16 September 2016


Electoral Reform Society and Electoral Reform Services - Don't Preside Over a Rigged and Corrupt Ballot
Tom Watson - Deputy Leader giving McNicol his instructions

The Electoral Reform Services [ERSv] are the independent company who are conducting the current Labour Party leadership election.  On their web site they boast of over 100 years experience in conducting elections.

The ERSv were set up by the Electoral Reform Society [ERS] which describes itself as ‘the world’s oldest pro-democracy organisation.’  Although operationally independent from the Electoral Reform Services [ERSv] the ERS has extremely close ties to them.  By its own admission, the ERSv are ‘the Electoral Reform Society’s main funding source in the form of an annual dividend’.  
Crook-in-chief Gen. Sec. Iain McNicol is doing his best to swing election 4 Owen Smith
The ERSv are responsible for conducting the current Labour Party leadership election.  They make claim to the ‘robustness and security awareness’ of their systems.  Amongst the services that the ERSv provide is an independent scrutineer’s report.  They have been appointed as an Independent Scrutineer under Chapter 4, Clause 2 (c)(iii) of Labour Party Rules 2016.  The ERSv claim that ‘This report ensures that your results are beyond question, accepted by all concerned parties.’ 

The current Labour Party elections are unique in the history of elections in this country.  Never before has there been an open and determined attempt by staff and Executive members of a party to disqualify thousands of the electorate from voting during the actual election itself. 

Labour Party General Secretary, Iain McNicol and some members of the National Executive are openly trying to secure the victory of one candidate, Owen Smith, by disqualifying a section of the electorate who support Jeremy Corbyn.
John Stolliday - in charge of Compliance Unit - doing his best to purge Labour Party electoral roll of Corbyn supporters
We understand from Labour Party staff themselves that despite the ERSv’s claims concerning the secure nature of the voting system, that votes which have already been cast by purged and suspended members will be fished out of the ballot box. 

We call on the Electoral Reform Society to recognise that its own reputation will inevitably be damaged by its continued association with a rigged ballot.  In particular it should use its influence to ensure that the ERSv, in its role as Independent Scrutineer, prevents any further attempt by Labour Party officials to influence the outcome of the Labour Party leadership election.  Further they should ensure that the vote is secret and that once someone has voted, their vote cannot be annulled or otherwise tampered with.

In the event that Labour Party officials refuse to comply with such an instruction, the ERSv should withdraw from all further participation in the election since it is tarnishing its own reputation by association with a rigged poll.

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