10 September 2017

It Gets Worse – Why do leading Zionists ignore anti-Semitism in their own ranks?

Why does the JLM's Jeremy Newmark have nothing to say about a fellow Board of Deputies member, Jonathan Hoffman, who openly demonstrates with neo-Nazis?

This viciously anti-Semitic cartoon was posted by Yair Netanyahu, son of Israeli Prime Minister, on his Facebook page, attacking George Soros (left) for causing the corruption problems for his parents. It is reposted by David Duke, well known KKK figure and holocaust denier. It includes a lizard, which takes pride of place in anti-Semitic memes, an illuminati figure and the culprits who are part of the ‘food chain’ which is tormenting his dear parents

Two weeks ago I published an article EXCLUSIVE – Lifting the lid on Collaboration between the Far Right and Zionist Activists.  This was followed up by Far-right Britain First fosters ties with Zionist movement by Asa Winstanley. Jonathan Hoffman, a former Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation and a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews didn’t even deny the allegations.  How could he?  He was photographed with Paul Besser of Britain First, the group that Jo Cox MP’s killer Thomas Mair was associated with, demonstrating against ‘anti-Semitism’ outside Palestine Expo 2017 on July 7th! So what was the reaction of those who have been busily promoting the idea that there is anti-Semitism campaign in the Labour Party?  Nothing.
Jonathan Hoffman, well known Zionist activist and former Vice Chair of Zionist Federation (left) with  Paul Besser, Intelligence Officer of Britain First (right)

As anti-Semitism rears its Ugly Head in Zionist Movement British Zionist Leaders continue to ignore the fact that Hoffman, is working openly with the neo-Nazis of Britain First.  There is:
Simon Johnson @sjrbsimon  CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council who is very hot on ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party , then there is
Zionists have got their teeth into Chris Williamson for telling the truth about 'anti-Semitism' in the Labour Party
Jeremy Newmark @Jeremy_Newmark – of the Jewish Labour Movement @jewishlabour.  Newmark does nothing but campaign against ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party..  His group has now started attacking Chris Williamson for suggesting that anti-Semitism is being weaponised inside the Labour Party.  Newmark is however quiet as a mouse about Hoffman and Zionist anti-Semitism

Yair Netanyahu, Benjamin's son, who has already posted that neo-Nazis are less a threat than the anti-fascist left over Charlottesville, has now copied a cartoon from an anti-Semitic web site
Jonathan Arkush @JonathanArkush – President of the Board of Deputies s a fierce critic of Jeremy Corbyn for not doing enough about the false ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party yet one of the members of the Board which he chairs, Jonathan Hoffman @jhoffman1 is openly working with neo-Nazi Paul Besser @paul2Bess.  Arkush has also maintained radio silence.
Marie van der Zyl of the right-wing Board of Deputies of British Jews attacks Chris Williamson for his comments over fake antiSemitism
Marie van der Zyl -@marievanderzyl Arkush’s deputy is so hot on fake anti-Semitism that she condemned a film by a Palestinian Larissa Sansour b4 she had even seen it because she was so convinced that being made by a Palestinian it had to be anti-Semitic! [Open Letter to the Board of Deputies of British Jews
At last year's Labour Party conference Jeremy Newmark got a rough ride when debating the issue of 'anti-Semitism' in the Labour Party
Joe Millis @joemillis59 is also a member of the Board of Deputies as well as being a friend of Hoffman.  Perhaps that’s the reason why he turns a blind eye to Hoffman’s work with a neo-Nazi Besser combating  ‘anti-Semitism’
Hannah Weisfeld of left Zionist Yachad is also concerned about Labour 'anti-Semitism' but not about Zionist anti-Semitism
And finally Hannah Weisfeld @hannahweisfeld of Yachad, a left-Zionist group.  She doesn’t particularly like Hoffman but she believes such things need to be kept within the Zionist family.

The Real Anti-Semitism – of the Zionist Variety

We are almost swamped by stories of Zionists returning to their previous behaviour.  Zionism has always seen in anti-Semitism a natural reaction of non-Jews to the Jews in their midst.  Zionism has never had a problem with anti-Semitism, which was why the ‘solution’ they posed to anti-Semitism was not to fight it but to escape to their own racial paradise where they too could be racists.  That explains why:
Yair Netanyahu's anti-Semitic cartoon (right) was taken from an anti-Semitic cartoon left with the traditional figure of the Jew
Benjamin Netanyahu joined up with Hungary’s racist Prime Minister Viktor Orban to wage an anti-Semitic attack on George Soros.   Why Israel and Zionism's Leaders Supports Viktor Orban's Anti-Semitic Campaign Against George Soros

Netanyahu’s own son, Yair, published an anti-Semitic cartoon attacking Soros on Facebook, a bête noir of both anti-Semites and Zionists. Soros is blamed for the problems his parents are having over corruption allegations. In the cartoon Yair employed the traditional anti-Semitic device of a rich Jew, Soros, controlling an illuminati figure who in turn controls his parents’ accusers. Also included is a lizard figure, another favourite of anti-Semites.  Not surprisingly Yair lifted the cartoon from an anti-Semitic site!
See The Times of Israel's PM’s son posts cartoon with alleged anti-Semitic origin to slam parents’ critics.  This is in addition to the invitation to address the Gala Dinner of the Zionist Organisation of America which has been extended to Donald Trump’s former advisor, Steve Bannon, who runs the White Supremacist and anti-Semitic Breitbart News.  Yet all those above ignore the link-up between prominent Zionists and the anti-Semitic far-Right in favour of an entirely bogus campaign accusing anti-Zionists and Labour Party members like Chris Williamson, Ken Livingstone, Jackie Walker and myself of ‘anti-Semitism’!

And naturally the Campaign Against Antisemitism @antisemitism, which never hesitates to accuse anti-Zionist of ‘anti-Semitism’ and has posted dozens of articles attacking Jeremy Corbyn, myself and others, has nothing whatever to say about Zionist anti-Semitism.

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