15 January 2010

Rizzo’s Holocaust Denial Friends

The IHR's Mark Weber Writes for Palestine 'Thinktank'
I recently broke a promise I’d made to myself and that was to post a comment on the site of the anti-Semitic Palestine Thinkthank site of Mary Rizzo. This was the site formed by her and Gilad Atzmon but the latter has now been sacked as co-editor and his last article attacking Moshe Machover removed.

But just in case you thought this heralded a change of heart or a rethinking of getting into bed with assorted racists on the part of Rizzo, think again.

Under an article ‘Deconstructing Simon Wiesenthal’ which retails the hardly startling news that the late Simon Wiesenthal was, to a large extent, a fantasist, who makes an appearance in the Comments Section but the Director of the Institute for Historical Review, one Mark Weber. The IHR is, of course, the premier holocaust denial institute and is devoted to proving that the Holocaust never happened.

Weber has a long article underneath, complete with 58 footnotes, masquerading as a comment! As the site is moderated, this means that Rizzo doesn’t have her old excuse viz. that anyone can post any rubbish (which of course they do!). On this occasion Rizzo deliberately allowed to be published on her site holocaust denial nonsense.

Oh and by the way! My comment and a follow-up, both criticising the article by Palestinian collaborator, Haitham Sabbah, for his support for the Egyptian regime in its attacks on the Viva Palestina convoy, were both censored!!
Simon Wiesenthal: Fraudulent 'Nazi Hunter'
By Mark Weber
For more than 40 years, Simon Wiesenthal has been tracking hundreds of "Nazi criminals" from his "Jewish Documentation Center" in Vienna.’
I won’t paste any more. The inverted comments around ‘Nazi criminals’ give a flavour of what Rizzo serves up these days.

Tony Greenstein


  1. Since when did Weber "write for" Ptt? As far as I can see, Someone left a comment in the comments, and there are all flavors of comments there, and someone put in a comment by MW. Could even be that the person who put it in was sent by YOU or you!
    Think about it... Try to learn what blogging means now that you attempt to do it.

  2. You might enjoy this TG.

    Toube makes a pillock of himself
    Islamophobia Watch
    15 Jan 2010

    I haven't laughed so much, and cringed at the same time, since I listened to Mary Bizarro's telephone interview on Press TV about how Israel uses language as a weapon against Palestinians. Her gibberrish starts 26 minutes into the programme. A real collector's item of Bizarro memorabilia -
    Remember the Children of Palestine (Mary Rizzo talks about Hasbara)
    antisemitic gatekeeping quisling of the septic tank

    This week I had the honour to be invited to add a contribution about the language that activists are dealing with when they are struggling to get the message through. It's a very complicated topic, and one that PTT dedicates a lot of energy to addressing (the intervention is at 26'00").


  3. More on some of Rizzo's dodgy friends here.

  4. Yes and the comment just happened to be an article by Weber! Complete with footnotes. The point I was making, which Francis obviously fails to understand, is that the comments are moderated by Rizzo. So she is quite happy to let holocaust denial stuff in, because that is what it was about, but not criticism of a pro-Mubarak article

    Amazing really

    Thanks Joe. Never seen Toube before and yes, what a fool he makes of himself.

    Thanks Bob for the link. I think Ms Rizzo is just going downhill fast, even by her standards.

    Note you list Dylan as one of your favourites! me too.

  5. So what is here to see, that Mary Rizzo - or whoever was in charge this day to moderate comments on PTT - let through a comment citing ultra-nationalist Mark Weber. So that was a mistake by PTT.

    That the comment itself is holocaust denial, is hardly to see and you didn't say it is. So, the comment is clearly a mistake. Knowing that comments may be reviewed for some seconds and not every name may be googled, that seems to be a minor mistake, but, of course, one, that should be corrected. That doesn't mean, that PTT is not a hasbara false-flag-operation, but it doesn't proof opposite neither.

    What you, Tony, do now about this, is not a mistake but slander. Your title is: "Rizzo’s Holocaust Denial Friends", but you offer no proof for this statement except a comment where the name "Mark Weber" was not googled before it was released.

    So, what's your agenda, Tony? Are you just choleric or are you trying to bring up hate and distrust between critics of Israel by the method of slander? Such behaviour is clearly known as a tactic of hasbara.

    Why can't you bring up your critics in a constructive way?

