19 September 2016

Open Letter to John McDonnell – Don’t Condone the Race Baiters of the Jewish Labour Movement

Sign Petition Calling on John McDonnell and other anti-racists to Withdraw from Jewish Labour Movement Rally on Sunday

The Jewish Labour Movement's liar-in-chief Jeremy Newmark has led the racist witch hunt of Jackie Walker

Jackie Walker has been under non-stop attack from the scum of the JLM and assorted Zionists who twisted what she had said to fit their narrative

one of a non-stop series of abusive and racist tweets - some of these people are LP and JLM members

This is one of a number of racist tweets asserting that Jackie isn't Jewish - and why? - because she's Black of course

Jewish Labour Movement adds fuel to the racist fire then stands back for its Zionist friends to hurl abuse at Jackie Walker
Zios don't object to making comparisons with the Nazis and the Holocaust when they do it

Employment Tribunal decision declaring that Newmark was a liar - the wonder is that some fools still believe him
This Zio idiot is firm in the belief that only Jewish racists get to decide what is anti-Semitic
A fake Momentum account associates the fascist Mitford sisters with Momentum - they might ask themselves why Zionist historians like Lucy Dawidowicz explain why the Zionists were the Nazis favourite Jews
Yet another racist and abusive tweet directed at Jackie Walker
Jackie Walker is the Vice-Chair of Momentum.  She has been subjected to an unprecedented series of vicious, vitriolic and racist tweets and abuse by Zionist supporters.  Her offence?  Alleging that the Jews financed the slave trade.  As crude as that.  As the image I’m posting of her discussion show, she was taking part in a private conversation with friends.  It was a complicated discussion about the fact that the Holocaust was not simply the property of Jews (or Zionist hasbara campaigns) but that Black people too suffered a holocaust, known as the slave trade.

The campaign of incitement against Jackie has been instigated by Jeremy Newmark and the so-called Jewish Labour Movement.  It has been a campaign unprecedented in its nastiness.  Her offence in their eyes is that, unlike Naz Shah, she hasn’t shown ‘contrition’ – she hasn’t accepted that she is guilty of the lies levelled against her. 

The whole affair is proof that once a lie gains circulation it is difficult to put it to bed.  Even the liberal Israeli daily Ha’aretz penned a nasty lying article Blame the Jews for the Slave Trade: Labour's Latest anti-Semitic Slander
The original private FB discussion - nowhere does Jackie say that 'the Jews financed the slave trade'
It is a campaign which bases itself on the racist trope that because Jackie is Black, she cannot be Jewish.  This is a common belief in Israel and amongst the Orthodox.  In Israel many people deny that the Falashas, Jews from Ethiopia, are really Jewish. [see Israel detains and deports American Jews because they are Black].  When they first came to Israel in the 1990’s the Chief Rabbinate forced the men to undergo new circumcisions because they were not accepted as Jews.  This never of course happened to white caucasian Jews from Russia, many of whom were Christians, because the Russians were held to be of the right racial stock.
This particular Zionist is quite sure that Jackie Walker isn't Jewish?  How can he be so sure?  Because to most Zionists their favourite word to describe anyone Black is Schvartze (nigger) see No More Jewish N-Word
It is ironic that the main hate figure for the JLM is a woman who just happens to be Black.  Although the JLM dearly wishes to see me expelled, I have not been made into a hate figure in the same way because I am White.  It would not do to attack me in the way Jackie has been pilloried, despite the fact that I have made it clear that I back up and support Ken Livingstone’s thesis that the Zionist movement collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust.  I am the child of an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and being White I am kosher.  I have also restated Jackie’s thesis that there was considerable Jewish involvement in financing the slave trade.  That is a fact.  Jews were not the only people, there were Quakers, Methodists and of course the Church of England which ran its own plantation in Barbados, Codrington.  But that theerw as Jewish involvement there is no doubt.  One of the world experts in the Slave Trade (which I studied for my MA in Colonial History) is Seymour Drescher.  I disagree with his thesis in his book Econocide about why the slave trade was abolished by Britain, but nonetheless he is undoubtedly right when he says that at one particular time, Jews controlled 17% of the Dutch slave trade.  That to me is a pretty important figure. [see the Jewish Journal How culpable were Dutch Jews in the slave trade?]
Jackie Walker speaking in Brighton alongside John McDonnell
Jackie’s misfortune is that she is Black and that is why she has attracted quite phenomenal and unprecedented levels of abuse.

