Thursday, 28 September 2017

Ian McNicol Receives the Warmest Welcome of Anyone at Labour Friends of Apartheid Israel Meeting

The part of Jeremy Corbyn’s Speech which received the greatest cheer was on Palestine

It’s good to see that the supporters of the world’s only apartheid state, Labour Friends of Israel, know how to reward their friends.  As today’s Jewish Chronicle reports ‘The warmest welcome at the event was reserved for Iain McNicol Labour’s General Secretary who appeared on stage alongside the speakers.’
This is quite right.  McNicol has done more than anyone else to support the Zionist cause.  It really is gratifying to know that McNicol has received due recognition of his achievements.  McNicol has suspended literally thousands of anti-Zionists, sorry anti-Semites, in the past year.  Merely to mention the word ‘Zionism’ other than in a completely laudatory and approving fashion was likely to get you turfed out of the party or suspended at the very least.

On the other hand when it came to the abusive Mike Foster, who accused Jeremy Corbyn of being on a par with the Gestapo and SS combined, it took a full 2 weeks before McNicol got around to reluctantly suspending him.

One good piece of news was that Jeremy Corbyn didn’t attend this nest of vipers and racist backstabbers.  Amusingly when their corrupt Chair Joan Ryan MP read out a message from Corbyn she was interrupted with ‘where is he, why is he not here.’  Quite right too.   Doesn’t this fella Corbyn realise that attendance at the Labour Friends of Apartheid is compulsory.

In the Blair years, Labour Friends of Israel believed that they ran the Labour Party.  It is quite disconcerting to find out that maybe you don’t own the Party.  One can only hope that next year Tom Watson will gently escort Corbyn to the reception.
One really gratifying piece of news was that Corbyn finally mentioned Palestine in his speech. And this was, as the Guardian reports, rewarded with the loudest cheer of the speech.  This must have gone down like a lead balloon with ‘perjurer’ Jeremy Newmark and his side kick Mike Katz. 

What is shows is that despite the anti-Semitism witch-hunt for the past 2 years Labour members are becoming resilient to the false anti-Semitism smears and if anything it is having the opposite effect of getting people more clued up about the situation in Israel/Palestine!

Jewish Chronicle Report of Labour Friends of Apartheid meeting

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