  6. Katzenfreund,

    Anyone can make a mistake. However Mary Rizzo, who was quite happy to block my comments, which I presume therefore she read, just let a whole article by Weber through.

    Now anyone can make a mistake, but there comes a time when there is a pattern to these mistakes. If you see the much fuller article I did http://azvsas.blogspot.com/2009/06/mary-rizzo-atzmons-useful-diot.html you will see that there is a consistent pattern of making excuses for not only Weber, but sites which quite frankly are reminiscent of Der Sturmer, the anti-Semitic porn newspaper of Julius Streicher, who was hanged at Nuremburg for crimes against humanity.

    E.g. the clearly obviously anti-semitic site of The Radical Free Press she declared 'was NOT' anti-Semitic.

    Why does this matter? Because when the Zionists are straining at the leash to demonstrate that all anti-Zionism, all support of the Palestinians is a 'new anti-Semitism' and when this meets as it does consistent opposition from those opposed to the attempt to redefine anti-Semitism, then the last thing we need are sites like the PTT which consistently cross the line and blur support for anti-Semitism and in Weber's case neo-Nazis, with that of the Palestinians.

    In short it plays straight into the hands of Zionism and that is why I absolutely refuse to keep silent and adopt the attitude of not washing one's dirty linen in public.

    I therefore agree with the comment which you posted and which, belatedly, led to the removal of Weber's article:

    'Are you serious to have this comment from "Michael Santomauro" in the PTT blog displayed?

    Google the author "Mark Weber" of the posted text and you will find out, he was a prominent member of Neo-Nazi-organisation "NSDAP/AO". And have a looks for the authors of the books offered by the site linked with that comment: tadp.org. This is strictly neo-nazi literature. I think, it's a big mistake for a Palestine support blog to make itself common with Nazis and even if it's just with a comment. Israel itself is an offspring of Nazi ideology and it's well known, that Israel has it hands deeply in supporting ultraright-wing or fascist organisations across Europe.

    Have a look with whom the fascist regime of Israel is best friends:


    You see Avigdor Lieberman and Gianfranco Fini smiling together? It's not accidentally. The European neo-fascists have almost the same ideology as the Israeli fascist sect.'

    You ask what my agenda is. It is opposition to Zionism in all its forms. That means rebutting any charges of 'anti-semitism' and demonstrating that anti-Semitism is a friend not foe of Zionism. Hence why I will be eternally vigilant when Rizzo, Atzmon or others plays with it, knowing full well it can only do the palestinians damage.

    Atzmon may have departed PTT but his spirit remains. And that is the problem and that is the explanation of why an article by Weber passes muster until Rizzo is embarrassed but a comment of mine is censored.

    And I think you need to ask why it is that the atrocious article calling on Viva Palestina to apologise to the regime of Mubarak is printed. Just what does this do to build solidarity with the Palestinians? The reactionary politics of Rizzo and co. which reject the idea of settler colonialism being the explanation for Zionism and Israel, leads inexorably to seeing the expulsion, massacres and discrimination against Palestinians as being inherent in Jews. That is the problem.

  7. Since Weber's article in January 2009 stating that Holocaust denial wasn't working, former Weber associates have been having a meltdown.

    Weber's former associates are saying he is bilking the IHR mailing list, using his position as "director" as a sinecure.

    Note: A sinecure is a position that little or no work is involved, but affords a salary

    Weber's former denier friends state all he does for his $48,999 salary is post news clippings on the website, and send the same clippings via email to 1,000 people or less.

    Some former associates are saying Weber is a lifetime member of the neo Nazi National Alliance. Remember he used to be the Editor of the neo Nazi National Vanguard magazine. He was arrested in Germany for wearing a swastika badge while at college in Munich.

    Denier Paul Grubach has issued a number of emails attacking Weber for his lazy and indolent behavior. For not publishing the Journal of Historical Review, for not publishing the monthly newsletter, for no longer holding yearly conferences, not publishing " important books " etc.

    They state Weber was supposed to write a book 'Holocaust - Legend and Reality' he lived in the home of wealthy denier Bill Curry for 7 years, bilked him, guess what no book.

    The IHR has 8 employees under former boss Willis Carto, now Weber is the only paid employee

    So all in all, it looks like Weber is doing a fine job!