John McDonnell has been called upon by Newmark to explain why he has spoken on the same platform with Jackie.  We say he has no need to explain himself to a bunch of Zionists and racists and he should pull out immediately.  So should Clive Lewis, the Shadow Defence Minister who is himself Black.  We would also call on Shami Chakrabarti to pull out of this festival of race hate, masquerading as a Rally Against Anti-Semitism and Rhea Wolfson, the newly elected left-wing member of the NEC. 
John McDonnell speaking alongside Jackie Walker in Brighton
The Jewish Labour Movement are not in the slightest interested in fighting the type of anti-Semitism that the fascist and far-Right indulge in.  Their only concern with ‘anti-Semitism’ is when Israel is on the agenda.  Hence their proposed Rule Change which traduces the MacPherson principle, which speaks about a racial incident being defined by the person reporting it.  The Jewish Labour Movement, which like all Zionist organisations, has never played a part in anti-racist or anti-fascist work in this country, borrowed from the struggle of Black people over the Stephen Lawrence death and cynically used or misused the findings of the MacPherson Inquiry.

MacPherson doesn’t that there should be no investigation where a racial incident is reported and that an allegation should be taken as fact.  The Jewish Labour Movement would have those subject to allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’ i.e. anti-Semitism automatically condemned as anti-Semites.

As Shami Chakrabarti says in her Inquiry Report:
The principle that an incident should be recorded as "racist" when perceived that way by a victim may indeed have some useful application outside the policing context, and even here in the world of Labour Party discipline. However the purpose of the approach is to ensure that investigators handle a complaint with particular sensitivity towards the victim. It is to suggest the seriousness with which a complaint must be handled, but in no way to determine its outcome. If I complain to the police that I have been the victim of a racist attack on the street, I should expect my complaint to be so recorded. However investigation and due process must of course then follow and it is perfectly possible that an investigator, prosecutor or magistrate will subsequently find either that no attack took place at all, or that its motivation was something other than racism. In the present context, my complaint that I have been subject to racist or other personal abuse by a fellow Party Member should be so recorded, taken seriously and handled sensitively. However it will be for the investigation and any subsequent process to determine whether my complaint was ultimately well-founded.   

The JLM proposes that
 Where a member is responsible for a hate incident, being defined as something where the victim or anyone else think it was motivated by hostility or prejudice based on disability, race, religion, transgender identity, or sexual orientation, the NEC may have the right to impose the appropriate disciplinary options from the following options:

The idea that if a Zionist accuses a supporter of the Palestinians or an anti-Zionist of ‘anti-Semitism’ that there should be an inquiry is alien to these police state freaks.

The JLM amendment also tries to define anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism.  Its ‘supporting argument and rationale’ states that ‘This rule change would recognise that it is not acceptable to use Zionism as a term of abuse or to substitute the word Zionist for where the word Jew has been commonly used by antisemites, such as alleging Jewish political, financial or media conspiracies and control.

It is hypocritical because of course it is Zionists who allege that Zionism is an inherent part of being Jewish.  That was the argument that Newmark and friends made in the Fraser v University College Union Employment Tribunal when the Judgment found that he had perjured himself.  As for Zionism being abusive it is like saying that Apartheid should not have been used as a term of abuse!  It is abusive, get over it.
Jeremy Newmark of JLM calls on John McDonnell to explain why he spoke alongside Jackie Walker, a Black anti-racist woman
Below is an appeal to John McDonnell please sign the petition and say which CLP you are in, if you are in the Labour Party.

To:       mcdonnellj@parliament.uk

Dear John,

Last Monday you spoke at an LRC fringe meeting at TUC Conference in Brighton.  Congratulations  on resisting the pressure not to speak on the same platform as Jackie Walker, who was wrongfully suspended for ‘anti-Semitism’ last May and reinstated shortly after, despite the pressure put upon you.

