14 August 2010

Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation and the EDL’s Roberta Moore Hold a Joint Demonstration

They were almost holding hands!

Photographs are from Robert Hoffman

I know Harold Wilson once said that a week is a long time in politics and 10 weeks must seem like an eternity, but one would have thought that one's principles might last a little longer. But then again, demonisation of Muslims and the Palestinians and unqualified defence of Israel, right or wrong, are the only principles that Jonathan Hoffman, esteemed co-Chairman of the Zionist Federation, holds to.

On 3rd June Jonathan Hoffman was spluttering with outrage on this blog at the accusation that he had co-organised a demonstration with the English Defence League. And naturally I gave him enough rope to hang himself with. Indeed in the interests of fairness I amended the article as there was no proof that it had actually been jointly organised by the Zionist Federation and the EDL. This was the Zionist demonstration in support of the murder of 9 activists aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Hoffman was emphatic. In particular he denied telling reporter that ‘‘there was no proof of any link with the BNP.’ On the contrary, he wrote that: That is wrong. I never said that. I said that there was crossover between the EDL and BNP and that therefore the EDL were not welcome.’

In so far as there was a ‘crossover’ between the BNP and EDL he wouldn’t work with the latter. Presumably if the EDL had just confined themselves to attacking Muslims, and didn’t have any links with the BNP, they would be kosher. In response to my accusations Hoffman was clear:

Nowhere have I done that. It was just Another despicable ad hominem lie’ and it would appear that I have it in for JH personally!

Well there is a very good article by Shaul Adar in Ha'aretz entitled What are Israeli flags and Jewish activists doing at demonstrations sponsored by the English Defence League?’ It is a very good question, and one that Jonathan Hoffman, Co-Chairman of the Zionist Federation, has been doing his best not to answer these past few months. The Ha'aretz article is subtitled: Call it a struggle against a common foe: Islam. Or a journey into the heart of darkness. Or perhaps further proof that Europe is starting to lose its mind again.’

It’s not that I haven’t tried to get Hoffman to answer a few questions about the EDL. I ran articles on the EDL attack on a Birmingham PSC stall, on the Zionist Federation counter-demonstration with the EDL outside the Israeli Embassy in June, where EDL members took part alongside their Zionist comrades, as well as more general articles and a report on Harrow where the EDL were repulsed.

I was even threatened with a libel action by Hoffman.

‘This is a Lie.’ he wrote on my blog. ‘Not the first one. You will take it down now. I shall be speaking to a lawyer.’
Jonathan Hoffman
3 June 2010 11:24

Well surprise surprise. At the regular picket of Ahava, the Israeli shop in Covent Garden which sells stolen ‘beauty’ products from the Dead Sea today, what do we find? Not only a joint Zionist Federation demonstration but Hoffman and the leader of EDL’s Jewish Division skipping down the road together and all but holding hands!

As John Junor used to say 'You couldn't make it up. Pass the sick bag Alice.' Once again we see Zionists and outright racists holding hands against the common foe.

And to be fair, because I always try to be fair, Jonathan Hoffman in his comments, apart from the ritual abuse 'Commissar Greenstein' and 'communist paradise' doesn't at all deny that he demonstrated ALONGSIDE the EDL. So now it's quite clear, Jonathan Hoffman, Co-Chairman of the Zionist Federation in Britain is perfectly happy to demonstrate with fascists and racists. And far from trying to stop him I welcome this fact! It proves everything we've been saying.

Indeed so little has he to say that Roberta Moore of EDL's Jewish i.e. Zionist Division tries to give him an alibi. Apparently 'the EDL Jewish Division imposed our presence upon them, and they had no choice.' All I can say is that the pictures don't lie. Hoffman seems positively ecstatic that Roberta is demonstrating alongside him. He doesn't look imposed upon or henpecked to me!!

Tony Greenstein


  1. In your Communist paradise, Commissar Greenstein will be able to dictate who demonstrates on the streets. Go to North Korea or riyadh if you want to see it happen now. In the UK anyone is free to demonstrate. Even retrogrades like you, unfortunately. It's called 'freedom'. Not something you would know much about.


