29 August 2010

Jonathan Hoffman's Lies Catch Up With Him

Jonathan Hoffman, Co-Chair of the Zionist Federation Eats Humble Pie!
We all get things wrong and by itself that is no reason to gloat. But Jonathan Hoffman, co-Chair of the Zionist Federation is in a different league. He is the personification of Zionist Hasbarah (propaganda). He deliberately lies whenever he feels that it will serve his needs, except that he is not very good at it.

You will recall the UCU meeting at SOAS on November 4th last year. Hoffman was heckled when he got up to speak but Conservative activist, Raheem Kassam claimed that Hoffman was subject to anti-semitic abuse, the repeated chant of ‘Jewish’ etc. at him.

Hoffman, who hadn’t realised at the time that he was being subject anti-semitic abuse(!) lost no opportunity to claim victimhood. The problem was the meeting was videotaped and it was quite clear that he hadn’t been the subject of anti-semitic abuse. Given the number of Jews in the audience it would have been highly surprising if they also hadn’t noticed. But instead of saying that he was mistaken Hoffman went out on a limb, even when the BBC withdrew, within 24 hours, its report of the alleged incident and later apologised.

In a comment to an article I posted on the Jewdas site Hoffman stated that ‘If Israel ‘nationality’ was confined to Jews that leaves non-Jews in Israel effectively stateless.’ This was in response to my assertion that there is no such thing and never has been an Israeli nationality. An Israeli nationality would be anathema to Zionism, which holds that Israel is the State of the Jews wherever they live. Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister called advocates of an Israeli nationality ‘Canaanites’ i.e. idolaters.

Hoffman is Co-Chair of the Zionist Federation in this country. He is in a position to know that Israel’s use, in English, of the term Israeli alongside the category ‘nationality’ in its passports is a deliberate lie, whose purpose is to confuse. Yet he wrote: ‘If Israel ‘nationality’ was confined to Jews that leaves non-Jews in Israel effectively stateless.’

Precisely Jonathan. And now are you going to admit that Israeli Arabs are effectively stateless?

No. Instead he is now lying again. This time in an effort to defuse critics of his de-facto alliance with the racist English Defence League, which contains numerous fascist and neo-Nazis, including the fruitcake Roberta Moore, head of its Jewish Division, he labelled a photograph on my blog ‘photoshopped’. This was a grossly defamatory attack on photographer David Hoffman, who clearly threatened JH with a libel action. As a result, Jonathan Hoffman has now been forced to publish a humiliating apology on his Jewish Chronicle blog!

The wording below makes it clear that Jonathan Hoffman’s first resort is to lie, lie and lie again.

‘On my Jewish Chronicle blog I described a photograph taken on 14 August 2010 at the pro-Ahava demonstration as "fraudulent". I also wrote "That photo was 'Photoshopped' -- and it is bloody obvious that it was 'Photoshopped' I do not discuss but I do identify lies and fraudulent Photoshopped photos."

These statements were entirely without foundation and I had made no
attempt to check their accuracy. I accept that the photo was absolutely genuine and had not been tampered with in any way. The photographer, David Hoffman, is a well known and respected photojournalist and I apologise to him unreservedly for my hasty and unfounded comments and for the distress and embarrassment caused.’


  1. Well, we've always known him to be dishonest, but this time it's been proven.
    The trouble is, if you lie enough you start to believe your own lies and that seems to be what has happened when he spouts nonsense about Israel and anti-Semitism. One would hope that he has lost his credibility and that the JC won't listen to him anymore but as we know, Pollard is happy to print lies when he doesn't think he has a chance of being sued. (I think the JC took Hoffman's comments down and pushed him into apologising after the photographer complained).

    Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if next time Hoffman accuses us of lying, he apologises saying that the comments
    he's made about us, Israel, Palestine and Hamas are 'entirely without foundation' and that he made 'no attempt to check their accuracy'.

    The other night he accused Gideon Levy, an Israeli who lives in Israel and who has been to the West Bank, of not knowing the facts...Of course, Hoffman is the world's oracle and knows more than anyone else....Hoffman, and by extension Israel, is always right.

    More amusing, was when Levy said there are some people who will defend whatever Israel does, and that there was one there at the meeting...Hoffman jumped up defensively (surely he couldn't have been referring to him!) and said, 'That's not true'. The irony seemed to be lost on him. Actually, I don't suppose he would defend everything Israel did, say if it suddenly got rid of the Settlements...