The charges against Jackie were summed up by the Jewish Chronicle at the time thus:  ‘Labour suspends Momentum supporter who claimed Jews caused “an African holocaust”’.  This headline was in the best traditions of Britain’s tabloid press.  Unsurprisingly the JC is edited by a former editor of the Daily Express, Stephen Pollard.

Jackie had in fact been having a private Facebook conversation with two friends, one of whom was an Israeli Zionist.  She was rebutting the assertion that the holocaust of Jews meant that Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel was illegitimate.  In the course of this conversation, which was hacked into by the Israel Advocacy Movement, Jackie stated – in the context of her own African and Jewish ancestry – that Africans too suffered a holocaust, the trafficking of enslaved Africans, and that ‘many Jews (my ancestors too) were the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade."

Only a particularly warped and dishonest mind could interpret these remarks as saying that the Jews caused an African holocaust.  It does not suggest an exclusive Jewish role in the slave trade, but it is a fact that in certain areas of the world –Surinam, Netherlands and Brazil – Jews played a major part in financing this trade.

In an article How culpable were Dutch Jews in the slave trade? (26.12.13.) in the Jewish Journal, the largest on-line Jewish paper in the USA outside New York, a Dutch Orthodox Rabbi, van de Kamp, stated that “Money was earned by Jewish communities in South America, partly through slavery, and went to Holland, where Jewish bankers handled it.... Non-Jews were also complicit, but so were we. I feel partly complicit.” 

Seymour Drescher, a well-known historian of the slave trade at Pittsburgh University estimated that ‘at one point, Jews controlled about 17 percent of the Caribbean trade in Dutch colonies’.  Jewish involvement in the slave trade has been the subject of considerable academic debate and to pillory someone, who is herself partly Jewish, for discussing this privately is outrageous. 

Jackie Walker has been subject to a continuous stream of racist abuse by Zionists, with the full knowledge and complicity of the Jewish Labour Movement.  The JLM have deliberately race baited Jackie and subjected her to the political equivalent of a lynching.  This is totally unacceptable.  The JLM are affiliated, via the World Labour Zionist Movement, to the World Zionist Organisation, a body which funds and sponsors settlements in the West Bank as well as the demolition of Arab villages inside Israel itself.  It is a thoroughly racist organisation which develops Israel for the ‘Jewish people’ only.

Just this week, the JLM’s Chair, Jeremy Newmark, was quoted in the Jewish Chronicle as saying in respect of you speaking at their meeting that "He must explain his defence of Walker which is inconsistent with his call for zero tolerance. This raises serious questions. Our members expect him to explain himself.”  We say you have nothing to explain.

Amongst the vile tweets Jackie has received have been ones which challenge Jackie Walker’s Jewishness.  It is a common belief in Zionist circles that someone who is Black cannot be Jewish.  Other tweets compare someone who has been a dedicated fighter against the National Front and similar groups to Goebbels and Torquemada.  This abuse only occurs because the JLM and similar Zionist groups have waged an unceasing campaign of vilification against Jackie Walker.

If the JLM were serious in their opposition to racism, then they would call out Isaac Herzog, the leader of their sister party in Israel and ask why he recently stated that ‘ I don’t want 61 Palestinian MKs in Israel’s Knesset. I don’t want a Palestinian prime minister in Israel.’  If someone said they didn’t want a Jewish Prime Minister in Britain who could doubt that this was anti-Semitic? [Who needs the Right when we have Isaac Herzog?]   Ha’aretz, Israel’s sole liberal daily, recently reported Herzog’s  warning that the ILP should not be seen as an ‘Arab lovers party’.  Amid 'Arab-lovers' Storm, Opposition Leader Herzog Defends 'Zionist Approach'  To appreciate the full flavour of this remark one need only recall the use by fascists of the term ‘nigger lover’ or ‘Jew lover’.

In the light of the JLM’s racist witch hunt of Jackie Walker, we are asking you and other socialists to withdraw from their fringe meeting next Sunday at Labour Party Conference.  I attach copies of some of the tweets that Jackie has received.

With best wishes

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