  2. Actually, Jonathan Hoffman is right.
    The Zionist Federation never asked the EDL for any help. They did not even want us there.
    But we, the EDL Jewish Division imposed our presence upon them, and they had no choice.

    So it is a disgrace to blame him without learning the facts first.

    Roberta - EDL Jewish Division

  3. Furthermore, you will do well to pay attention that the EDL is not a racist or fascist organization.
    The EDL Jewish Division is a Zionist organization. Why the hell should we be ashamed or victimized by stating so?

    On the other hand, the Palestinian supporters and their "communist and socialist friends" who attended the Ahava demo and continue to attend biweekly, are a bunch of racist and fascists who have nothing better to do than demonize the legitimate business of our Israeli shops, and insult Jews.

    They are ignorant and uneducated social misfits who would look better in a freak show.

    Remember this:
    Zionists = Jews
    Jews = Zionists

    Anti-Zionism is blatant RACISM.
    Zionism is the ideology that Jews should have a home. Denying them this right is blatant racism.

    Therefore you are all racists!!

    Let's just see if you are man enough and have enough courage to publish my comment. ;)

    Roberta - EDL Jewish Division

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  5. If Hoffman is trying to keep away from the BNP then he isn't doing very well at it.

    Roberta Moore is apparently listed on Facebook as having the BNP among her "likes and interests". See http://twitpic.com/2ez1yo

  6. Tony Greenstein's Blog

    Socialist, anti-Zionist, anti-racist
    and self-hating Jew.

    Distortion, distortion and yes distortion.

    Members and supporters of the ZF were outside Ahava to show support to an Israeli business under constant pressure from demonstrators supporting anti-Israel terrorism.
    The EDL were present of their own volition, demonstrating against Moslems, this separate demonstration had nothing to do with the ZF and to try to tie the two demonstrations together is typical of the author and bloggers on this page,but blatantly and patently untrue.

  7. Note that Roberta moore has gone to some lengths to put Hoffman in the clear.

    "although we were protesting jointly with the Zionist Federation headed by Mr. Jonathan Hoffman, we were not asked by the ZF to protest alongside them. This was our decision and we imposed our presence upon them. The ZF had no choice but to share the space with us."


    Of course there were options to sharing the pen with the EDL - for example there were sufficient spare barriers to insist on a 3rd pen. there was also the option of standing outside the pen

  8. Oh dear. What a fine mess Jonathan Hoffman's got his Zionist Federation into. Jointly holding a demonstration outside Ahava, the Covent Garden shop that sells stolen goods from the West Bank.

    Hoffman doesn't even bother denying it such is the clear nature of the evidence. Robert Moore tries to defend her friend and comrade, but pictures rarely lie.

    Indeed I don't think I've ever seen Hoffie look so happy as when Roberta Moore joined him for the demonstration!

    Instead I'm accused of being a Commissar. Wasn't this the accusation that the Nazi Einsatzgruppen (killing squads) made against Jews when they first began the Final Solution in the wake of the Werhmacht in Operation Barbarossa. Jewish Commissars just tripped off their tongues. And true to type Hoffie too is a bit of a communist.

    Working with fascists rubs off.

    But anon says this is all distortion. The Zionists were merely trying to protect a shop selling stolen goods and the EDL were demonstrating against Muslims. What a coincidence you might think!! And was Hoffman protesting? Well I can't see much evidence from the photographs!!

    Such is the closeness of the Zionist Federation's relationship with the EDL that Roberta Moore feels impelled to defend fellow racist and comrade, Jonathan Hoffman.

    As the old saying goes:
    'birds of a feather flock together'.

  9. I was at that demo and the ZF did indeed look happy to be protesting alongside the EDL. Well, I guess that at the very least they were grateful that they helped to swell their diminished numbers!

    You may be interested to read this part of an email which was forwarded to me:

    'Neither Millett nor Hoffman expressed public opposition to the EDL presence nor asked the EDL to leave or move away from the police pre- designated area for those opposing the boycott of Ahava.
    When I asked Millet to comment about his friends in EDL he replied to me that 'I prefer them to you lot'. I asked him if he would agree to say that on camera, he told me to 'fuck off'.'

