13 January 2012

Harry’s Place Praises Atzmon on BDS

In the course of an otherwise demented blog seeking to ‘prove’ that opponents of Atzmon are in fact the same as him (a favourite bourgeois philosophy which holds that extremes are the same and polar opposites are really their equals), one of the regular posters, in the course of the usual ad hominems gives the game away. The argument of HP is quite simple – if you oppose Israel you are anti-Semitic therefore the opponents of Atzmon are no different from him.

Of course this involves small things like ignoring Israel’s far-right government, the evictions of Bedouin, the attacks on NGO’s etc. etc. but who cares on this Islamaphobic sewer of a site:

According to regular HP poster, Lamia, when Atzmon stated that:

“the academic boycott is ‘book burning’. On that at least Atzmon is correct.”

Atzmon has proved a very useful brush with which to tar the supporters of the Palestinians. A few fools like Gill Kaffash, Roy Ratcliffe, Tony Gratrext and Roy Bard (ftp) have been happy to play along with the Zionist Atzmon.

But first a joke by veteran Israeli peacenik, Uri Avnery with a core kernel of truth, i.e. that every fascist and far-right party of significance in Europe (bar the NPD in Germany and Jobbik in Hungary)

The New Anti-Semitism

By Uri Avnery, 07 August, 2011, Gush Shalom

The Nazi Propaganda Minister, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, calls his boss, Adolf Hitler, by hell-phone.

“Mein Führer,” he exclaims excitedly. “News from the world. It seems we were on the right track, after all. Anti-Semitism is conquering Europe!”

“Good!” the Führer says, “That will be the end of the Jews!”

“Hmmm…well…not exactly, mein Führer. It looks as though we chose the wrong Semites. Our heirs, the new Nazis, are going to annihilate the Arabs and all the other Muslims in Europe.” Then, with a chuckle, “After all, there are many more Muslims than Jews to exterminate.

“But what about the Jews?” Hitler insists.

“You won’t believe this: the new Nazis love Israel, the Jewish State - and Israel loves them!”

Harry’s Place is well known as a byword for bigotry, ad hominems and anti-Arab racism. Coupled of course with blind Zionism. Whilst being concerned about anti-Semitism in Palestine Solidarity Campaign, they have developed tunnel vision when it comes to the open support of the BNP for Israel and Zionism. They like to be reminded of the EDL’s connections with Zionism even less. Little things like the EDL parades with Israeli flags and its joining up with Zionist demonstrators as at Ahava.

Yet despite the fact that someone like Mad Mikey Ezra, an open collaborator with Atzmon, still posts, like Nelson they can only see what they want to see and that is ‘anti-Semitism’. In the tortured logic employed on the blog, those who oppose anti-Semitism and fascism are somehow the same as those who support it. Being opposed to the Israeli state, i.e. an anti-Zionist, is no different from being opposed to Jews per se, the old Zionist hymn tune.

Lamia’s comments came in an otherwise appalling blog, PSC supporters supporting Atzmon This was itself a response to an article by an Anthony Cooper who at least tried to make some differentiation between Jews opposed to Atzmon and those who support him.

Cooper's article 'A (small) Thank you to anti-Israel Jews a-small-thank-you-to-anti-israel-jews/ was based on his article in the Jewish Chronicle ‘The Jews who can distinguish antisemitism from anti-Israel’

In fact if anyone has collaborated with Atzmon it is members of HP itself. In an article ‘Gilad Atzmon and Jewishness’

David Toube, who used to run HP, on March 19th 2007, wrote how:

Last week, Mikey invited me for a drink with Gilad Atzmon. Mikey’s thoughts on Gilad and his worldview follow, below….. Is Gilad Atzmon a racist? Not in the narrow sense of being preoccupied by genetic differences between people, certainly. He is rather, I think, a ‘cultural essentialist’: if such a term exists.’

A cultural essentialist. In fact this is probably the least of Atzmon’s sins, given his record as a jazz player.

