12 October 2016

Appeal for Support for Keith Henderson - Victimised by the GMB Trade Union for his socialist beliefs

Appeal from John McDonnell to Support Keith Henderson

I have been asked to put this appeal on behalf of Keith Henderson, who was victimised for his socialist beliefs by the GMB Union, which is on the Right of the Labour Movement.  People will recall that the GMB was the only major union to support Owen Smith in the leadership contest.  It has been run for years by an undemocratic clique at the top.  It has no genuine or participatory democracy within it.

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Dear  6,072   Keith  Henderson,
Dear Comrade,

Keith Henderson Appeal.

I am writing to ask for your support for Keith Henderson.

Keith is a longstanding, loyal and active supporter of the Labour Representation Committee and Momentum. He has an excellent record of campaigning for the Left in the Labour Party and the trade union movement.

On 2013 am Employment Tribunal judged that Keith had suffered unlawful direct discrimination by his employer, the GMB trade union, on the basis of his left wing democratic socialist beliefs.

The GMB successfully appealed this decision and the case is now back in court this week.

I have tried to secure a resolution to this dispute by agreement but with no success.

Keith is now facing a possible bill of up to £15,000 to cover legal costs.

Keith is a low paid worker and is worried that this will put him and his family at risk of losing their home.

I am writing to ask you if you could help Keith by making a donation to his appeal and/or asking your Labour Party or trade union branch to contribute to this appeal.

It is important that we stand by someone who has stood by our movement in solidarity.

Thank you for your assistance.


McDonnell MP

Donations can be made through : https://leftappeals.wordpress.com
Support Labour Briefing - Magazine of the LRC



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