    Speaking of Millet, as usual, he stood there with his cap covering his eyes, taking photos of everyone like one of those policemen who films demonstrators. For a joke, I went up to him and followed him around, trying to take photos of him. He was not happy, accused me of being intimidating (which is what people say of him) and knocked into me. One could call it assault, but I didn't inform the police, unlike that stupid woman with the Hebrew on her T-shirt who accused me of assault when I took her camera off her temporarily. (She'd pointed her camera at me so I grabbed it. When she demanded I gave it back, I said,'Now calm down, and ask me nicely, and I'll give it back to you,' like a teacher confiscating a toy from a a naughty child! I reckon they are feeling so defeated and demoralised by the legal victory that they are looking for excuses to try and get us into trouble).

    Roberta must be that not very bright, ignorant and rather common woman I talked to for a few minutes at the demo. All she could do was reel off the list of Zionist responses that they all come up with, e.g.'Where is the church in Gaza?'..Well, there is a church in Gaza,the ignorant fools. I didn't realise she was known at the time.

  10. Well for some reason Roberta sent a message to me from her facebook account and it went, unprompted, straight into my spam folder! Who says there is no such thing as artificial intelligence!

    Robert, apart from attempting to defend her new-found friend J Hoffman, objects to me using her photo on the web site. In fact she's made it public anyway but now we know exactly who she is I'm happy to remove it.

    Like the neo-Nazi and fascist she is, she signs off like some Ulster Loyalist 'No Surrender'

    >>Roberta sent you a message.
    Roberta Moore
    Roberta Moore16 August 2010 at 01:33
    Subject: My photo

    I demand you remove my photo from your website IMMEDIATELY.
    The photo of my profile on this site is my copyright.

    You can leave the ones you took at the demonstration, but you have no right to STEAL the photo of my profile from this site.

    Also I made a couple of comments on your blog, [one of which I permitted!]




  11. Greenstein and Fink = Birds of a Feather: "Lying Toerags"


  12. Tony,

    Your desperation and those of your communist pro-terrorist friends do not surprise me.
    I am quite flattered that you spend so much time talking about me ;)

    I defended Jonathan because unlike you, he has balls to come and speak for the Jewish community. But kapos like you are better in the gutter.

    By all means, continue your tirade.
    As they say: " Talk badly, but talk about me".
    Bad publicity is good publicity for us.

    Shalom and may G-d give you a brain and a heart someday.

    Roberta - EDL Jewish Division

  13. Fink's accusation that Millett assaulted her is the usual defamatory drivel we have come to expect of this catawauling harridan.


  14. Good of you to go whining to The Guardian Greenstein, gives us publicity for the next demo, thank you...


  15. Clearly this article has hit a raw nerve.

    We have no-brain Roberta hoping that her god gives me a brain. Is this the same Roberta who attacks all Muslims because of their religion? Even someone with no-brain can work out the similarities between previous attacks on Jews and her activities today?

    Q: what was the first legislative attack on Jews in Nazi Germany?

    A: The ban on Jewish ritual slaughter (shechitah).

    The Nazis always were concerned about animal welfare!

    Your trade is in hate Roberta and supporting Israel is the way you assuage it. As for Hoffman, well like you he believes that all publicity is good publicity.

    If he thinks publicity about being associated with EDL is good publicity then it's a psychiatrist he needs.

  16. For reasons unknown, Roberta Moore insists on corresponding with me, whilst presuming to be unaffected by the publicity I have garnered for her and her views!

    Roberta Moore 16 August at 08:21 Report


    And thanks for wasting so much time on me. I feel flattered that a kapo as yourself has so much time on your hands to spew bullshit online. Your efforts would be much more appreciated if you actually spoke the truth instead of lies. But each to their own conscience.

    Ps. You can publish this message on your insignificant site too. ;) .


    Tony Greenstein 16 August at 13:53 If my site is so insignificant I wonder that you are so concerned that you keep writing to me.

    If anyone is a kapo, or more like it a Judenrat member (and the revisionists - if you've heard of them - were the worst collaborators) it is you my dear. You have the racial fantasies and hatred. You are the one who allies with those who subscribe to the Nazi tradition.

    Kapos at least had little choice and in Auschwitz they even led a revolt against the Nazis. You on the other hand join that band of Zionists who actively and openly collaborate with them!

