his wife’s fundraising and events consultancy firm, Secure Prospects, to run a JLC-backed educational project, paying the company more than £36,000 — in spite of concern expressed by the governors of two leading Jewish schools that the project was not being properly managed

* Misled communal charities, including the London Jewish Forum and Chabad, over the true cost of projects in an attempt to secure larger donations

* Attempted to cover up possible financial irregularities by blocking communication between the JLC and its auditors, after staff became suspicious about his conduct.
The Judgment of the London Central Employment Tribunal under Judge Snelson

The Audit Report suggested that Newmark showed “no adherence to JLC Expenses Policy”.  It also states: “JN has commonly withdrawn cash while abroad which has been difficult to monitor.” 
Tel Aviv's Hilton Hotel where Newmark and his family stayed for free
Newmark stayed at the Tel Aviv Hilton in August 2012 costing £3,628.52 for a one-week stay. Mr Newmark was joined by his wife and children for a mere £520.58 of personal expenses which were also added to the bill.

Newmark “could not provide any paperwork for the stay” and he was warned that putting personal expenses on the JLC credit card ‘would be seen as fraudulent’.  Newmark however disagreed. 

Of course one cannot be too critical of Newmark since a group set up by the Board of Deputies and the JLC – the Fair Play Campaign Group – which was dedicated to opposing support for the Palestinians – was also defrauded of thousands of pounds.  Arguably Newmark did the Palestinians a good service!!

Other minor misdemeanours included taking out a contract on a £46,000 car and trying to add his wife to the list of those insured to drive courtesy of the JLC. 

What was worse though was that the trustees of the JLC – which  was a charity – decided to cover up what Newmark had done because they judged it would cause too much reputational damage.  They therefore didn’t inform the police.  The trustees — including former chairman Sir Mick Davis, who is now chief executive of the Conservative Party, and property tycoon Leo Noé — accepted Mr Newmark’s resignation on the grounds of ill health after 7 years running the charity.  For all the gory details see Revealed: JLC audit reports Jeremy Newmark deceived it out of thousands of pounds.

The internal audit report found that ‘it “appears to be standard practice in the JLC to falsify information relating to finances”  See Secrecy over Jeremy Newmark leaves the JLC with much to answer  If we said that this was standard Zionist accounting practice we would be accused of, yes you got it, 'anti-Semitism'.

In The political fallout from the Newmark scandal will hit both Labour and Conservatives for once I agree with the Jewish Chronicle’s diminutive political editor Marcus Dysch (who threatened to sue me recently for calling him a racist) that ‘the repercussions for the JLM are likely to be serious.... the group will now be tainted by Mr Newmark’s involvement, perhaps irrevocably so.’

The JLM, which more than any other organisation, sponsored the false ‘anti-Semitism’ witch hunt against Black, Jewish and non-Jewish anti racist activists alike has now been shown to have been led by one of the most corrupt individuals to have entered the political  scene.  It is impossible to separate Newmark's financial from his political corruption and his racist Zionism.
The JLM, which is the British representative of the racist Israeli Labour Party, has refused to  speak out against the deportation of Black African refugees from Africa for fear of offending the ILP.   Indeed it has refused to oppose any aspect of Israel's brutal military occupation.  Its only role is as an apologist for Israel.  Dysch speaks about how After last year’s Al Jazeera secret filming, and the Priti Patel affair, British Jews could ill afford another political scandal.’  However he is wrong.  It is not British Jews but the Zionist movement in Britain which should be ashamed.  

Dysch remarks on ‘How devastating that the behaviour of one man should bring such embarrassment and pain.’  To those of us who came into contact with this deeply unpleasant and dishonest man, the wonder is that it took so long to figure him out.  Newmark’s discomfiture will at least bring some comfort to those who were the target of his attacks.

For what its worth Newmark’s answer to the Report is that ‘it is easy to take things out of context and try to create a picture that is removed from reality.  Newmark claimed that well after he left the JLC he was retained as a consultant.  The JLC however flatly deny that.

According to JC Editor Stephen Pollard, at least 10 times a year he was asked when he was going to expose Newmark. The long term damage is in the cover-up.  Instead of reporting Newmark to the Police for corruption, the JLC allowed him to resign on grounds of ill-health.  For once I agree with Pollard:

Imagine, for example, if the board of the JC found out that I had leased a £46,000 BMW and put my personal number plate on it, had taken my family with me on work trips and had repeatedly, over many years, taken cash out from an ATM using a JC corporate bank account and not supplied receipts for the spending of that cash. As it happens, I have cancer. But so what? And what relevance would any upset be to my wife and family? The only appropriate response would be to sack me and call the police.
Instead, the trustees of the JLC took it upon themselves to bury all the evidence, going out of their way to keep it secret and ensure that the community was not allowed to know the truth about one of its most prominent figures’

But it’s not simply the story of one corrupt Zionist.  The real lesson is how someone so fundamentally corrupt politically and morally was able to pull the wool over so many peoples’ eyes for so long.  The fact that he is Chair of the JLM speaks volumes about the rotten decaying corpse of Labour Zionism.

I have today written to my old friend, Crooked McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party, asking whether Newmark is going to be suspended like so many of us for bringing the Party into disrepute.  The other question is whether the JLC is now going to report Newmark to the Police for a thorough investigation since it would only be just for Jeremy to experience a little of what Ahed Tamimi and all the other Palestinian prisoners, children included, are going through. 

I suggest that Jewish people, especially those living in London, should make an immediate complaint of fraud to the Metropolitan Police.  There is no Statute of Limitations when it comes to fraud.  
Perhaps we should set up a Change.org petition calling for Newmark to be prosecuted?

Tony Greenstein

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