25 February 2018

‘Did You Hear the One About the Jewish Man who Got Expelled from the Labour Party for anti-Zionism?’

Tony Greenstein is interviewed by George Galloway

The opening question of George Galloway is, of course, extremely apposite.  How is it that the first major expulsion in the anti-Semitism witch-hunt happens to be someone who is Jewish?

George Galloway and I have known each other for over 30 years, ever since Israel’s invasion of the Lebanon in 1982.  At that time George was Chairman of the Scottish Labour Party and very prominent on the question of Palestine.  He was also a supporter of a 2 State solution.  I can remember debating with him at my old alma mater, St. Mary’s College, Strawberry Hill in Twickenham, on one vs two states.  As George acknowledges, I was right then and he was wrong.

George was first elected to Parliament in 1987 in a famous victory ousting the then leader of the SDP Roy Jenkins at Glasgow Hillhead.  In many ways it spelt the end of the SDP.  In 2003 George was expelled from the Labour Party for opposing the war in Iraq.  It is a disgrace that this expulsion has not been revoked.  If anyone should have been expelled it is Tony Blair, the war criminal who took us into that war. 

George played a major role in the anti-war movement, most famously going to Congress in 2005 to challenge the war mongers on their home turf.  During the course of his interrogation he displayed a photograph of Donald Rumsfeld paying homage, as an arms supplier, to Saddam Hussein.  

Despite over two years of Labour’s false anti-Semitism witch hunt and acres of space in the media devoted to the false and bogus claims of the Zionists there has been virtually no rebuttal of these false claims in the mass media.  It is therefore to be welcomed that I had the opportunity of explaining the real reasons for my expulsion on this week’s Sputnik programme.  I don’t agree with George on many things, for example abortion and Brexit, but on Palestine our views coincide.
If you haven’t already seen it, enjoy!!

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