  8. Yes it would seem that Weber is indeed doing a fine job. Long may it continue! Though, to be fair, if holocaust denial and deniers didn't exist, the Zionists would have to invent them in order to demonstrate that there was a clear and ever-present 'threat' to Jews today. In fact Zionists today spend much of their time inventing what they term 'new anti-Semitism' though their record is one of ignoring the old anti-Semitism.

    I've written an article, a few weeks ago, for MPCUK on what is effectively 2 forms of holocaust denial - one neo-Nazi inspired and one reflective, something common in the third world but which is more a reaction to imperialism and Zionism than a serious attempt to rewrite history.

    I also note that yet again, in response to this article and the comments consequent upon it, Ms Rizzo, has now taken down the said article!

    It would seem that it is still possible to embarrass her!

  9. I've submitted the following comment on Santamauro thread at Rizzo's site: "Mary, Michael Santomauro is the guy who books David Irving's hotels when he goes on US speaking tours. His post was far from the only pro-Holocaust denial comment on this blog, and far from the only comment horrifying in its raw anti-Semitism. The rule seems quite clear: be a raving antisemite, and Mary will allow your post through. Say anything less than supportive of Mary herself, and the post is hidden. That says worlds about your priorities, and not good worlds either."

    To Katzenfruend, Mary Rizzo presents herself quite vocally as an anti-Zionist Jew, and that gives her a special responsibility to address anti-Semitism among anti-Zionists. She is in the habit of giving away unearned absolutions -- such as her declaration that the viciously antisemitic site "Radical Press" was absolutely pure as the driven snow, and anyone claiming otherwise is a Zionist agent -- that sometimes she has to retract, and that sometimes she should retract but doesn't.

    That is why the appearance of such obvious, coarse, blatant anti-Semitism on her site is so catastrophic to her reputation and cause. She is the blind goalee - 'dont worry mates, I have this covered' as bin after bin of anti-Semitic trash flies past her and straight into her blog. If she is going to go around absolving anti-Semitic sites for their anti-Semitism, then she had damn well better know what it looks like, know the major names and organizations, or it'll be the "Radical Press" egg-on-face experience over and over. Which, actually, it has been.

    Is she willing to finally publicly say, for example, what anyone with eyes has known for years, which is that Gilad Atzmon is a conscious anti-Semite, calculated and diffuse but still, when the fig leaves are off, not all substantially different than Stormfront - as demonstrated by his ever-shrinking circle of influence, as he continues his mad dash for the fringe's fringe?

  10. I agree with Goodwin. Mary has a history of covering for people like Israel Shamir, who is about as bad as they get. What was let through was a whole article by Weber in the guise of a comment. What does this have to do with palestine solidarity? Which is, I accept, a point made by Katzenfreund on PTT.

    Atzmon is rapidly degenerating from what I can tell. At his gigs he makes anti-semitic and anti-Jewish comments ad lib. Why is this important? Not because anything Atzmon says is going to hurt Jews. Of course it isn't.

    But what Atzmon does is confuse people between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, in much the same way as the Zionists also conflate the two. This is damaging because it reinforces the Zionists' constant argument that oppose Israel and you oppose Jews.

    As someone who has carefully followed Atzmon's trajectory, I have no doubt that he has become a quite clear and conscious anti-Semite. At a gig one activist I know attended in Shrewsbury last year he was even making anti-semitic jibes at other band members. He now hangs around with holocaust deniers like Michelle Renouf and is repeatedly saying things like 'the truth of the holocaust whatever that is'.

    His continuous doubting the truth, i.e. the extermination, suggests he has an agenda which is quite different from support for the Palestinians.

  11. It's hardly a strange one-off blue-moon occurrence that Holocaust denial material has shown up in Mary's blog, and most of it stays.

    Mary's claim of course is that she can't help it as the Holocaust denial material is being placed in the comments and therefore doesn't reflect the views of the site itself.

    That's nonsense for two reasons. The first has already mentioned in this thread: the selectivity of the editing makes it clear that Mary has simply chosen to allow Holocaust denial comments in a way she doesn't allow other things.

    The second reason goes straight to the heart of the site itself, and that's when apologetics for the Holocaust denial movement are posted not as comments but as blog entries, such as this one:


    in which one of the Paul Eisenites of Deir Yassin Remembered asks, "what's so wrong about asking whether or not the Holocaust was a big international Jewish fraud - sorry Zionist fraud - to defraud the gentiles?"

    Note Mary clearly cant argue that this was posted without the approval of the site's editors. She will have to come up with a different lie.


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