2 September 2017

Stirring up hatred – CAA exonerates the far-Right and blames Anti-Zionists and Muslims for anti-Semitism

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism hypes up fears of ‘anti-Semitism’ as part of the Zionist campaign to ‘persuade’ British Jews that Israel is their real home

Despite the evidence from the CST's  Incidents Report that 115 out of 176 anti-Semitic incidents are from the far-Right, it is 'Islamist' and 'far-left' anti-Semitism that concerns the racist CAA
When Benjamin Netanyahu went to France, in the wake of the killing of four Jews in a kosher supermarket in Paris, to persuade French Jews that their 'real home' was not France but Israel, he got short shrift - both from French Jews and France's leaders.  [Leaders reject Netanyahu calls for Jewish mass migration to Israel] This is the Zionist answer to anti-Semitism. Run away from it, repatriate yourself. That is what the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism's real game is.  It wants British Jews to go to Israel.  That is why its focus is not on the far-Right but the anti-Zionist left and Muslims.
Community Security Trust's Incidents Report for the first half of 2017 show that 115 out of 176 incidents came from the fascist right - the CAA ignores the actual statistics
The CAA is very concerned that people understand that it is not the far-Right but the Left and Muslims who are anti-Semitic thus following the Netanyahu line
Can you imagine what the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism would have done if it had been members of PSC or prominent anti-Zionists who had been caught holding a picket of a Zionist meeting with members of the neo-Nazi Britain First?  The group that Thomas Mair, Jo Cox MP’s murderer was associated with.  It would have been all over social media and their web site.   We would never have heard the end of it.  There would have been articles in the Guardian and the Daily Mail all proclaiming the alliance between the far-left, Palestine haters and fascists.  Instead of course silence.
Gideon Falter is a Director of the racist JNF UK, an organisation which subscribes to the view that land should only be allocated to Jews in Israel - the JNF complains on its web site that 70% of Israeli Jews oppose allocating JNF land to non-Jews and that more than 80% prefer Israel as a Jewish state to a state of all its citizens
It wasn’t Palestinian solidarity organisations but the former Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation, Jonathan Hoffman, in addition to Sharon Klaff, Ambrosine Shitrit and other Zionist activists, who participated in a picket with Paul Besser, Intelligence Officer of Britain First. [EXCLUSIVE – Lifting the lid on Collaboration between the Far Right and Zionist Activists] Not content with consorting with Besser, they also welcomed open Hitler lover, Neil Horan, to their motley crewe. Horan was there to add his support to the picket of Palestine Expo on July 8th and 9th. [see  Far-right Britain First fosters ties with Zionist movement]
As a Zionist organisation the CAA propagates the view that British Jews are thinking of leaving Britain - hoping that this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy
The Community Security Trust is a thoroughly Zionist organisation and as I have shown is happy to hype and inflate the amount of genuine anti-Semitism in Britain.  Their Anti-Semitism Incidents Report for January-June 2017 shows a ludicrous increase of 30% in anti-Semitic hate crime in the last year. 
This racist cartoon is to be found on the CAA's site
Nonetheless the CST, because it does at least take its job of collating anti-Semitic incidents seriously, leaving aside the question of how it defines those incidents, accepts that most anti-Semitism comes from the Far-Right.  In its latest Report it has a graph showing that out of 176 anti-Semitic incidents, 115 of them were perpetrated by the far-Right, 49 by anti-Zionists and 12 by Islamists.
Another absurd claim is that 36% of British people are anti-Semitic (though it's down on 45% 2 years ago!)
I don’t accept that anti-Semitic incidents are perpetrated by anti-Zionists for the simple reason that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are diametrically opposed to each other.  If someone is anti-Semitic then they are not anti-Zionist.  There may be people who are both pro-Palestinian and anti-Semitic, but today it is the far-Right which combines both anti-Semitism and pro-Zionism.
Another myth is that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic
The CST which unlike the CAA, is not overtly anti-Islamic, has no problem tweeting out that most anti-Semitism comes from the far-Right not Muslims.

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism does the exact opposite.  It is a purely political Zionist organisation.  It has no interest in anything other than using contrived and manipulated opinion polls to hype up fears of ‘anti-Semitism’ amongst the Jewish community with the purpose of encouraging Jews to go to Israel.
CAA's message is that Labour is 'harbouring anti-Semites' - the bigger the lie the more people you'll fool is how CAA operates
Hence it shouts that ‘British Jews are concerned about Islamist, far-left and far-right anti-Semitism, in that order’

The CAA ludicrously claims on its Facebook page that 36% of British people are anti-Semitic and that one-third of British Jews are considering leaving the country. These lies have been debunked before, not least by the Jewish Chronicle in a poll by Survation, in direct response to a previous campaign by CAA.  

The JC reported that ‘Almost nine out of 10 – 88 per cent - say that they have not considered quitting the UK since last week’s atrocities, compared to just 11 per cent who have thought of leaving.’ 
Even the Jewish Chronicle was forced into debunking claims that over a third of British Jews were considering emigrating to Israel
This is slightly different from the  hysterical 1/3 figure that the CAA likes to quote.

CAA is a thoroughly Zionist organisation.  It is Chaired by Gideon Falter, who is a Director of JNF UK, an organisation whose sole purpose in Israel is to lease and allocate land for Jews only. When the JNF was forced, temporarily, to end their policy of only renting land to Jews, it whined that 
'A survey commissioned by KKL-JNF reveals that over 70% of the Jewish population in Israel opposes allocating KKL-JNF land to non-Jews, while over 80% prefer the definition of Israel as a Jewish state, rather than as the state of all its citizens.'
In other words it is a 100% racist organisation and it is no surprise that Falter and co. should be trying to stir up fears of anti-Semitism.  If British Jews do think that it is the left and Muslims are anti-Semitic then it is groups like CAA who are to blame for lying to them, with the support it has to be said of much of the British media, the BBC included.

Tony Greenstein 

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