  2. Not in the slightest but humiliating. When I lie I apologise. For the Israel haters such as you and Fnik, lying, defamation and provocation are a way of life.


  3. Unlike Jonathan Hoffman I don't like, ever, when it comes to Zionism and Israel. Why? Because not only would it be immoral but there is no need to do so. The truth is damning itself.

    But at least Jonathan Hoffman has admitted to lying about his open fraternisation with the EDL's Jewish Division and its neo-Nazi co-ordinator, Roberta Moore. The reasons for so doing are, well, pretty obvious.

    It also leaves in tatters Hoffman's claim to be a dedicated and since anti-racist, with reference to Weymann Bennett. There was an anti-fascist demonstration today in Brighton against the English Nationalist Alliance. There was a large Palestine Solidarity contingent on the demonstration. But no Zionists of course. Well not quite. The fascists were displaying the Israeli flag!

    If Hoffman were sincere he would ask himself why is it that the fascists, holocaust deniers and just plain vanilla racists, queue up to demonstrate their support for Israel?

    And whilst we are at it, JH has told another lie. I'm not an Israeli hater. Far from it. I hate what it is doing and has been doing and I hate the idea that a State gives preference and privileges to one section of society on racial/religious/ethnic grounds over another. Be they Jews or non-Jews.

    I feel a great warmth and solidarity with those Israelis who have, despite their privilege, taken the side of the Palestinians. Just as I feel the same when reading about those who supported and sheltered, at the risk of their own lives, Jews during the Holocaust.

    But I suspect that JH and his neo-Nazi friend Moore won't understand this.

  4. No Hoffie, you only apologise when you are in danger of being sued, although you have at least admitted that you lied. Maybe you should now admit that you lied about that so-called anti-Semitic attack on you by fellow Jew, Mike Cushman at the SOAS meeting. You know, when he said 'D'you really want to know?' and you said that everyone was shouting 'Jew', even though a large proportion of the audience was Jewish, as were 2 members of the panel...Well, you might have to admit it sooner or later....

    I agree with Tony. There is no need to lie about Israel- the truth is bad enough.

    Now Hoffie, can you please now apologise to Tony and I for calling us liars and admit that you have made that accusation 'entirely without foundation' and 'no attempt to check accuracy'?

    It is odd that you don't feel humiliated. Are you in denial about your feelings as well as about Israel's wrongdoings? Can you actually feel anything other than anger and hate? I've seen it in your eyes. Sounds like you need some therapy.

  5. If you apologised when you lied, Jona-fun von Hofftroll, you'd be apologising all the time. So that's another lie.

  6. "But at least Jonathan Hoffman has admitted to lying about his open fraternisation with the EDL's Jewish Division and its neo-Nazi co-ordinator, Roberta Moore. "

    => You are a stinking Trot Lier. You work by provocation and mendacity. Despicable.


  7. When I lie I apologise.
    - Eh?

    Jonathan Hoffman has just admitted in public that he is a liar!

    He's now descended from being an idiot to a cretin, sorry, cretan.

    The Cretan Paradox -
    - All Cretans are liars. I am a Cretan.

    - All Jonathan Hoffman's are liars. I am Jonathan Hoffman.


    How can we trust a self-confessed liar that he is telling the truth about all the lies he spouts?

  8. Great work, Tony. I wrote a short piece on Mr Hoffman's activities last year in regard to Richard Goldstone's report:


    I'm not sure how tactful one needs to be on your blog, but the highly aggressive 'CIFWatch' website is run by somebody named 'Hawkeye'; whose idiom, methodology, and concerns are strikingly similar to Jonathan Hoffman's.

    Also, one of his clumsier peers spilled the beans:


    Best wishes.

  9. Yes Hoffman is active on CIF Watch. No doubt about it. How tactful do u have to be on this blog? Not at all. Just truthful. Tell it like it is and that means Hoffman's true political allies and friends are to be found on the far-right, including the neo-Nazi right, as long as they are pro-Israeli of course!

    That is why he has become so hot under the collar. Anyone else with an ounce of intelligence wouldn't even have thought of accusing us of having 'photoshopped' a photo taken by a professional photographer. It would destroy his professional integrity hence he threatened to sue and Hoffman backed down, issuing a grovelling apology and admitting he had lied.

    And as you say when cross examining someone in court, 'well Mr Hoffman, if you've already told lies about Zionism why should we now believe anything else you say?'


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