22 March 2016

Tony Greenstein suspended from Labour Party

Labour Party machine gets its revenge on Corbyn’s activists as expulsions mount

Well it had to happen. I've just been informed by letter by the Labour Party that I have been suspended from the Party. Why? On the basis of comments I have apparently made. What comments? Who knows since they haven't sought to tell me. Kafkaesque or what?

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as leader of the Labour Party and John MacDonald is Shadow Chancellor, however the bureaucracy, the civil service of the Labour Party has been left unchanged.  Those functionaries who acted with such enthusiasm under Tony Blair have not been sacked or moved.  The Constitutional Unit, which would be better known as the Inquisition Unit continues its McCarthyist work.

It is essential that the purgers and expellers in the Labour Party, the Tories within, are themselves subject to purging.  They see getting rid of socialists as more important than fighting the Tories.  These are Blair’s children and we need to put them out of their misery.

I have no idea what the comments I am alleged to have made which caused the LP McCarthyists such upset.  Perhaps I mentioned socialism too often.  Or in the current atmosphere of attempting to paint the Left as anti-Semitic perhaps they thought that expelling someone who has fought fascism all his life would be an example to all.

Regardless I shall fight to the end against the agents of capital within the Labour Party.
I attach the letter I was sent and my response.

The place to write to complain is the John Stolliday, Head of Constitutional Unit at Legal_queries@labour.org.uk

Tony Greenstein 

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