18 March 2016

Europe - Why Brexit Plays into the Hands of Racists & Reactionaries

Below is the latest Comment piece I have written for my local paper, the |Brighton Argus.  It is difficult for the Left in Britain to decide between an increasingly racist and reactionary Europe.  Its forcing of austerity on Greece or its racist deal with Turkey to fast track its admission to the EU whilst sending back refugees to a place that isn't even safe for Turkey's own citizens.

However the alternative is even more unpalatable and we have an assorted variety of right-wing Tory MPs, UKIP, fascist groups and assorted right-wing loonies (with a smattering of Stalinists and right-wing Labour MPs) in the leave Europe camp.

It's an unpalatable choice but on balance staying in to work with other groups within Europe rather than retreating to a little England position is my own choice in the referendum on whether to leave the European Union or not.

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