  17. This is hilarious.

    Once again the Zios expose their lack of argument and limited intelligence by name calling. I forgot to mention that at the demo, another brainless Zionist declaimed, 'Debbie Fink, you stink'. This just about sums up their level of debate.

    Amusingly, today I received links to two more articles about the Ahava victory. Note the contrast between the intelligent, well written one on JNews by J-BIG solicitor Simon Natas, and the infantile, slang filled news release from Roberta no-brain. As I've always said, the intelligencia are on our side. This of course, isn't surprising.Israel's policies are indefencable so you're only going to get brainwashed, unthinking sheep and/or fascists on the Zionist side.

    Roberta pretends to care what happened to the Jews under the Nazis but obviously doesn't care if the same happens to another people. e.g. Palestinians or Muslims in general.

    Hoffman rants on about anti-semitism and called an anti-Zionist Holocaust survivor a racist because he speaks the truth and cares about Palestinians, but is obviously happy to associate with these EDL racists. Well, at least this could mean he's stopped being a hypocrite. Maybe the ZF should merge with the EDL. This would be the honest thing to do and then maybe the BoDs woould cut ties with them.

  18. P.S. I've just noticed that Rob called us pro-terrorist..Such is the Zionist tendency to project...For as we know, her and Hoffie are very much pro-terrorist - pro Israel's state terrorism. It never ceases to amaze me how they rant on about terrorism when only a handful of Israel's have been killed in the last few years, while thinking nothing of the terror meted out to Palestinians e.g. the slaughter of 1400 in Gaza and use of F16s, helicopter gunships, bulldozers,random shooting. But I guess they think the Palestinians deserve it, which shows what racist bigots they are.

    Still, what can one expect from this shallow airhead who's obviously feeling proud of her newly acquired, self-created 'status'. I guess 'EDL- Jewish Division' makes her feel important, along with her unfortunate, pretty dog which she seems to use as a fashion accessory.

  19. Roberta's praises Satan. She uses anti-Islam propaganda from US Christian Right to demonise Islam and Muslims. She claims Muslims are not human but possessed, and that it's ok to kill Muslims because they are not humans: http://twitpic.com/29djwx

    She claims many times across the web to be pagan (not sure what kind but her pseudonyms often have british pre-Christian elements, such as Morrigan, Morrigan Dunn, Morrigan Emaleth (Ann Rice's vampire tales?), or Hindu/Hebrew e.g. Ayalah, Ayalah Namun/ This one (The last prophetess) where she rants and raves is nothing unusual:

    "I am PAGAN, and I don’t give a shit about anyone’s religion. I don’t denigrate anyone and expect the same. If you don’t like Paganism then it’s YOUR problem. Not mine." http://whitechapelanarchistgroup.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/whitechapel-united-against-division-june-20th

    Roberta supports BNP http://twitpic.com/27p53s and links to Green Arrow site (recently featured in JC): http://twitpic.com/28597w

    Roberta is trying to ban Shechita and Beth Din in UK and working with EDL, ENA and BNP to do so: http://twitpic.com/2ery6y

    Roberta tries to use victim of multiple rape as poster girl for her anti-Islam agenda & shows no concern for British law or the rights of rape victims: http://twitpic.com/2eqp38

    She can be found replying to herself using her many pseudonyms across facebook (first 2, ppss 3 are hers): http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=107792610776&topic=14070

    And finally, she is actively trying to ban Islam: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=20664117026&topic=13678 using Christian-right anti-Islam propaganda

    The man (Joe Bloggs) who set up the Jewish division facebook group for Roberta recommends Evola on an Aryan History/relgions fb group: http://twitpic.com/2d2sqt

    Finally, she's so vain, she'll probably think this post is about her. It's not.

    It's about how she is promoting an extremist form of zionism that even the WZO with their support for settlement freeze, end siege on Gaza, setting of borders and creation of two-states reject.

    It's about her agitations against Jews and Muslims in Britain, trying to set us against each other and remove common ground.

    And any British Jew who disagrees with her, zionist (like me, progressive) or otherwise (like Greenstein) gets called Kapo, or not a real Jew:, and this from a self-confessed pagan, who uses her Jewish ethnicity to work with extreme nationalists and fascists to ban Shechitah and Beth Din!

