Sunday, 1 July 2012

Roy Bard Hides What He Doesn't Want People to See on Indymedia

It seems that Indymedia UK’s resident anti-Semite, Free The Peeps, aka Roy Bard, seems to have been up to his old tricks.  Hiding posts that criticise him or which he doesn’t like (i.e. ones opposed to anti-Semitism) whilst allowing, as he did with Gilad Atzmon, anti-Semitic posts galore on IM UK.

FTP is now a doyen at Atzmon’s deLiberation where he is free to spew his racist beliefs.  Quite why a radical media network continues to allow an overt anti-Semite (and this is from an anti-Zionist not a Zionist perspective) to operate baffles many.

It was the battle to exclude Gilad Atzmon with IM in 2007-8 which led to this blog starting.  So even Peeps can claim to have done some good!

Tony Greenstein

A challenge to 'freethepeeps' prove me wrong and earn £1000

irritant | 01.06.2012 13:33
You challenged me to the following

"If and when he decide to email the list, if he sends me £50 pounds towards the server costs I will provide a full list of the article and media numbers for the entire month to show that no posts from a pro-Israeli (with friends in Syria and bahrain who risked their lives to provide him with photos to post on Indymedia) were hidden."

I fully accept the deal, in fact I will go further I will make a payment of £1000 to the UK indymedia server fund if he agrees to the following:

1 allow the records of the article files and numbers to be viewed by somebody else. Not me (that would be too much to hope for) instead I propose a member of one of the other UK indymedia collectives. Agree to the terms and I will have them contact you. As soon as they have full access to the files I will transfer the money to the Indymedia bank account.

2 as and when it is proven that 'freethepeeps' lied he does two things a) publishes a full apology here on Indymedia admitting he lied and b) makes a donation of £100 to the charity of my choice

Do you have the guts to be a man and take the challenge 'freethepeeps' do you want a £1000 donation to Indymedia funds to use any way you see fit ?

OR - knowing that you lied and that my posts and emails have indeed been hidden and blocked you will instead try to pretend this post never happened and hope I stop keep raising the issue.

'freethepeeps' I say you are a liar, prove me wrong and earn indymedia uk £1000.


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01.06.2012 13:41
Well then 'freethepeeps' you have been challenged, are you up for it ?

Sure of your facts this time ?

Brave enough to let someone else check this time ?

loves a good fight
Would be nice but

01.06.2012 13:43
freethepeeps is a bully
all bullies are cowards
cowards always run

Never gonna happen


  1. poor tony, as you don't hide or edit comments............
    Who are you trying to fool, you cannot stand anyone that is not a copy of your ............

  2. Roy Bard isn't even trying to hide his antisemitism at this point. He's posted a podcast from the poisonous Jonathon Azaziah attacking Palestine Place for having tossed out a couple Holocaust deniers. Give him a swastika pennant and tell him it's an anti-zionist symbol, and he'd wave his little heart out.

    I used to wonder how Indymedia can still stand by him given how raw his hatred of Jews has become. The answer is that Indymedia UK is essentially dead, he's chased off anyone smarter than your average pair of stockings, the only reason there's any content left at all on Indymedia is because he's reposting it from other sites that want nothing to do with him anymore.

  3. Mr. Greenstein
    your offer "prove me wrong and earn indymedia uk £1000." will not be accepted by Roy as he knows were the money comes from...........

  4. Gotten pretty comic hasn't it. His gang can't even _attempt_ a rebuttal on the facts any more, so deep has Bard sunk into the cesspit, so all they can do now is run around belching 'zionist zionist zionist' at anti-zionists.

    It's one of the standard characteristics of a fringe group after it has been evicted from a larger organization: its ideology becomes considerably more extreme, as they no longer have to try to appear rational to the larger group.

    So with the 'deliberation' crew they're just letting their swastika flag fly. They're Jew-haters and proud of it. And Roy Bard, who turns out in the event to be a mingy little Jew-hater, is happy to lead the parade.

  5. Tonyle - everyone is sure you are the anonymous one.....
    nice try...... you are the left fool, as usual

  6. "Anonymous said...
    Tonyle - everyone is sure you are the anonymous one.....
nice try...... you are the left fool, as usual"

    Everyone? They must be Gilad's ever-shrinking cult of personality there at deStormfront. I am afraid Gilad and his thick-headed followers need to deal with the fact that they are an extreme fringe echo chamber, that is overlooked by anyone who has half a brain. Just because people chose to comment in an anonymous manner, doesn't mean they are Tony Greenstein. There are many people who want to speak to the idiotic Atzmon cult without having their own good names drug into the mud by Jew hating bigots. I think it is good that a large anonymous majority finds Atzmon disgusting. That they chose to do so in an anonymous fashion is their business. It keeps the bigots guessing.

  7. I think that Atzmon has become a royalist and now uses the Royal 'we'. In fact he probably aspires to becoming King Gilad! And no doubt Deliberation will oblige with suitable expressions of loyalty to their new master.

    Atzmon isn't even a joke anymore for Palestinians - he's a complete irrelevance. His opposition to BDS and his prioritisation of himself and his battle with Jewish anti-Zionists has now completed his descrediting. I barely read, still less, analyse any more of his interminable crap.

  8. freethepeeps also hid several posts which claimed that smashEDO had expelled all the Jewish members.

    Should they be unhidden?


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