15 January 2012

Successful Boycott Action at Tesco in Brighton & Hove

Even the Police Refused to Turn Up

Successful Boycott Action today in Tesco's, Hove.

About 20 of us from Brighton PSC branch went shopping at Tesco’s, anxious about the drop in their share price recently, when we came across a number of items of Israeli produce. Well we just had to protest!

After having been escorted out of the branch, albeit after about 10 minutes, and they seemed none too keen on me filming (!), we had a succesful picket outside. A couple of Zionists became aggressive and one tried snatching the megaphone out of my hand but the reception was very good apart from a few toe rags whose only response was ‘you’re on private property’!! It would seem that the level of Zionist aggro is increasing and is directly related to the succecss we are having.

Although the Police were called they didn’t turn up so after nearly an hour waiting for them we decided to call it a day!

Here is the footage I took, excuse some of the banter!

Clips include a Welsh action where blood red dye was sprayed over an overturned trolly of Tesco’s stolen produce.

Tony Greenstein


  1. "...severe disruption to PSC’s work by a handful of supporters and sympathisers of Gilad Atzmon –"

    Can you give us concrete examples of this? And what about Socialist Action? Are they not a problem anymore?

  2. Jock

    my disagreements with Socialist Action are secondary to wishing to ensure that the PS movement in Britain is strong. Atzmon's antics seriously jeopardise what is the strongest base of support for BDS in the world outside South Africa.

    There are 2 many examples e.g. the resignation of the Chair of Birmingham PSC, the havoc in Liverpool, the problems with Exeter hosting Atzmon, the constant use the Zionists are now making, as I predicted, of Atzmon's clownish antics.

    When Zionists accuse me of anti-Semitism 'self-hatred' i.e throw it back in their face. Atzmon wears it as a badge of pride much to the delight of his accusers.


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