5 October 2016

Guardian Letter from Jewish Activists - Walker Ruling Betrays Momentum Members

Lansman & AWL Dump Jackie Walker Rather than Stand Up to Racist Zionists
It's probably the most time I've spent getting a letter into the national media but that was partly because the story was changing around us.  When it was first submitted Jackie had not yet been removed as Vice Chair of Momentum by Lansman, Mountjoy and others AWL sleepers on Momentum's Steering Committee, Chessum and other assorted political cowards.

Jon Lansman told Ken Livingstone, just before he was suspended, quoting the late Enoch Powell, that all political careers end in failure and he should retire.  This is now our advice to  Lansman. You have outlived your usefulness and you should retire to manage your property empire.

Jackie was the victim of a political sting by the Jewish Labour Movement.  The JLM has just appointed as its Director, Ella Rose, who was previously working for the Israeli Embassy.  When challenged by journalist and investigator about the JLM's links with the Israeli Embassy, Chair Jeremy Newmark remarked how 'odd' it would be to suggest that they shouldn't have such link.

Indeed it would be odd.The Israeli Embassy, which undoubtedly works closely with the American Embassy over anti-Corbyn propaganda, co-ordinates and liases with most Zionist groups in this country.  The so-called 'training session' at Labour Party conference was a honey trap.  Complete with secret recording of participants, it was intended to use comments of anti-Zionist participants to secure the suspension of Jackie Walker.
The Internet Version of the Letter includes all the names and also includes a quotation from Zionist Holocaust Studies Professor Yehuda Bauer about how the Holocaust is only a Jewish affair

I wrote 2 blog posts before Labour Party Conference The Jewish Labour Movement and its Political Lynching of Jackie Walker and Open Letter to John McDonnell – Don’t Condone the Race Baiters of the Jewish Labour Movement where I denounced what was already happening.  A Zionist campaign against Jackie was already in full throttle.  A Black-Jewish anti-Zionist woman was too much for Zionist racists for whom being Black and Jewish is an oxymoron.

Dozens of vile tweets have been sent to Jackie along exactly these lines.  You won't find the press denouncing this form of abuse because Jackie isn't powerful or a woman MP - she is not a Jess Phillips or one of the other Blair babes.

However what she was entitled to expect was the support of her comrades in Momentum.  Instead Jon Lansman proved that he has every quality of a dog except loyalty.  By attacking Jackie, without knowing anything of the circumstances, Lansman was a direct cause of Jackie's suspension from the Labour Party.  He has acted as an agent of the witch hunt.  The mealy mouthed statement of Momentum's SC that nothing she said was anti-semitic simply underlined their treacherous and dishonest behaviour.  The role of AWL's Jill Mountford and the other AWL sleepers on Momentum's NC is if anything even worse.  Mountford herself is expelled and what she was doing was helping the expulsion of another member.  Any AWL members who have any political scruples should be resigning from this pro-imperialist 'Trotskyist' current.
Ian Saville of the Jewish Socialists Group speaking alongside and in support of Jackie Walker at a Brighton & Hove Momentum meeting - Lansman is also a member of the JSG who have gone remarkably quiet!
Jon Lansman is also a member of the Jewish Socialists Group.  During the course of gathering signatures a JSG member signed, adding JSG after her name.  She was instructed by Julia Bard to remove it.  Given the conflict of interest and especially the fact that in May, when Jackie was still suspended, JSG sent a speaker Ian Saville to speak at a meeting in Brighton alongside Jackie and in her support, that the JSG will not continue its embarrassed silence but call out Jon Lansman.  

As our letter explains, the questions and points Jackie made were completely reasonable and indeed justified.  If indeed she had been wrong she wouldn't have been anti-Semitic.  The attack on Jackie is an attack on us all.

What Can You Do
We know that Momentum groups have reacted badly to what has happened.  Camden Momentum condemned Jackie's removal by 66 votes to 6.  Henley Momentum has likewise condemned it.  Brighton & Hove Momentum has already sent a message to national Momentum and at its AGM tonite is certain to do likewise.

Invite Jackie to speak to your meetings.  Hold a public meeting.  Call for an early AGM so Lansman, Mountford, Chessum and the others who voted this way can be removed.  For Lansman to prefer the state operatives of the JLM over his own Vice-Chair is despicable.

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