    She does not represent British Jews, and called CST and BoD 'kapos and dhimmis' (no need for a link here, is there?)

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  23. Robert seems positively delighted someone's taken an interest in her who isn't a backbooted Nazi or the rather boring Hoffman.

    Roberta Moore
    I am not concerned about your site. As I said, it means nothing to me. It's insignificant. I just don't want you using my photos which you have no permission for. I think I was clear the first time. You may use those I allow to publish online, but if there is copyright material, please check first before you use them. Even though you are a nasty kapo and a deceitful liar, I wouldn't want to see you prosecuted for that.

    I have not told the photographer you are using his material, so I hope you had the decency to remove it when I asked you, before he sees it.

    As for the rest of your pathetic insults, accusations and idiotic remarks, they mean nothing to me. You are free to expose your stupidity however and wherever you wish. I don't care if you talk badly about me, if you invent lies about me or attempt to smear my character. There is a saying: "Small minds discuss people. Big minds discuss ideas". I am sure you can figure out who you are now.

    Don't waste too much of your time on me dear Tony, or you may develop a very unhealthy obssession about me. I do have this effect on people. ;)
    Tony Greenstein
    You seem to have a problem with your photos being displayed. There are other photos, some of which commentators have pointed out, possibly less flattering and out of date!

    I have no obsession with you. Before this I hadn't even heard your name. I use you to illustrate how it is that someone who is a Zionist and claims to be Jewish works alongside neo-Nazis and assorted racists.

    As for your effect on people, I suspect this is the product of an oversized ego and an undersized brain.

  24. EDL - Jewish Division
    - This is straightforward plaigerism of the way the old SS used to named their military units.

    From wikipedia -
    - the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH), the SS Division Das Reich, the SS Division Totenkopf and the SS Division Hitlerjugend.

    5th "Wiking" and 11th "Nordland." Belgian Flemings joined Dutchmen to form the "Nederland" Legion, and their Walloon compatriots joined the Sturmbrigade "Wallonien".

  25. The first image - is is from the hebrew version of the Ha'aretz article. Just hotlink to the hebrew version, as is common practice.

    מה עושים דגלי ישראל ופעילים יהודים בהפגנות ובאירועים של "הליגה להגנה אנגלית"? - כתבות - הארץ

    Here are the credits: רוברטה מור. למה אנחנו, הנשים, צריכות לכסות משהו בכלל?
    צילום: יוהאן פרסון

    (Translation: Roberta Moore. Why do we, women, need to cover anything at all? Photo: Johan Persson)

  26. Well she did promise she wouldn't write to me again!! But she is very amusing:

    Roberta Moore 16 August at 19:10 Report

    I am a busy person and have no inclination in engaging in a debate or even discussion with someone as intellectually challenged as yourself. I simply fail to understand why someone who calls himself a Jewish Zionist behaves like a rotten kapo, and insult others who disagree with your treason by calling them neo-nazis and racists.

    I've heard enough of your verbal diarrhoea.
    Just remember: Appeasement is like feeding a crocodile, expecting it to eat you last.

    (You can post that too, as it will be my last message to you)

    Have a good day.

  27. You are even more stupid than I gave you credit for.

    If you're so busy, why keep bothering me? You posted to me first not the other way around. When you find it hard to keep up the challenge, and I understand that fascists and racists are mentally shall we say challenged, then you protest you are busy spreading hate.

    Why do Jewish Zionists behave like kapos? Oh probably because like the anti-Semites they don't accept that Jews belong outside Israel. Not being a Jewish (or non-Jewish) Zionist I find it to understand this mentality. Just as I can't understand why anyone Jewish would mix with assorted fruitcakes and neo-Nazis in the EDL or why CHaim Rumkowski, Judenrat head in Lodz printed his face on coins and rode around on a horse doing the SS's work or Lazmann of the Revisionists commanded the Jewish police in Vilna Ghetto etc. etc.

    As a Kahanist of the JDF you will no doubt recall Kahane's contribution to civilisation when he wanted to penalise sexual relations between Jew and Arab. Just as Hitler's 1935 Nuremburg Laws for the Protection of German Blood & Honour did.