But Mikey, a regular HP poster, was not to be deterred. On the blog of Atzmon collaborator, Mary Rizzo, the following exchange occurred between Atzmon and Mikey Ezra:

‘Mikey, can you provide us with the criminal record of this Bugger-Rance. Is he on spent conviction like greenie l or is he just an ordinary liar? Gilad Atzmon | 03.12.07 - 8:00 pm | #
I have been very busy digging up stuff on Tony Greenstein - Roland Rance will have to wait for another day. Mikey | 03.12.07 - 8:53 pm | #
‘Mikey, I hope you do not mind me saying that, but your contribution for the pls solidarity movement is priceless. It is crucial that we all know about the racist record of this Greenpiss, a man who was banned time after time for being a racist and an anti Semite! I really want to believe that this revolting violent man will feel some shame and take some time off to think about it all. But I doubt it.’ Gilad Atzmon | 03.04.07 - 10:46 am | #

Again, again, I believe that Zionists like you can cope with philosophical thinking because Zionism is a Jewish ideological stand. RK, Ben Gurion and later Begin and Shmuel Tamir were operating within different interpretation of the very the same ideology. The political and legal aspects are nothing but a cover up of the real meaning of this saga. You can cope with it, Greenie and Brenner can't. However, Good luck with Greenie and thanks for all the info you gave us about this low being. Peace is the way forward
Gilad Atzmon | 03.08.07 - 4:02 pm |


  1. never know who you might run into following atzmon around the net but didn't expect to see the likes of nathanael kapner a heavy contributor to veracity voice where atzmon and buddy shamir are columnists ex-jew milton kapner [brother nathanael] comes garbed in self-styled christian apparel in youtube vid bearing above label he sounds like he's channeling bobby fischer kapner is mentioned in your mary rizzo post 6-6-09 along with the radical press where both brother nathanael and gilad fit the agenda that at the time rizzo couldn't recognize as antisemitism guess saying radical or free palestine is enough of a disguise instead of say white reference or stormfront. . .

  2. "The argument of HP is quite simple – if you oppose Israel you are anti-Semitic therefore the opponents of Atzmon are no different from him."

    This is an OLD excuse that dose not work anymore.

    You Tony Greenstein are NO diffrent from Atzmon, as you are both ANTISEMITES.
    read again HP..... that's the truth and that is what HP writes, readers are not as stupid as you would like them to be, your argument is only not valid, but it is not what HP claims.

  3. Yes the equation of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism doesn't work anymore. That is precisely what I'm saying. Even the thickest poster to HP doesn't seem to get it but the trade unions and anti-racist organisations have long got it.

    You say I am no different (try a few spelling lessons!) from Atzmon. Why? He blames the Jews, we blame imperialism, not least the Christian Evangelists. Is that so hard to understand?

    The fact that something is written on HP doesn't make it true. In fact if it is on HP it is highly likely to be untrue.

    So when you say that 'readers are not as stupid as you would like them to be', you don't get it. Not only are they as stupid as I'd like them to be, in cases such as you they would appear to be even more stupid since you don't understand that asserting something doesn't make it true.

    And if you find that difficult to understand then try this. If someone asserts there was no holocaust on HP does that make it true? Sometimes a little evidence, argumentation, reasoning even is useful.

    The fact is that the defamatory cry of 'anti-Semitism' no longer works, except with fanatical Zionists like Robert. No reasonable person would say that because one opposes a state that refuses to allow Arabs to lease or rent land, using bogus community panels, or which singles Israeli Arabs for special treatment such as unrecognised villages is anti-Semitic.

    There is a simple test I use. If what is done to the Palestinians and Arabs in Israel were done to Jews in Britain, would that be anti-Semitic.

    No one, especially the mad dogs of HP, have yet provided me with a single argument as to whether they would like the British state to adopt Israel's policies towards the Arabs to them and whether they would be anti-Semitic.

    Although, to be fair, and I always try to be fair, there are a number of Zionists who would indeed like the British state to be more anti-Semitic, because then they would up and go to Israel.

    Hence why Zionism and anti-Semitism are variants on the same theme.

    I only allowed your otherwise defamatory post through in order that I could expose to the many followers and readers of this blog how stupid you and your HP Zionists are.

  4. Mikey Ezra IS the Brown Sauce's Michael Ezra? Call me slow but you learn something new everyday.


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