Friday, 9 February 2018

Chief Witch-Hunter Jeremy Newmark resigns as Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement

Jewish Chronicle Revelations of Fraud, Larceny and Deception by Labour Zionist witch-hunter are ignored by Mass Media

Sign Letter to Iain McNicol Demanding Newmark's Suspension from Labour Party

It is quite remarkable.  To its credit, the Jewish Chronicle has led the way with possibly the biggest expose in its history.  Revealed: JLC audit reports Jeremy Newmark deceived it out of thousands of pounds

Jeremy Newmark, who was rarely out of the headlines, is exposed as a serial fraudster and someone who was forced out of his previous job as Chief Executive Officer for the Jewish Leadership Council.  For five whole years the reasons why he left the JLC were a closely kept secret.  Apparently he resigned because of ill-health but in fact he left because he was corrupt.

To date not one national newspaper has touched this story. Not the Guardian nor the so-called Independent to say nothing of the tabloid press.  Of course the BBC and Sky have remained aloof. It is as if this story is too embarrassing to get in the way of the false anti-Semitism campaign. 

First page of audit report in 2013
Jeremy Newmark began his career in 2007 with the Jewish Leadership Council, which was then a collection of the biggest capitalists in the Jewish community - Gerald Ronson, Stanley Kalms and Sir Mickey Davies, who is now the Chief Executive of the Conservative Party but who was then boss of the big mining company Xtrata.

It is a tale of fraud and deception on an almost unbelievable scale involving thousands of pounds of money stolen from the JLC, which for some reason was a charity despite its overt support for Zionism and Israel.  An internal audit found clear evidence of larceny and theft on a grand scale by Newmark, yet it decided to engage in a wholesale cover up. 

The Charity Commission has said that the allegations and the subsequently cover up raise “serious potential regulatory concerns”.  The JLC audit in 2013 itself stated that it “appears to be standard practice in the JLC to falsify information relating to finances”. See Jewish Leadership Council will co-operate with Charity Commission over Newmark allegations.  The reaction of the trustees of the JLC was to keep the audit report hidden too!
Just 3 weeks ago Newmark was leading the call to expel anti-racists from the Labour Party
Jeremy Newmark led the attack by the Jewish Labour Movement, the British branch of the Israeli Labour Party on the Left in the Labour Party.  He demanded the scalps of Ken Livingstone, Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth and myself amongst others.  Thousands of people have been suspended by the Labour Party, many as a result of false accusations of anti-Semitism, on the flimsiest evidence possible, yet quite amazingly Labour’s General Secretary Iain McNicol has ignored calls to suspend Newmark despite the copious evidence.

A copy of the internal audit which details the alleged misappropriation of thousands of pounds of money can be seen here.

I am therefore proposing a letter signed by Labour Party members which we will send to Iain McNicol and members of Labour’s National Executive Committee demanding that Newmark be suspended pending a full investigation of his alleged crimes. 
If you wish to sign the letter below and you are a member of the Labour Party please send your name, and which Constituency Labour Party you are a member of to me at:

Tony Greenstein

Open Letter to Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party Demanding the Suspension of Jeremy Newmark
PO Box 173
Brighton BN51 9EZ

Friday, 09 February 2018

General Secretary
The Labour Party
105 Victoria St,
London SW1E 6QT

Dear Mr McNicol,

We, the undersigned, are writing to you in respect of the serious allegations of fraud and theft which have been made against Jeremy Newmark in this week’s Jewish Chronicle. [Revealed: JLC audit reports Jeremy Newmark deceived it out of thousands of pounds] [1] 
Mr Newmark, who until today was Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement was Labour’s PPC at the recent General Election for Finchley and Golders Green constituency and he is currently Leader of the Labour Group on Hertsmere Council.  These allegations have been backed up by a comprehensive internal audit[2] by the organisation for which Mr Newmark was Chief Executive Officer, the Jewish Leadership Council.

We are extremely surprised that you haven’t moved quickly to protect the reputation of the Labour Party by suspending Mr Newmark under Rule 2.1.8 pending an investigation. 
Unlike the thousands of people who have been suspended in the past two years, often for nothing more than an innocent tweet or remark taken out of context, Mr Newmark is alleged to have stolen or misappropriated thousands of pounds of charitable monies.  The cover up of this alleged theft is now the subject of a Charity Commission investigation.[3] [Jewish Leadership Council will co-operate with Charity Commission over Newmark allegations]

Mr Newmark, in his role as Chair of the JLM, has been the driving force in the suspension or expulsion of people on the grounds of ‘anti-Semitism’.  Barely three weeks ago Jeremy Newmark was publicly criticising the Labour Party for failing to expel Jackie Walker, Ken Livingstone and other members on the grounds of ‘anti-Semitism’. Jewish Labour group accuses party of failing to act on antisemitism complaints

Given the high public profile of Mr Newmark and his propensity for demanding disciplinary action against other members of the Labour Party we feel that it is only fair that Mr Newmark should be treated in the same way as his many victims.  We are therefore making a formal complaint against Mr Newmark for having brought the party into disrepute and we expect you to suspend him immediately from membership in order that we can avoid further damaging headlines.

Yours sincerely,

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