    So if anyone's the kap my dear Robert, it is your bad self.

    It can't be treason as the Jews ain't a nation, silly girl.

    Appeasement means nothing without context. maybe the British appeased the Irgun by allowing Israel's independence? Never thought of that one did you?

    As for intellectually challenged, I guess honours degrees in science, a masters in history and a law degree and various post grad certificates are nothing compared to your intellectual achievements. Not!

    In the old days they'd have said someone like you had a chip on your shoulder but I suspect that's the least of your problems.

  28. "Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation and the EDL’s Roberta Moore Hold a Joint Demonstration"

    This title is defamatory since it implies there was proactive contact between me the EDL prior to this demo. There was none.

    Please alter it by Monday 8am to something which does not suggest active contact. Or you will hear from my lawyer.


  29. Well you're going to have a real problem then aren't you Jonathan? Because I'm not willing to change anything since the truth is an absolute defence to any allegation of defamation.

    The photograph is quite clear, as are the testimonies of witnesses. You held a joint demonstration together, you were happy to be counter-demonstrating alongside Roberta Moore and others of the EDL.

    Let battle be joined in the courts!


    Change 'hold a joint demo' to 'joined in demonstration'

    Not only is it descriptive, it is also the truth. They did join in demonstration. They didn't arrange to demo together (joint), in advance.

    It will wind the Hoff up all the more, because then he'll have no legal grammatical legs to stand on.

    As it currently stands, your grammar is wrong - joint implies prior collusion. joined means 'came together for the demo' (ooerr)

  31. Mind you, even Moore admits it was a joint demonstration. So if Hoff going to sue her too?

  32. Actually Moore did not admit they held joint demos. She said "she imposed the group's presence upon the Zionist Federation and they did not even want them there".

    This is evidence she and Jonathan are telling the truth. The only liars here seem to be the bloger and his communist friends.
    If JH takes it to court, Greenstein will lose.

  33. That's very unkind of Moore to impose her presence on those who don't wish to associate with her! Mind Hoffman didn't look too displeased. As they say, 'every picture tells a story'.

    It is though kind of Moore to do her best to get Hoffman off the petard he has hung himself from. Unfortunately it is not likely to convince an Old Bailey jury since it is quite clear that they were jointly demonstrating together.

    Juries have a lot of common sense, as witness the jury in Hove recently. If Hoffie sues then even if he wins he may be awarded what one Nazi doctor won many years ago. A penny damages!!

    Actually Moore did not admit they held joint demos. She said "she imposed the group's presence upon the Zionist Federation and they did not even want them there".

    This is evidence she and Jonathan are telling the truth. The only liars here seem to be the bloger and his communist friends.
    If JH takes it to court, Greenstein will lose.

  34. That's very unkind of Moore to impose her presence on those who don't wish to associate with her! Mind Hoffman didn't look too displeased. As they say, 'every picture tells a story'.

    It is though kind of Moore to do her best to get Hoffman off the petard he has hung himself from. Unfortunately it is not likely to convince an Old Bailey jury since it is quite clear that they were jointly demonstrating together.

    Juries have a lot of common sense, as witness the jury in Hove recently. If Hoffie sues then even if he wins he may be awarded what one Nazi doctor won many years ago. A penny damages!!

    Actually Moore did not admit they held joint demos. She said "she imposed the group's presence upon the Zionist Federation and they did not even want them there".

    This is evidence she and Jonathan are telling the truth. The only liars here seem to be the bloger and his communist friends.
    If JH takes it to court, Greenstein will lose.

  35. I was just "thumbing through" the old Hoff/EDL stuff and realized I could correct the record with the following copy and paste from the "remove Dan Sheldon online petition" post by Roberta Moore using one of her infamous nom de plumes:

    Name: Ufara Bat-Asherah on Nov 7, 2011
    Comments: Jonathan is a good friend and ally who was not afraid to stand alongside us outside Ahava. He is someone who will do what others only think and is a true Zionist. The ones who are against Jonathan are the real anti-semites. Am Yisrael Chai!

    It was removed quickly by Hoffman but not before I spotted it in the wee hours before he did.


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