29 September 2016

Gary Spedding Calls in the Police - I have been harassing him!

The Walter Mitty of Palestine solidarity claims that debate is a form of harassment!

Gary Spedding brings in the Police to bolster his arguments

Well I woke up a couple of days ago to a very strange email from PC Nathan Duddridge of Northumbria Police who asked me to contact him.  I had apparently been harassing someone.
I must confess that harassment  isn’t in my line of business but in Northumbria?  I can’t remember the last time I visited the county.  I did go to the Highlands for my most recent holiday but we kept well clear of Northumberland.  Surely some mistake I thought.
It's a strange form of harassment whereby the victim contacts his harasser first!
Well PC Duddridge asked me to send him a phone number and after various attempts he finally managed to contact me in Kings College Hospital of all places where I was having a check up.  Apparently I had been harassing someone on his beat.  Who I wondered could it be?  At last he let the name slip.  It was one Gary Spedding.

It all began in November last year when I chanced upon an Early Day Motion signed by a number of SNP MPs and a few others, including John Mann, the Zionist for Bassetlaw.  I had criticised the EDM, which Spedding had drawn up, for its assertion that the Palestine solidarity movement was riddled with anti-Semitism.  This kind of gratuitous nonsense is just the kind of stuff we are having to bat away at the moment.  It is untrue and it damages the movement.  I’ve seen no proof of it and on the rare occasion that anti-Semites do raise their heads we swiftly kick them out of the movement as per the supporters of Gilad Atzmon.
Spedding's main use is in giving legitimacy to Zionist claims of anti-Semitism as with his article in Ha'aretz, the liberal Zionist  daily, above
Strangely though for a victim of harassment it wasn’t me who contacted Spedding, it was him who contacted me to complain I’d been  emailing various SNP MPs to complain about the motion they had signed.  It is a strange form of harassment whereby the ‘victim’ contacts their ‘harasser’ first and continues to contact him.
We can count on Spedding to join in the Zionist witch hunt against Jackie Walker - he is apparently 'deeply troubled' by a private FB discussion on Jewish involvement in slavery - really 
The reality is that I have been a severe critic of Spedding, who is to an unnatural degree afflicted with a condition known as narcissism.  He is unable to divorce or dissociate himself from the cause he allegedly supports.  I have written a number of blog posts on him, too many people have told me.  Why bother yourself with this self-obsessed fool?  Perhaps because the Zionists have successfully used him as a foil against the movement.

My articles have included ‘Gary Spedding - The Zionist Cuckoo in the Palestine Solidarity Nest’, ‘Gary Spedding – the Self-Proclaimed Expert on ‘anti‑Semitism’, ‘SNP MPs Don’t Take Kindly to Criticism over Palestine  ‘Open Letter to SNP Members of Parliament – Don’t Be Fooled by False Accusations of anti-Semitism, ‘ANTI-SEMITISM - Jonathan Freedland & The Zionist Campaign to Defame Corbyn and the Labour Left, Garry Speding Gives a Helping Hand to the Zionist Campaign Against the Palestinians’. 

Spedding pursues the Zionist agenda over Jackie Walker

The Police are duty bound to take this complaint seriously by delivering to me, via the local Sussex constabulary, a formal notice of harassment.  As PC Duddridge explained, they Police have no choice but to deliver me a notice but this does not imply any view on their part of my guilt or otherwise.  What it does raise is an interesting question.  If someone sets out to debate and politically engage with someone and they come off worst in the debate, are they then entitled to resort to the criminal law to resolve that debate?  Gary Spedding has undoubtedly been made to seem very foolish in our skirmishes.  He is so obviously transparent that it takes very little to prick his ego.  Spedding’s position is essentially one of posing as a friend of the Palestinians in order to build a reputation which later enables him to attack them.  He has already written one article in ‘Ha’aretz’ newspaper which attacks the Palestine solidarity movement as anti-Semitic.  Coming from a professed supporter of the Palestinians, such an article carries more weight.

Under attack - Spedding plays the victim

It is a trick that Owen Jones, who has also established a reputation as a supporter of the Palestinians has done.  Jones, who is far more able and capable than Spedding, has both supported the Palestinians when under attack and then taken up the ‘anti-Semitism’ cry.  Jones, who so infused with identity politics that he cannot see that it is the standard trick of Zionists to cry ‘anti-Semitism’ when Palestinians are dying.

Spedding could be described as the poor man's Owen Jones

Spedding is merely pathetic whereas Owen Jones is far more dangerous.  Nonetheless an attempt to resolve a political debate by resorting to the criminal law should be  called out when it happens.  Spedding should be prosecuted for  wasting Police time, but whatever happens I’m not going to be deflected from criticising him.

The ultimate in egotism has no time for egoism!

Spedding has in fact been successful in getting one blog post of mine, which detailed his links with the Zionist CST and his attacks on Ali Abunimah, taken down however it can be viewed on Google Docs!

To be honest I would welcome a court case because there are clearly civil liberties issues here which need to be resolved but I suspect the CPS would take one look at the case and turn it down.  One lives in hope!

Tony Greenstein

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